Why do girls love John Cena?

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I don't know. What? What kind of question is that? I'm out for the affection of one young lady. Nicole. We will wed. And that's all I care about.
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Who is john cena in love with?

His wife because they recently just got married,i mean who else other than his wife would he be in love with?

Who is the diva that John Cena love?

John Cena is not in love with a diva at the moment but he has got some in his mind like Maria they never dated or anything but he likes her for sure. At the moment Cena is in

Does Candice love John Cena?

well she said her self that she thinks that he has a big heart and is hot so i think that she has feelings for him

Does John Cena love crystal?

No. He does not. John Cena is married in real life. He announced his engagement to his girl friend Elizabeth Huberdeau in the year 2009. The couple got married on July 11 th