Why is sally from cars movie license plate 301pce?

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In Movies
The letters 'PCE' are withheld from general issue, and are instead used as a 'prop' specifically for use in movies to avoid duplicating real plates. Cars with
'PCE' plates can be seen cropping up in dozens of movies. Two I have seen recently are in 'Duel', and 'Liar liar'.
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How do you get your license plates back after your car is repossessed?

In Mississippi the plates remain with the car. You need to call the bank. They will give them to you most likely. File a stolen report and sue the lender in court.They do not have a right to your plates nor your personal propery.SUE THE BANK/LENDER NOT THE REPO MORON !!! You should Report The Plat (MORE)

How many license plates does your car need?

It depends upon the type of vehicle and the jurisdiction in which you registered the vehicle. Generally, motorcycles and trailers require only one license plate. In North America, all passenger vehicles have at least one license plate affixed to the rear of the vehicle, and in some jurisdictions, a (MORE)

Can a satellite read a license plate on a car?

Not usually. The car would have to be planted in the ground or the satellites camera would have to be at a shallow angle to earth.. Yes and there will be to much atmosphere in the way that will distort the image, the best resolution by Google earth is 15 cm/pixel. Answer . I really don't think (MORE)

Do I take the license plate off car when sold?

Answer . If you are selling it to someone yes they have to go get there own legally. If you bought one form a dealership, they will issue you one if they are legitimate. God Bless!. Answer . Yes, you should take the plate off, and if it is not transferred to another vehicle should be turned (MORE)

Which movie had license plate FAC-152?

Superman II. You can see it during the scene in which the Phantom Zone criminals are blowing a large section of a Metropolis street over with there super-breaths. The car is on it's roof during that scene and the plate (standard NY 70s orange and blue color, although it's not a NY plate) is upside d (MORE)

The color of a car license plate from Texas?

The colour of a license plate from Texas is mostly white with blue letters for the license number, and red for the word Texas at the top.. View Related Link to see the various Texas License Plates.

Can you get a license plate for a car without a drivers license?

yeah im pretty sure you can but they are pretty expensive no you cannot. to get a plate for a car you need to have a title for the car and registratioin. the title needs to be signed over to the new driver and that's who can register the car... and you cannot register a car without a liscense... a (MORE)

Does license plate stay on car when sold?

The license plate is yours and does not stay on the car when it issold. Sometimes sellers allow the buyer to use the plate to drivehome, but in general you should bring your own license plate forused car sales.

How can you search a car license plate for the owner?

The general public does not have access to this kind of information for the obvious reasons of privacy and other legal matters. The above response is absolutely untrue. There are many sites that will reverse a license plate. Most are scams selling subscription access to outdated databases. One (MORE)

Do license plates go in the front of you car?

If you live in a state that issues only one plate, it goes on the rear of the vehicle. If you live in a state that issues two plates, one goes in the rear and the other one goes on the front.

How many license plates does your car need in the UK?

Vehicles (with the exception of motorbikes and motor tricycles)require two license plates, one at the front and one at the rear.Motorbikes and motor tricycles only require one number plate at therear. When towing, the trailer/caravan/car etc that is being towed mustalso display a rear number plate t (MORE)

When did they start issuing license plates for cars?

France issued plates for motorized vehicles in 1893. In the US, New York was the first state to require license plates, but they were furnished by the owners and instead of a numbering system, displayed the owner's initials. In 1903, Maryland had the first state-issued plates which were made of porc (MORE)

How illegal is it to switch license plates on a car that's not registered?

It's a federal law, and therefor it is a felony which can result in time in a federal prison. Another View: (in the US) Actually it is a violation of state law, NOT federal law AGREE: it is a state law violation. Normally this is considered a traffic criminal violation. What an officer may d (MORE)

How many license plates does a car need in TX?

Texas law requires all vehicles registered in the state to have both a front and rear license plate. Furthermore, no portion of a license plate can be obstructed by anything including a license plate frame or it is violation of Texas law.

What movie had license plate RFK-575?

The license plate on the Jeep of Zoolander's roommate is RFK 575, same as a pivotal car in Final Destination. It was also on the car that the scapegoat was put in in the movie "Long Kiss Goodnight".

What happens if you get flashed by a speed camera in a car with no license plates?

Well, it is darned difficult for the authorities to find out who/what vehicle it was so they can issue a ticket. However, lest you think it is a good way to break the law please remember that there are thousands of human police officers perfectly willing to pull you over for driving without plates a (MORE)

Can 2 cars have the same license plate?

Unless the license plate was illegally made, two cars wouldn't have the same license plate. This is because they are used to identify the driver/owner of the car if the police catch them doing something illegal (ex. speeding).

How do you get license plates for your car that is up for repossession?

Well, that's very situation dependent. It's possible, but if repo agents have already come for it, and you tried some lame duck excuse like you don't know where it is, then that vehicle's been reported stolen, and trying to register it isn't going to work out very well for you. Try paying your bil (MORE)

Can a car dealership sell a car that has no license plate lights?

No. a dealership must check the vehicle and fix all "safety issues" before selling the vehicle weather it be used or brand new. safety items are things such as safety belts, windshield whipers, tail lights, headlights, door latches, windows(not cracked), airbags, all lights and emergency signals...

Can you get license plate for a car and not have driver license in the same state?

All states that I am aware of require you to get a driver's license for that state when you become a resident, so you can't live in a state and legally continue to use a driver's license from some other state. Also, you're required to register your car in the state where you live, so you can't legal (MORE)