Why is tyra banks important in history?

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Who is tyra banks?

tyra banks is one of the hosts OS America's next top model! and a very popular lady with her show she is also a covergirl tyra banks was one of the first black women to be a supermodel she is also a judge on a America's next top model plus a author and actress she is now retired and is a lovley l (MORE)

Tyra banks acting?

Tyra has done multiple acting roles in 1990s, including the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a movie with Omar Epps,A movie called "Coyote Ugly" (2000), and various T.V Commercials. But Tyra did say that she would like to direct a children's movie, and also to be in it. So stay tuned!

How much does tyra banks weigh?

at least much as two whales ------------- at least AS much.. and she's not fat. And she only gained around 16 before she decided to really slim down due to cruel media remarks. "I did not gain 30 lbs. in January and I have not lost 30 lbs. in May. I am human, and my weight does fluctuate" -TYR (MORE)

How much does tyra banks make?

That show is a huge pay day day for Tyra Banks. It made her retire for modeling and even end her talk show when she had too much on her plate. It's in over 180countries and has almost 40 international editions and she owns a percentage of all of that

Where does Tyra Banks get her lace wigs?

Tyra Banks as well as other celebrities have their wigs custom made. Most of them are from a Private hair salon in Los Angeles. You can try a place called Simply Hair in Atlanta. Their full lace wigs are very pretty and they have affordable prices. They can ship the wig to you if you're not in the a (MORE)

Is tyra banks forehead big?

Her head size is enormous! There is barely any brain in it, regardless of the size. Have you noticed how her forehead sticks out. I bet her hat size is at least 11 7/8 Everyone is made differently how ignorant can you be

Is tyra banks a singer?

Yes Tyra Banks is a singer but she was also a model, a businesswoman, a TV personality and a talk show Host.

Is tyra banks pretty?

Some people think Tyra Banks is pretty and some don't. I think she's very pretty.

How was Tyra Banks discovered?

Tyra Banks was discovered by a model agent while on her way to sign up for classes and the agent immediantly started talking to her and Tyra immediantly excepted the job offer. And this was also just 2 weeks exaclty before her classes started at the college that she wasn enrolled in.. Tyra Banks wa (MORE)

How can you talk to Tyra Banks?

Dear : Tyra, I know you most here this alot , but I have a very pretty daughter. An I feel that she would enjoy and do well in your American's Next Top Model show. You can contact me by E-mail (spitfiressissy@yahoo.com.) I also have some very nice pic's of her. She is 5'2 an weigh's about 90 pounds (MORE)

Is tyra bank mixed race?

. The full-lineage of entertainer / mogul, Tyra Banks, is that of being Mixed-Race via the fact that she is from a family that has been of a continually M ulti- G enerational M ultiracially- Mixed ( MGM-Mixed ) ancestry throughout it's multiple geneations. Also, both of her paren (MORE)

What movies does tyra banks star in?

Tyra has stared in many movies such as higher learning, love stinks, love and basketball, life-size, coyote ugly, haloween: resurrection, eight crazy nights, mr. woodcock, tropic thunder and Hannah Montana the movie.

Does Tyra Banks move often?

At this point in time, her TV shows are keeping her in the same area so unless she is traveling for special appearances, chances are she is not required to move often anymore.

What college did Tyra Banks go to?

Tyra Banks is currently enrolled in the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard University. Banks is planning to graduate in February 2012.

What is Tyra Banks history?

control your poison babe roses have thorns they say. and we're all getting hosed tonight. whats going on on the floor. i love this record baby but i can't see staright anymore. keep it cool. whats the name of this club?. i can't remember but its allright. allright

How is did tyra banks become famous?

Tyra Banks became famous by being in a Michael Jackson's music video, Black Or White. She is in the morphing event at the end of the video. Michael actually wasn't happy about that because she is actually really famous now. . RIP A Legend

Why did tyra banks go bald?

She shaved her head because she had thin hair, and because she likes onoccasion to wear the bald look, usually in private with men. Of course a number of female fashion models keep their head shaved bald and smooth so that they can wear the bald look as well as different headscarves and an assortm (MORE)

Does tyra banks have a brother?

Yea she has an older brother named Devin he is a Major in the U.S. Air Force overseas but now he lives in the states I believe

What is Tyra Banks' family history?

Tyra Banks is 31 she was born December 4th. She has a mother Carolyn London and a father Donald Banks but they divorced when she was six. She has a brother devin and im not sure but someone said she has a sister named star?

Was Tyra banks popular?

On America's Next Top Model Tyra always says how she was called "the weird girl" in school and how she was taller and thinner than everyone else.

Is Tyra Banks mother white?

NO, her mother and father are both black(African American), she introduce her mother on a mothers day special many years ago on the Oprah show.

How is tyra banks a good leader?

Tyra Banks is a good leader because she is a strong out-spoken woman proud to be who she is. She is a sucessful beautiful woman capable of helping others travel on the right path in life. She has honestly been an inspiration to me and I hope she has been an inpiration to others. She is a real preson (MORE)

Is tyra banks religion?

Tyra Banks is a Catholic and when she was little she attended a catholic school. Also her mom and dad are Catholics. :)

What company do Tyra Banks own?

The only company I know that Tyra Banks is part owner of is Bankable Enterprises. She doesn't really own anythingon her own.

What challenges has tyra banks faced?

Many- but all have to do with modeling & image. Mostly, her weight (up & down) being in the press & rumors about it since she began modeling. When Tyra was younger, she was "a tall lanky girl", but as she got older she "filled out" and the modeling world often opposed of that. When she was a Victori (MORE)

Does Tyra Banks have an eating disorder?

OMG no. she is super healthy and works out and has great body image. she enjoys all the foods she wants and she just seems like a spiritually healthy person.

What are tyra banks' achievements?

Tyra's achievements include, but are not limited to: First African American model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition Received the Michael Award for "Supermodel of the Year." Was named "Woman of the Year" for 2000 by Sports Illustrated. Within Banks' first wee (MORE)

What kinds of jobs did Tyra Banks have?

Aside from being a model, Tyra does not seem to have held down any other types of jobs since she started her modeling career when she was still in high school.

What is any of Tyra banks achievements?

• First African American model to appearr on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition. • Received the Michael Award for "Supermodel of the Year" • Established the TZONE program, wich aimed at leadership and life skills development.

How did tyra banks make a difference in history?

Tyra Banks and her two TV shows, The Tyra Banks Show and America's Next Top Model , help young woman across the country. For example, in her modeling show, she helps young models by giving them the knowledge and tools for them to become success in the modeling world. She has also changed the mode (MORE)

Does Tyra Banks bleach her skin?

No! She is naturally light-skinned. Is it that hard to believe? Gosh! And don't bleach your skin. It is dangerous and it will kill you.

Was tyra banks on shake it up?

Yes she was, the episode is called Parent Trap It Up...it aired Sunday, March 25, 2012. Tyra played Mrs. Burke a hopeless romantic how dove at the opportunity to help Cece and Rocky get Cece's parents back together!