Why is the inbetweeners an 18?

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It contains a lot of adult content although the 18 rating means nothing as the series is like an exact replica of teenage life.
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What is inbetween a girls legs?

The body part that is in between a girls legs is called the vagina.This is the opening of the female genitals that leads to the cervixand uterus.

Will inbetweeners be on for a second series?

E4 has ordered a second series of The Inbetweeners days after the first series ended. . C4 comedy commissioning editor Caroline Leddy has ordered another batch of episodes from Damon Pattison and Iain Morris at indie Bwark. The show was E4's first ever sitcom and averaged 459,000 viewers across its run.. www.broadcastnow.co.uk

Will there be a third series of the inbetweeners?

On Tuesday 4th August the Gardian wrote this. "E4 has commissioned a third series of its critically acclaimed sitcom The Inbetweeners." "The third series of The Inbetweeners will air next year." http://www.guardian.co.UK/media/2009/aug/04/the-inbetweeners-third-series sounds a little more hopeful. It hasn't been officially confirmed, but it's very likely that there will be a third series of The Inbetweeners. all though this might be right artci polar bear 123 has heard that amazon are letting you preorder the 3rd series for £11.99 and will be released on the 1st of November

Will there be an inbetweeners movie?

yes, there are ongoing talks with film 4 about when the movie is being filmed. but it has been confirmed they are making one. it will be realised on the 17th of august!

What town is the Inbetweeners set in?

It is set in London. Probably a town somewhere south-west of London. Being near the A320, that would put them somewhere between Staines and Guildford.

Is your brain inbetween your ears?

Most of the brain is above the ears and reaches down about as faras the ear lobes but in common language we think of the brain asbeing between the ears because it is in the skull and the ears areon opposite sides of the skull.

How can German people watch The Inbetweeners?

any German person can watch the inbetweeners in youtube, as long as they are not located within the united kingdom or Ireland, and as long as they get a sense of humor that is not related with licking potatoes and ducks that wear extremely large shoes

Is The Inbetweeners funny?

Heck yes. The Inbetweeners follows four very average guys in secondary school. Almost everything each character says or does is comedy: there's stuck-up funny (character named Will); crass funny (Jay); stupid funny (Neil); and romantic funny (Simon)! Their English accents allow them to speak rapidly and cram in a lot of funny words in each episode.

How epic is the inbetweeners?

personally, I think on a scale of 1-10, it gets 10 for epicness. There are lots of funny things they say in it and it is just generally awesome.

Is it the last episode of the inbetweeners?

It did say on the info on sky that will takes the boys on their last trip together before they go their separate ways. But they might bring out another episode where the gang find a way to stop Simon from moving. i hope so anyway.

Is there any Inbetweeners merchandise with Neil on?

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What will the inbetweeners movie certificate be. im 13 by the time its out i will be 14 i really want to see it. i cant see it if its an 18...what will it be?

Its not going to be old enough for you. All the tv season were certified 18, they may make this 16 because it is off in cinemas but very unlikely to be 12. Well its definitely not going to be a 12A is it? people are saying that it will be an 18, but you still wont be able to see it even if its a 15 (whoever wrote the above comment, you dont get a certificate age 16!)

What rating will 'the inbetweeners movie' be?

As of this date (13 June 2011), the movie has not been rated and there is no way of determining what it will definitively be rated. Speculation regarding the content of the film, if correct, suggests that it will probably be rated R

Is there going to be an inbetweeners series 4?

I am sorry to say that there will be no fourth series of The Inbetweeners as the actors are getting to old to play teenagers and after school has finished there is 'uni' where the boys will be split as is made clear in the movie and so it would be hard to film a good series. In answer to your question, There will not be a fourth series. Sorry to disappoint. HT

How rude is inbetweeners?

Well there is a fair bit of cursing and mean jokes, but it is nothing too rude, there is hardly any nudity, just typical teenage humor

Where can you watch the inbetweeners movie for free online?

Watching movies for free online is not only morally wrong but extremely illegal. Even though you aren't copying it, the FBI can assume that you've already copied it and sold it to others for a profit. This can land you in a Federal Prison for up to five (5) years and cost you up to $250,000 in federal fines. Believe me when I say this, it's much, much better to just go and rent the movie or just buy it. Netflix or Blockbuster is always a good alternative.

What is the inbetweeners movie in German?

The Inbetweeners movie has not been released on the German-speaking market and therefore has no German title. The tv episodes are however available on DVD with German subtitles under the name....."The Inbetweeners".

Why is The Inbetweeners on at 10pm?

