Why did the Big Chicken give peter an expired coupon?

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You want to know the motivations behind Ernie giving Peter an expired coupon, correct.

You realize that there is absolutely NO answer to this question.
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Do coupons have an expiration date in a legal sense?

Answer . It doesn't have a experation date because it's just a peice of paper.. All coupons have expiration dates on them, but that is for bookkeepping and accounting reas

How do get chickens to give big eggs?

The breed of the chicken determines the size of the egg. For example, you cannot give a bantam hen a magic elixir to force it to lay extra large eggs. If you want very large e

When Coupons have a expired day?

When coupons have an expiration date, you can use them until that date. If it is past the day of expiration, just throw them away because you can't use them any more.

Do Netflix coupons ever expire?

Businesses offer coupons when they intend to increase sales/encourage new customers to sign up.I assume Netflix coupons do expire after a certain interval of time or after a q

Do godaddy coupon codes expire?

Like all coupon codes, go daddy coupon codes do in fact expire. Make sure your code is recent as it should say on the actual coupon or wherever you obtained the code online. T

Do J.Jill coupons have an expiration date?

J. Jill coupons do have an expiration date. However, every once in awhile a few of the coupons will still work even after the expiration date has passed, so its still worth a

How big of a piece of raw chicken can you give your cat?

If you are living in North America, it is not safe to give raw chicken to your cat at all. Chickens are subject to infection with salmonella, and salmonella can transfer to a