Why was Ricardo Montalban in a wheel chair?

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"Montalbán was thrown from his horse, knocked unconscious, and trampled by another horse, resulting in a painful back injury that never healed. The pain increased as he aged, and in 1993, Montalbán underwent 9½ hours of spinal surgery which left him paralyzed below the waist and using a wheelchair. " ~ Wikipedia
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Who invented the wheel chair?

It is uncertain as to what can be considered the first wheelchair, or who invented it. The first known dedicated wheelchair (invented in 1595 and called an invalids chair) was made for Phillip II of Spain by an unknown inventor. In 1655, Stephen Farfler, a paraplegic watchmaker, built a self-propell (MORE)

How an electric wheel chair works?

The Basics Just as the name suggests, electric wheelchairs are fueled and utilized by the power of electricity. This power is created and delivered from a battery that uses motors to move the gears and belts necessary for the chair's movement. This is a drastic improvement over manual wheelchairs i (MORE)

Are there wheel chairs for dogs?

There are many places where you can buy devices that might beconsidered dog wheel chairs. You could buy them online at manystores for example.

Was Ricardo Montalban ever married?

Yes, he was married to Loretta Young's sister. I believe they had four children. She died in Nov, 2007. He will be sadly missed . A great actor............. sherry_mm

Why was Teddy Roosevelt in a wheel chair?

Teddy Roosevelt WASN'T in a wheel chair. His 5th cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt was because he had a disease called polio that kinda paralyzed him. Now not completely because whenever he made a speech he would still stand (the public didn't know he had polio) and he could kinda walk with crutches.

How did Franklin D. Roosevelt get in a wheel chair?

FDR was caused to be in a wheel chair by a disease he had that went from his chest to his ankle's. He would have his sons help him walk so no one ever discovered him in crutches or in a wheel chair. This disease was called polio!

When was the wheel chair invented?

This first known wheelchair was invented in 1592 for Phillip II of Spain. No one knows who made this one but in 1655 Stephen Farfler built a self-propelling chair.

Who is the wheel chair boy in degrassi?

jimmy. not just jimmy he is drake the rapper. Aubrey Graham. visit my site degrassitng.tv for all the episodes of degrassi. soon coming on it degrassi goes hollywood. -KingJames97

Why was melvin Franklin in a wheel chair?

In the late 1960s, Franklin was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis , the symptoms of which he combatted with cortisone so that he could continue performing. The constant use of cortisone left his immune system open to other infections and health problems; as a result Franklin developed diabetes in (MORE)

What are the use of wheel chair?

first of all you should have said what are the USES of a wheel chair. the answer is it holds people that are either paralyses or have broken something so they can move and don't have to sit down and do nothing all day..... xoxoxoxox you are welcome

Why was Justin bieber in a wheel chair?

Before a show, Taylor Swift told him " break a leg " but she really mean it. But Justin Bieber wanted to do anything that she asked. And did it work?! NO! He broke an ankle. Didn't really work out if you ask me...

Can people in wheel chairs get erections?

Every person in a wheelchair is different and the only way to find out for sure is to ask the individual. With that being said, sex is very important to most people and men will generally find a way to have sex regardless of there degree of injury. I personally had a spinal cord injury and use a cha (MORE)

Why do office chairs have wheels?

Office chairs have wheels because it enables the chair operator to move around quickly and efficiently. Castor wheels are usually set into a '5 star base' to give the best support and balance, and are popular on 'operator' chairs, 'executive operator chairs', lab chairs and ergonomic chairs where th (MORE)

On dagrassi how did drake get put in a wheel chair?

A bipolar student named Rick shot him in the back because he thought that Jimmy pulled a mean cruel joke on him, when really it was Spencer and Jay. Rick is known for also putting Terri(a old student) in a coma in Season 3.

Are there wheel chair hoods?

not that i know of, I've looked on lots of sites though. there are poncho's you can wear, but besides that there's nothing else

Why is my power wheel chair losing power?

A unit can slow down and even come to a stop without the battery lights dropping. This usually happens in hot weather or after using the unit on varying terrain for extended periods of time. This is called thermal rollback, and is the unit's defense for keeping the controller from burning up. If the (MORE)

Where can you find electric wheel chairs?

