Will there be another series of Dragon Ball Z?

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I beleave there`s supposed to be a new movie in 2015.

Will there be another season of Dragon Ball Z?

Well, theres is a remake of Dragonball Z called Dragonball Kai. But there is a new season called Dragonball GT, this series is not made by Akira Toriyama(The creator of Dragon

Will there be a new Dragon Ball Z series?

No. Dragon ball and dragon ball z follow the storyline of the Dragon Ball manga, which ended quite a while ago. With the manga storyline finished, the television show has fini

Will there be another Dragon Ball series?

Probably not, do to the fact that they made one with goku askid,adult and in gt I guess you can say both because most of thetime he was a kid bout once he transformed to ssj4

Will there be another Dragon Ball Z series?

Probably not in my opinion. They did one series with Goku as a kid, one with him as an adult, and I think they kinda overdid it in GT byturning him into a kid again. They migh

Is there a new Dragon Ball Z series?

Yes. I dicovered 3 new series. Dragon ball af. Susha:26 Dragon ball hoshi An unknown series: i will try to find out the name. Power levels Old pan:27,000,000 Goku jr:2.7 Goku