Why is BioShock 18?

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Blood and gore
Strong language
and dark themes that might not do well with kids
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What is bioshock?

Bioshock is a video game for PS3, XBOX 360, or PC. Rated M for mature

How long is BioShock?

Bioshock is supposedly 20 hours long. But with three alternate endings, that estimate could easily reach 30-35 hours (Factoring in the fact that you would have already played it once, and you know where to go, how to kill things, etc.) Bear in mind it can be finished in 10 hours, depends how mu (MORE)

Is Bioshock scary?

Bioshock Some believe it is scary and others don't. Here are opinions: Scary Yes, Bioshock is scary. If you are under 8, forget about it. From 8 to 15 you can but play it with a friend next to you or with the lights on. If you are over 15, turn the lights off lock the door and enjoy the g (MORE)

Will there be a BioShock 2?

there is a bioshock 2 coming out but it has been delayed twice for financial crisis and also if you really want to know it is coming out in the early of next year and they have also taken the time to improve it

What is bioshock about?

In Bioshock you play as a man named Jack, the only survivor of aplane crash at sea, finding himself at the entrance to anunderwater dystopia called Rapture. Jack learns that in Rapture, acompound was discovered named 'ADAM', harvested from sea slugs,which allowed people to manifest amazing powers su (MORE)

In the game bioshock?

You are playing as a plane crash survivor called Jack. when you crash in the midatlantic you enter a lighthouse which cantanis a very small sub. it takes you to the underwater city of rapture, which has gone haywire now you must escape and survive raptures remaining inhabinats and the big daddys

What is BioShock 2 about?

You play as the "First Big Daddy" which is a heavily suited protector to the "Little Sisters" in the underwater city of Rapture. You use weapons such as: Grenade Launcher, Rivet Gun, Shotgun, Spear Gun... You also use "Plasmids" (Magic) such as: Electro Shock, Incinerate, Winter Blast, Swarm (Bees (MORE)

What is the story to BioShock?

Well, it takes place in 1969 and you're on this plane and some retard makes it crash and u swim to this submarine and it takes u to the underwater city of Rapture. There, u meet Atlas on the radio. He guides u on your way to freedom under one condition. u have to save his family. But there's crazed (MORE)

Is there cheats to bioshock?

\n . There is 1 amazing hack/cheat thingy for the pc. It is 100% working and helps a bunch throughout the game. You can find it here : http://hackerbot.net/pc-game-hacks . Hope it helped!

Is bioshock in atlantis?

it is set in the mid atlantic in a city called rapture built by a a rich businessman so he and other people could live in a utopia free of law and god. It didn't really go to plan...

Will there be a bioshock 3?

When Bioshock 2 was revealed with a teaser on the PS3 version of Bioshock 1 in late 2008, gamespot.com reported that there would be a Bioshock 3 and a Bioshock the movie in 2011(hopefully it doesn't get delayed or cancelled).

Where do you get plasmids in BioShock?

they are found throughout the game. you will be directed to your first plasmid in the first level and the rest can be bought or collected when you SAVE little sisters

What is BioShocks story?

A guys plane crash lands in the Atlantic and he comes across an underwater civilization and to escape he has to find the sisters

Who do you play as in BioShock?

\nAll you find out about your characters identity is that your name is Jack and you were sent out of Rapture in a submarine when you were about 2 years old by Atlas(AKA Frank Fontaine)

Why is Bioshock called Bioshock?

"Bio" is a prefix that refers to biological matter, such as flesh and leaves, and anything that lives. "Shock" refers to a state when something happens that was unprepared for, usually the result of a sudden event rather than a passive one. Put these together and you get "Bioshock" a word that descr (MORE)

Is BioShock a multiplayer?

The first one has no multiplayer. The second one has online multiplayer, but not the multiplayer with a friend with the same system

Do need BioShock one to understand BioShock 2?

There will indeed be many things only an original Bioshock player will recognize. However the story and elements will still play out as interesting and understandable for new players. The multiplayer will be a prequel to the original Bioshock giving so premise to the story of the second.

Who is Atlas in BioShock?

Atlas is a pseudonym that the game's real villain, Frank Fontaine,uses. It was used to hide the fact that Fontaine was still aliveafter having faked his death. Atlas was used as a mythical rallyingfigure around the injustices of Andrew Ryan's rule. Fontaine putson a phoney Irish accent and viola you (MORE)

What is the phone for in bioshock?

