Why do minor chords sound sad?

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The Theory of Musical Equilibration states that in contrast to previous hypotheses, music does not directly describe emotions: instead, it evokes processes of will which the listener identifies with. A major chord is something we generally identify with the message, "I want to!" The experience of listening to a minor chord can be compared to the message conveyed when someone says, "No more." If someone were to say the words "no more" slowly and quietly, they would create the impression of being sad, whereas if they were to scream it quickly and loudly, they would be come across as furious. This distinction also applies for the emotional character of a minor chord: if a minor harmony is repeated faster and at greater volume, its sad nature appears to have suddenly turned into fury. The Theory of Musical Equilibration applies this principle as it constructs a system which outlines and explains the emotional nature of musical harmonies. For more information you can google Theory of Musical Equilibration.
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What is a minor chord?

A minor chord (triad, at least) is the first, third, and fifth notes of any minor scale played at the same time.

What are all minor chords for a guitar?

Firstly, lets think about your major cghords. All major chord consist of the first (root) third and fifth notes of the major scale from which they come. so, for c major for eg

What are the chords for e minor?

Depends on what form of the minor scale you're using, and there are a great variety of options in any case, but here are some basics. (i) e-minor (e, g, b) (ii) f#-diminis

What makes 'minor' notes sound sad?

because of half notes. they are in both major and minor but major scales push out the halfs. you see the great full notes and the sick half notes but it doesnt matter they are

What chords are in an A minor scale?

A minor consists of the same chords as C major, the chords are: A minor B diminished C major D minor E minor F major G major and A minor These chords are c

What are the chords in the key of f minor?

The chords in the key of F minor are the same as the chords in A-flat major, the chords are: Ab Major Bb Minor C Minor Db Major Eb Major F Minor G Diminished &

Why does major music sound happy and minor music sound sad?

If you flatten the 3rd, 6th and 7th notes of a major scale it becomes minor - hence the sad sound. Why do Minor Chords Sound Sad ? The Theory of Musical Equilibration sta