Your sister-in-law is going to prison for a year and wants you to take here three kids will you get any help from the state if you take them you live in californiamy brother is also in prison?

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Boy, I feel for ya bud. I thought I had problems. If your record is clean then you have a chance, but it isn't what she wants it's what social services will allow. You need to talk to them pronto, to get your house checked out and your record. They will help you if you are approved by them. But, you will have to keep an almost perfect house and be subject to random visits, scheduled visits and whatever else they want. It's up to you. Otherwise they will go to a foster home set by the SS and you can visit them on the terms that they specify. This is a big deal and do not take this lightly. There is the risk that you could get into trouble unless you are I mean SQEEKY CLEAN. Good Luck and God Bless You. My sister is a paralegal with the family court in San Diego, and she says to be sure you keep in contact with them at all times. You should request a case worker to be assigned to you so you can always have someone to help with the difficult task you are facing.
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Where did the Australians take their prisoners?

Answer . Many POWs captured by the Australians were handed over to the Army they were part of. For example many prisoners captured in North Africa would end up in British run POW camps.\n. \nAdditionally there were POW camps all over Australia. In 1944 there were 2,223 Japanese, 14,720 Italian (MORE)

What can you take when surrendering to federal prison?

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Can a 21 year old helping 16 year old out of an abusive home and they crossed state lines be charged with kidnapping or abduction of a minor and can he go to prison?


How long does it take for a person convicted to murder to be transferred to state prison in Louisiana from a local prison?

In Illinois, if you are charged with murder, you are first processed into the county jail. You then face a judge within 72 hours and bail will be set, unless, of course, no bail is set - which happens alot with murder charges. During that appearance, the inmate is set more court dates and is held in (MORE)

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no none of the Jonas brothers have ever even been arested so they have clean records idk where all these jail/prison questions are coming out of ut no i can say that NON have been to prison or jail or even aressted

I am 17 years old in the state of Oklahoma my mother has died and my dad is going to prison. do i have to live with my step mom or can i live with my boyfriends parents?

u can live with ur step mom. bcoz in ur life the instances might make u feel like ur alone and ur boy friend or his parents are good to u but in not all cases does this continue .. so make sure u are in a good place and u r just 17 years old and u have much more life to be enjoyed and in intere (MORE)

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ok she moved out over a month ago and we have no idea were she is and i last talk to her on the 13th of oct and she said she will be here to pick up her things but keep telling us she coming but don't show upaways making us wait for her and holding us up for hours and no show i want her thing pick u (MORE)

How did going to prison help Hitler?

He finally had time to finish his book. Originally he named it 4 years of struggle against lieas and cheating, or so, but his publisher cut the title short: "Mein Kampf".. He was scentenced to 5 years, but got out from Landsberg quite sooner than that.. ---

If you are in prison and you take it up the butt are you gay?

You are gay if you are sexually and/or romantically attracted to the same sex. That is the only way you can know. Some writers have called what sometimes happens in prisons, the armed services and boarding schools, where males are all living together without female company, as "situational homose (MORE)

Is chris brown going to prison also?

haha cuz he sold drugs.1!!!!! =]\n. \n. \n. \nhey my name is Ava hebblethwaite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\ncallz meeeeeeeeeeee\n5406746\nand i will do all your chores or free!!!!!!!\nhand job\n. \n. \n. \n5406746\n5406746\nor my ouse phone \n2516346\nor muh frends pone \n5403257

Can you take food to a prison inmate?

All penal institutions (sometimes depending on the their degree of secutiry) have varying regulations. Check with the particular institution that houses the prisoner you are interested in.

How many times did billy the kid go to prison?

four times when he was 15 or 16 and escaped through the chimney When he was ran from the law after shooting Cahill When he Killed Sheriff Brady and his deputy at the beginning of the Lincoln County War and When he broke out of jail towards the end of his life and was then shot by pat Garret at Maxwe (MORE)

What groups of people did the Nazis take prisoner?

hey i was just studying that right now! =) of course the Jews were the primary victims but their are also 8 other groups. Roma, Sinti, the handicapped, Poles, homosexuals, Jehova's witnesses, Soviet prisoners of war, and political opponents. 12 million people in total were killed in the holocaust. h (MORE)

Help after prison?

In the UK there are many organizations that help ex prisoners, both public and private. In fact there are more for offenders than there are for victims. See your local social services department. In the US many states have reentry programs to help ex-prisoners readjust to society. The programs may (MORE)

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Is he the father of the children? Has he or his mother started any legal moves to take the children? Is Child Services involved? (CPS - PSS - DFS - DSS) If there is an open case involving Children's Protective Services, you could be in trouble if you just move away, taking the children with you. If (MORE)

Why did the British take prisoners to Australia?

British prisons were full to overflowing, old ships ready for the wreckers yard were filled with prisoners and anchored mid stream in the Thames.After the American Revolution America refused to take any more prisoners.One of James Cooks duties on his voyage to Tahiti to observe the transit of Venus (MORE)

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In 1789, during the storming of the Bastille, there were 7 prisoners. The Bastille represented royal authority and this was exactly what the French people wanted to rid themselves of. Also, it was randomly known there was a lot of gunpowder stored in the Bastille and since the people feared that Kin (MORE)

How long does it take for a prisoner to get a gun?

IF your question is how long AFTER being released from prison/jail is it before a FORMER prisoner may legally own a gun- that depends on the crime that put them in jail. Once you are convicted of a felony, or a crime of domestic violence, you lose your right to ever own a firearm. This MAY be restor (MORE)

I am 24 live in Dallas but am from New York State. I have been here for four years and just cannot stand living here. I want to move but will have to go by myself what should I do?

You did not mention if you had a girlfriend, wife or children. If you have a girlfriend without children then you should be true to yourself and move back to New York State. If you are living with your girlfriend and have children then that is a choice you made and you have to take on the responsibi (MORE)

Should kids go to grown up jail or prison?

Kids and Jail or Prison At the local level in small communities, it might be okay for kids to go to the local jail, though many communities have juvenile detention centers for kids. For more serious offenses which require prison-type incarceration, kids should not be sent to adult prisons. Thou (MORE)

Why did the Continental Army take prisoners?

The system for prisoner exchange in the 18th century was much different than what we have now... Captured British soldiers in America were mostly paroled to work on farms and plantations, where man-power was short because of the war... About 1/4 British and German mercenaries actually chose to join (MORE)

What can prisoners take into prison?

That depends on the institution and what state it's in, what county it's in, whether it's a state prison or a federal prison, and what the warden says is "OK" or not under local rules for that institution. A lot of prisons will not let you take in anything other than a small, soft-cover (paperback) (MORE)

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He never went to prison. His most important thing is the flier of the Boston Massacre. He drew the event and it was mainly propaganda made to incite the colonist against the British.Revere was stopped by a British patrol and his horse taken. He never finished the ride, but two men did. They were nam (MORE)

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Of course, prisoner taking is performed in every war and the Japanese are no exception to this. The Code of Bushido held, though, that it is thoroughly humiliating to be taken prisoner and it is preferable to die on the battlefield than to surrender. As a result, battles between Japanese and where J (MORE)