The inbetweeners is on at 10pm because they swear a lot and there are episodes what aren't suitable for younger viewers. Hope this helps.

Who is the oldest in the Inbetweeners?

Joe Thomas (Simon Cooper) is the oldest. Joe Thomas (Simon Cooper) - 28th October 1983 (28 years old) Blake Harrison (Neil Sunderland) - 23rd June 1985 (26 years old) Simon Bird (Will McKenzie) - 19th August 1984 (27 years old) James Buckley (Jay Cartwright) - 14th August 1987 (24 years old)

Is The Inbetweeners over for good?

Yes they have completed all 3 years of college meaning there will be no more series and since the film all of the actors have moved on to different projects, but at least it went out with a bang.

Who directed the movie The Inbetweeners?

A man called Ben Palmer directed The Inbetweeners movie. He has also directed such series' as Bad Sugar and Comedy Lab. He is a British director and is up and coming in the film industry. He won the 2012 Empire Movie Awards for the Inbetweeners.

How not to snack inbetween meals?

The best way to not snack between meals is to occupy your time. Tryreading a book, chewing gum, or going for a walk to avoid eating.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Inbetweeners - 2008?

The cast of The Inbetweeners - 2008 includes: Chizzy Akudolu as Maggie Dominic Applewhite as Andrew Cooper Emily Atack as Charlotte Emily Atack as Charlotte Hinchcliffe Kacey Barnfield as Katie Sutherland Anabel Barnston as Susie Neal Barry as Barman Suzi Battersby as Punk Girl Jack Brear as Joe Andrew Brooke as Barman 1 Orlando Brooke as Ticket Seller Prue Clarke as School Secretary Cavan Clerkin as Jim Vladimir Consigny as Patrice Charlie Covell as Sophie Rita Davies as Old Lady Tim Faraday as Steve David Fynn as Wolfie James Gillan as Luke Clemency Hallinan as Becky Jody Halse as Bouncer Jessica Harris as Michelle Libby Hayter as Pupil Emily Head as Carli Chloe Hesar as Girl Backstage Neil Hodge as Matt Damon Ollie Holme as Tom Ben Homewood as Paramedic Racheal Joseph as Petrol Station Attendant Danny Kirrane as Daniel Ambrosine Lara Davies as Heike Isabella Laughland as Louise Graham Daniel Lawrence Taylor as Adam Lewis Linford as Lewis Lily Lovett as Rachel Alex Macqueen as Kevin Sutherland Jo Maycock as Samantha Robert McCafferty as Tramp Oriane Messina as Examiner Abbey Mordue as Kerry Phil Nice as Driving Instructor Johnny Palmiero as Motorbike Dealer Kali Peacock as Survey Woman Holly Peplow as Hannah Fields Jean Reeve as Ice Cream Lady David Schaal as Terry Cartwright John Seaward as Big John John Seaward as John Rebecca Semark as Dinner Lady Waen Shepherd as Mr. Kennedy Colin Spaull as Roy Lizzie Stables as Chloe Catherine Steadman as Daisy Marie Sutherland as Phyllis Jonny Sweet as Dean Hannah Tointon as Tara Martin Trenaman as Alan Cooper Martin Trenaman as Mr. Cooper Ash Varrez as Mr Sethi Robin Weaver as Mrs. Cooper Robin Weaver as Pamela Cooper Steven Webb as Alastair Charlie Wernham as Danny Moore Victoria Willing as Mrs Cartwright Victoria Willing as Mrs. Cartwright Jayne Wisener as Lauren Harris

What actors and actresses appeared in Inbetweeners - 2001?

The cast of Inbetweeners - 2001 includes: Renate Anderson as Porter Johnny Ball as Lecturer Lynn Edmonstone as Steph Thornhill Gary Fannin as Clark Slater Kelly Goody as Girl at kitchen door Simon Kane as Dance teacher James Kirby as Blues brother Andrew Legge as Luke Morris Claire Lichie as Jodie Brooks Kate Loustau as Nicole Miles Dominic Norman as Blue hair man Jane Peachey as Beth Morton Paul Randle as Barman Finlay Robertson as David Marshall Richard Sealy as Porter Sarah Vandenbergh as Cassie Sanderson Toby Walton as Jack Easterford

What actors and actresses appeared in Inbetween - 2010?

The cast of Inbetween - 2010 includes: Jason Akira Somma as himself Amy Alvey as Various Dillon Arismendi as Various Alexander Berenbeim as Various Caitlin Berndt as herself Alexander El Nabli as Various Devon Geyer as himself Kirsten Johansen as herself Alexander Margitich as himself