You have a match and you want to heat up your bath tub light the fireplace and light the stove which one do you light first?

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you light the match first
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How do you light a fire with one match?

Its actually pretty easy. Just get a bunch of tinder (leaves, grass, anything easily lit) and put them in a small "nest". Next, you get some twigs that are pretty thin and ma

Why does light heat up a room?

it depends what type of bulb it is for example if it is an energy efficient bulb it uses about 80% of the electrical current into light and 20% heat but if it is a filiment bu
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Can not get pilot light to light on the fireplace?

If holding the controls in the LIGHT position for about 15-30 seconds does not keep your pilot lit, there is probably a problem with the thermocouple. That is the small tube t
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Does light heat water up?

Yes, it does. Some of the energy from the light is converted to heat.
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How does one light a fireplace fire?

To light a fireplace fire one first needs to get some material to light, for example wood or coal, ensuring that it is dry. One will then need to get firelighters to start the