There are a number of both online stores and there are also physical stores where you can purchase electric wheel chairs. One company that has both online and physical stores is The Scooter Store.

Why was Jimmy in degrassi in wheel chair?

its a long story but i will sum it up. there was a boy in the school named rick and kids bullied him a lot he had anger issues so when someone played a very horrible trick on him and blamed it on jimmy he had , had enough so he came to school with a gun an shot jimmy in the back . but in the end he (MORE)

What does it mean to dream of wheel chairs?

The symbols that appear in dreams have unique meaning for each individual dreamer. A wheelchair might represent hope to a person who is physically unable to get out of bed, but the same image might represent defeat to an independently mobile athlete. The same wheelchair might represent employmen (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream yourself in a wheel chair?

The wheelchair in this dream is a symbol or metaphor for the dreamer's feelings or problems. The dream is not foretelling a future of disability. But the exact meaning of that metaphor depends on the dreamer's situation. A wheelchair might represent hope to a person who is physically unable to get (MORE)

What is the price of electric wheel chair?

Electric wheelchairs come in many different models and have many different features. This can effect their price. Expect to spend anywhere from a couple hundred to over a thousand dollars.

How can you attach a wheel chair to a bike?

Sneak a look at how bike trailers are attached, and copy that. Keep in mind that bike trailers usually carry less weight than a wheelchair, so make sure that your rig is sturdy enough, and keep the speed down.

Who served as president in a wheel chair?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was partially paralyzed in his legs from polio several years before he ran for president. He wore braces on his legs and could stand up with the support of the podium to make speeches and I think he could take a few steps to get to the podium. He hid his disability from the pub (MORE)

How does a wheel chair lift work?

"When using a wheel chair lift into a van one generally backs their wheel chair into the lift, making sure that the wheel chair is locked so that it can't roll off. Then, pushes the button so that it lifts the wheel chair to the level of the floor."

Why is little Richard in a wheel chair?

Little Richard had a heart attack while in the process of getting hip replacement. Not sure if the chair is because of his hip, or if the heart attack weakened him.

Why is izzy in corrie in a wheel chair?

The actress that plays her, Cherrylee Houston, is in a wheelchairin real life. The actress that plays her, Cherrylee Houston, is in a wheelchairin real life. The actress that plays her, Cherrylee Houston, is in a wheelchairin real life. The actress that plays her, Cherrylee Houston, is in a wheel (MORE)

What is Ricardo Montalban best known for?

Ricardo Montalban was a Mexican radio, television, theatre, and film actor who died in January 14, 2009. He's best known as Mr. Roarke on the television series "Fantasy Island".

Where is it possible to buy a powered wheel chair?

Powered wheelchairs can be bought from shops like Walmart, Target etc. You can also compare and buy them online from various vendors. You should try on the wheelchair for comfort and usability before deciding on one.

Where can a folding wheel chair be bought?

A folding wheel chair can be purchased at most health supply stores in your area.. You might also be able to find a used one in your local newspaper or at a yard sale.

How do you get wheel chair service in my bookig?

To get wheelchair service for your booking, you will need to call prior to traveling to set up arrangements. If you are flying, you can contact the airline carrier direct to have wheelchair service set up.

What is the purpose of chairs with wheels?

The purpose of chairs with wheels is to make them easier to move around. There are also chairs with wheels designed to make mobility easier for those who are disabled.

What movie and television projects has Ricardo Montalban been in?

Ricardo Montalban has: Performed in "El verdugo de Sevilla" in 1942. Performed in "Los tres mosqueteros" in 1942. Performed in "Cinco fueron escogidos" in 1943. Played Teniente in "La fuga" in 1944. Performed in "Five Were Chosen" in 1944. Performed in "Nosotros" in 1945. Played Rafael Meija in "La (MORE)

Why do old people have wheel chairs or canes?

Mainly because as people get older the develop something calledOsteoporosis It makes bones more brittle and easier to break to elder people inreturn have to be more careful rather than like kids who can runjump and play.

Was Ricardo Montalban a Klingon on Star Trek first series?

The late Ricardo Montalban (November 25, 1920 - January 14, 2009)was never a Klingon in the original Star Trek series . Heplayed in the role of Khan Noonien Singh whose capabilities hadbeen enhanced through a eugenics program on Earth and was agenetically engineered superhuman . This episode had t (MORE)