Why do your games always freeze on pogo games you delete cookies and everything?

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Why does a pogo game freeze?

Delete your temporary internet files, cookies, and history to clear all that baggage. If you have access to a program to clean registry and all the files for you ( such as CCleaner, or Auslogics) then the process is very simple. CCleaner is a free program that does all this and more, and I su (MORE)

How do you send cards to the crib in the online cribbage game at Pogo?

First off, I play cribbage all the time on pogo.. The first thing you are going to have to do is select the two cards that you want to move over into the crib. A button that is over your cards will he highlighted, press the button and your cards will move over into the crib. You cannot move more th (MORE)

How do you get Fast Access to POGO games?

Faster access to free pogo games would simply require you to have afaster connection to the internet. Club Pogo members are spared the short ads that are displayed tonon-paying members before entering game rooms and (usually) betweengames. This can result in faster access to the games, but notnecess (MORE)

Where does the prize money pogo games pays out come from?

Pogo/Electronic Arts has many sources of revenue. People who pay monthly or yearly for Club Pogo, People who buy gems, as well as revenue coming from the ads they place for non club members. All or any of these sources could be allocated to pay out the prize money or manufacturing/purchasing of othe (MORE)

What is wrong when POGO games will not load?

you need to have java so that would be a good start if that doesnt work maybe its something to do with your pop up setting or something too do with ur virus protection not letting you connect to pogo

How come on sims life stories game for PC always freezes?

Its usually because you have a lot more on one set. If you have a multiple stories, music playing and/or more than 4 characters, your PC is trying to configure all moves.. It could also be that you have other programs open while running your sims game.. If any of these still make it freeze you may (MORE)

Can you delete games off your iPod?

yes you can. Just hold you finger on an app (game) and it should start to shake. Then, tap the little cross you see in the top left hand corner of the app and it will delete it's self.

What can you do you deleted your cookies and still cannot log on to live search games?

You would have to reinstall your whole operating system.. If you have Windows 95, if you deleted your cookies and you still can't log on to play Microsoft Live Search Online Games, then you'll have to reinstall your entire operating system.. If you have Windows 98, if you deleted your cookies and (MORE)

How many games does the lg cookie have?

It has 3 games including dice games where you can play snakes and ladders and also it comes with games such as deal or no deal BUT if you are on O2 you have to pay for them

What game on pogo gives you the most tokens?

Here are my favorites for making money: Keno- you make a lot of many playing this game usually at least 180% return, it does take patience to get the bigger payouts but it is very easy. One thing I recommend is pick 10 numbers and stick to them. Poppit-another mindless easy game even if you los (MORE)

How do you delete mw2 save game?

Go onto the main menu of your console and find the file usually under 'Game Save Utility' for PS3 and press triangle and delete.

Will games get deleted if steam is uninstallad?

All of the games that you have paid for with your account willstill be on your steam name even if you delete steam or reinstallyour computer. Install the steam again and log in withusername/email + password and all your games will be in yourlibrary again you just have to redownload them all over aga (MORE)

How do you delete a game on the i touch?

it's call iPod touch... and you delete a game by touching the game and holding until an x appears on the upper left side of the app, touch the x and the game should be gone.

How do you delete downloaded games on your computer?

To remove a game or program from your computer click on start and type uninstall or change a program, the will be a list look for the game you wish to uninstall, to uninstall just select it from the list then click uninstall.

How do you delete iPad games?

Go to Settings > General > Usage There you will see a list of all the apps that are using space on you iPad. Just click the game you want to delete, and it will display a large, red DELETE button.

How Do You Delete Games Off iPhone?

Hold down the app until and x comes up on the corner of it then click on the x and you should press yes then it deletes :) Hope it helped :)

How do you delete a game center account?

If you're trying to create a new account to take the place of your old one, you can go to "Account:*your username*" and then click "log out"(this is all from the app itself). And then you should be able to click a "create account" button or something. Hope this helps!:)

How do you delete games from xbox?

Answer from some idiot: If you have an xbox 360, and are talking about removing games from the hard drive when downloading them, then you can do this by going into Game Library, then going across to Collections, then clicking on All Games, find the game you want to remove from list and click on that (MORE)

How do you delete games from a Nintendo 3DS?

Games can be deleted from the Data Management menu in system settings. 3DS specific software will be located under Nintendo 3DS -> Software while DSiWare games will be under DSiWare.

How do you delete an inactive game in lexulous?

If there are more than 4 moves in the game, you can click on "Force Win" when the game has been inactive long enough - this will appear to the side of it. If there are less than four moves, you need to go into the game, and at the top of the box with your letters in it, there will be an option to de (MORE)

What are the most popular games on Pogo?

Pogo is an online gaming site with numerous free games available. Family Feud is very popular as well as Bejeweled. There are several different categories of games including word games, puzzle games, arcade games, board games, and card games. One would be hard pressed to be unable to find a game to (MORE)

Where could one play free Pogo games?

The best place to play free Pogo games is on the Pogo official website. One can play games like 'Poppit', 'Letters from Nowhere' and 'Word Whomp'. One can also play Pogo games on the Primary Games website.