Why you listen to new music?

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the music we listen to is stuck in our head! but if we listen to something new we can sort of refresh our brains!
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Why listen to music?

Some people listen to music to make themselves feel good.some listen to allay their pains.some listen when they are about to go to sleep.There is large varities of reasons why

Why do you listen to music?

People listen to music for many different reasons. It uplifts people in a way that nothing else can. It helps people in their times of struggle, because they can relate to it

What kind of music do New Yorkers listen to?

They listen to the same music as people in Chicago, Tampa, Miami, Los Angelas, or any other city in the United States. With modern media, music has become a lot less regional.

Were to listen to music?

You can got to iTunes or you tube if you want lyrics and the music you can go to you tube and type in the song If you are looking for band or orchestra or choir music then g

Do people in New Zealand listen to hip hop music?

Yes. Other than the traditional music of the Maori in New Zealand, they listen to the same kinds of music the rest of the world listens to, including hip hop. See the related

What kind of music does New Zealand listen to?

As Aotearoa New Zealand * is now a largely westernized country, people in Aotearoa New Zealand listen to a lot of the same music as people in other western nations. The pop ch
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Who do not listen to music?

MUSIC IN ISLAM Introduction In recent years, certain developments have taken place which has brought the subject of music as an extremely significant issue. Music has sprea
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What kind of music do the people from papua new guinea listen to?

This question can really only be answered by generalizing. Recreational music is the normal pop music that is on any other Western country's radio. Though the majority of yout
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When you listen to a new piece of music what do you listen for in order to decide if it is good music or bad music?

When you listen to music, you either like it or you don't. Everyone has a different taste in music. Personally, the person's voice is a huge factor in if I like it or not. My