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When was the first electric guitar made?

In 1931 the Electro String Company was founded by Paul Barth, George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker, and developed the first electric guitars marketed to the general public. They made their guitars from cast aluminum and were played on a person's lap using a steel slide much like today's steel guitar. Because of their unusual material, they were affectionately called "Frying Pans.". The early success of the frying pans prompted the Gibson guitar company to build their first electric guitar, the ES-150 which is a legend today.. The First Solid-Body Electric Guitar n. Electric guitars were quickly becoming popular, even though there was a major problem with their construction. Their bodies would vibrate due to the amplified sounds coming through the speakers they were played into, causing what we know as feed-back. The obvious remedy was to build a guitar made with a solid body which wouldn't vibrate so easily.. As with most innovations, there is controversy over who invented the first solid -body electric guitar. Guitar legend Les Paul in the 1940's developed his affectionately called "The sog" solid-body guitar by attaching a Gibson neck to a solid piece of wood…a railroad tie, hence the name "Log.". Around this same time, guitarist Merle Travis and engineer Paul Bigsby developed a solid-body electric guitar that resembled the solid-body guitars that we're so familiar with today. The first electric guitars used in jazz were hollow archtop acoustic guitar bodies with electromagnetic transducers. By 1932 an electrically amplified guitar was commercially available. An early commercially successful solid-body electric guitar was the Fender Esquire in 1950. i know the electric guitar was create in 1930s

What day was the electric guitar made?

Must have been a Friday because they rock! There are many,many answers here that answer questions about how, when, by whom and why the electric guitar was invented.

What material is an electric guitar made of?

usually.. alder , or mahogany to basswood for the body maple for the neck , if not mahogany again for the neck ebony , maple or rosewood for the fretboard nickel for the frets , stainless steel being the expensive option steel for the tuners I can imagine various kinds of alnico or ceramic for the pickup magnet copper to silver to wind the pickups plastic for the bobbin (cover)

What is the Electric Guitar made out of?

its pretty much made from wood. Fenders are usually alder or ash. gibsons are generally mahogany. the lighter the wood the brighter the sound. fretboards are also made form maple, rosewood, ebony. and PRS guitars use some exoctic woods

What country was electric guitar made?

it originated in America from a Swiss Immigrant named Adolph Rickenbacker's company. The first electric guitar was made in California in 1931 and nicknamed the frying pan. This was invented by two key people Adolph Rickenbacher and George Beauchamp. George is the main inventor and holds the patent for electric guitars and single coil pickups, He died in 1941 of a heart attack before the sales of guitars sky rocketed.

What is the electric guitars made of?

wood for 90% of the guitar , the other 10% comprises of metals, plastic and magnets to make the bridge, tuner and various electronics. so a great example maple neck which is wood rosewood for the fingerboard which is the second wood mahogany body which is another wood nickle for the frets the parts we place our fingers ceramic/plastic/copper for the pickups without getting into extreme detail plastic for the pick guard and knobs various metals for solder, pots and so forth for the electronics inside it to make it work and the guitar to play properly and in tune. thats a good idea if you're doing it for a project or whatever.

Who made the electric bass guitar?

The first bass guitar was invented by Paul Tutmarc in Seattle, Washington, USA in the early 1930's. It was known as the "Electric Bass Fiddle," and appeared in a catalog by Tutmarc's company, Audiovox, in 1935. Much smaller than the double bass, this bass was easier to carry. This bass was not fretted, however, and was not quite as popular as its descendant. This design was innovated greatly by Leo Fender, founder of what is now known as Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Using a telecaster-body design, Fender came out with the "Precision Bass," a.k.a. "P-Bass" in 1951. It was fretted like a guitar, which allowed players greater ease in playing in tune (hence the name: "Precision Bass"). Not only was this model easier to carry than a double bass, but it was also much easier to play in tune. This model was extremely popular and was the first bass guitar as we know it today.

Was the electric guitar made for a company?

made by a company who saw a market, guitars even the really large acoustics aren't very loud , how else could a rock band lets say play such a thin guitar and its making the people in the back of the rooms ears ring when the show is over. Les Paul , Orville Gibson, Leo Fender , Seth Lover and any other guitar builder that comes to mind who are credited with the invention of the electric guitars wanted to make something bigger and louder, they succeeded and got very wealthy, the rest is history and inspired generations of people. Who was first is debatable Rickenbacker , Gibson or Fender are credited with the first electric guitar depending on who you ask.

Who made the electric guitar solo?

That'll be as hard to answer as who invented the first ever acoustic guitars or who sang on the first ever record. This is one question that'll be extremely hard for anyone to answer... maybe first recorded one you'll get but yeah I doubt anyone will have an exact answer as before the 1930s it was your word against say mine and proof was harder to come across right.

What year was the first electric guitar made in?

In 1930, George Beauchamp successfully created the first electrically amplified guitar through the use of metal plates to detect string vibration. Several years before that, Les Paul was experimenting with several methods of amplifying the acoustic sound of the actual guitar. Once Beauchamp sold the patent to Rickenbacker, in 1932 the first electric guitars were made. A few years later, Les Paul began making some of the better guitars that are still made today.

What is the electric guitar usually made of?

the most stereotypical choices are neck maple - fender stratocasters to bc rich , jackson and ibanez guitars mahogany - Gibson les paul , Dean guitars and so forth body alder - fender stratocasters , certain bc rich and jacksons basswood - almost every ibanez and beginner guitars mahogany - gibson les paul , dean , schecter , esp , pretty much every company uses mahogany

How are electric guitar pickups made?

single coils are made by winding wires round poles, the more winds the higher the output, humbuckers are made by placing two single coils together with reverse polarity which cancels guitar hum

What was the first electric guitar made from?

The instruments commonly acknowledged as the earlierst electric guitars were made of wood in the late 1920s and early 1930s, and served largely as prototypes for commercially produced instruments. They include the Rickenbacker "Frying Pan" lap steel and the ViviTone guitars designed by Lloyd Loar. ViviTone instruments were never produced in large numbers, but Rickenbacker's production version of the "Frying Pan" was made from a single piece of cast aluminium and became an immediate success, remaining in production into the 1950s. The earliest production "Spanish-style" electric guitar was also by Rickenbacker, made from two moulded Bakelite (phenolic resin) components bolted together. Shortly afterwards, many other companies started fitting their existing wooden archtop guitars with magnetic pickups, and this remained the standard construction method until Fender introduced their solid-slab-bodied Broadcaster (later renamed the Telecaster) in 1950. Although made from wood, this borrowed the two-part bolted construction from the earlier Rickenbacker Bakelite model.

What was the electric guitar first made of?

Fender used pine which is hilarious in today's standards. I've heard that George Beauchamp and the guys at Rickenbacker made the first ever guitar using a single 2x4 piece of wood and wound the very first single coil pickup using a washing machine.

How does the electric guitar compare to when it was made?

Well the electric guitar has come a far way from when it was invented. Compared to the 60's electric today's electric guitar has a better pick-ups, thinner body, cleaner tone, more options, thousands of different styles, finishes shapes, and sizes, a more diverse variety of string gauges and sting elements, and overall a more precise instrument. If the Beatles used a 2012 Les Paul instead of the hunk of wood they were using, they would probably be even more popular than they already are. I hope I helped you understand the components that make today's electric guitar stand out from all the rest. - roxas_riku