As an avid Bioshock fan and player i can tell you that the phone does absolutely nothing. You can mess with the numbers and use your telekinesis to throw it at things but otherwise it has not secret effect. They may have had some sort of idea for it that was ditched at the last second.

Is BioShock for Wii?

No, it's on PS3, XBOX360, and PC. I highly recommend it as a well written innovative game.

Are there new powers in BioShock 2?

yes theres one which the plasmid makes you have this "out of body thing", however upgraded versions will allow you to do more interesting things rather than just upgrade the effectiveness. For example, cyclone trap level 1 will let you set traps that will throw enemies into the air. Level 2 will let (MORE)

How do you beat BioShock 2?

There are good walkthoughs on ign, and gamespot. DO NOT TRUST YOUTUBE VIDEOS SOME CUT OF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME.

How does BioShock 2 end?

it ends with you on this carrier type thing, holding on for your life as it shoots you and Eleanor and Sofia up to the surface. the rest relies on if you are good or bad or evil. if you want the endings go to Youtube search Bioshock 2 endings.

Does BioShock have a no violence mode?

The entire gameplay of Bioshock is centered around survival in a series of violent situations. If you tried Gandhi's approach you'd be dead in minutes.

What are the secret acheiments in BioShock 2?

Most "secret" achievements are unlocked as you progress throughout the game. I can think of two, however, that might be a bit tricky. One is "Cohens' Secret Room". This achievement is found when you are going to Fontaines apartment. Facing the elevator, take a right, you should enter a room in which (MORE)

What plasmids are in BioShock?

Plasmids are powers you can shoot from your hands in Bioshock. For example, there is the everlasting flame, telekonisis and much, much more. Personally, I think you should just buy the game to find out more.

How many areas are there in BioShock 2?

There are 9 areas in Bioshock 2: Adonis Luxury Resort Atlantic Express Ryan Amusements Pauper's Drop Siren Alley Dionysus Park Fontaine Futuristics Persephone Inner Persephone

What age rating is BioShock 1?

The rating on Bioshock is M. This means that store associates are not allowed to sell this game to those under the age of 17. (USA)

Are they going to make BioShock 3?

Yes. They are planning on releasing it in 2011 alongside the Bioshock film. The creators also stated that there could even be a Bioshock 5 with a game coming out every 2 years. Hope this helped :)

Does BioShock 1 have online?

The first Bioshock does not have any sort of online multiplayer. However, there is a dlc off of xbox live if you have that.

Why are little sisters ugly in BioShock 1 and not in BioShock 2?

In Bioshock 1 the little sisters where not as big as a part as they are in Bioshock 2. in Bioshock 2, the little sisters aren't as ugly so you develop a relationship with the little sisters, because your a big daddy, so you want to protect and save them. Plus, Bioshock 2 is set after Bioshock 1, so (MORE)

How do you install bioshock?

you dont. you buy the game from a store called bioshock 2 and put it into your ps3/xbox 360 and just play the game.

Is BioShock a great game?

In my opinion Bioshock is an incredible game! With an engaging storyline,fun shooting mechanics,and great RPG elements. However I must warn that this is not a game for children below the age of 13 there are some creepy parts and scary scenes but if you can take this minor setback i recommend this ga (MORE)

Is BioShock 2 a prequel?

Bioshock 2 takes place 10 years after Jack Ryan leaves with the little sisters. You play as Delta, a big daddy who is looking for his little sister in which he was separated with at the beginning of the game.

How do you hack Bioshock?

When you get close to a hackable device, you'll be prompted to press a key to start the hacking minigame. The idea is to flip the tiles to reveal pieces of piping, and to connect the piping so the liquid flows from one side to the other. There are different kinds of pipes, some slow the liquid do (MORE)

What will BioShock 3 be about?

Bioshock Infinite is set 30 or so years before Rapture was built, and is set in a flying city called Columbia, which is gripped in a civil war.

When is BioShock book out?

Both user guides are out now! and have been for almost 2 years now. If you are asking about the story book that just goes into the detail of the story and explains more like the Halo Books not signature series guides.

Is there a book about BioShock?

Yes there is, "Bioshock:Rapture" Gives a detailed insight which will ( hopefully ) answer all of your question, it's availiable for around 20 Dollars ( or £8.50 )

Is BioShock infinite the same as the BioShock with big dadys?

no. in bioshock infinite you are in columbia, which is on the surface. (spoilers) because at the end of Bioshock 2, lamb destroys rapture, taking all the big daddies and others with it. In infinite, you face Songbird, which is like big Daddy, but with wings.