Why did Sesame Street change Cookie Monster to the Veggie Monster?

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They didn't. They're just having Cookie Monster set an example to kids. He still has ravenous cookie habits.
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What do you do if cookie monster is asking you for a cookie?

Pretend to throw the cookie far away so he'll run after it then you run away so he won't get you! Answer: If you ever actually meet the legit cookie monster, then I think you need to be admitted into an institution. Just my personal opinion.

Who is cookie monster?

Answer . Cookie monster is a kids monster from the psb kids television show Seseme Street

Is the veggie monster on Sesame Street now instead of Cookie Monster?

No. Sesame Workshop just began "broadening Cookie Monster's eating habits." This means, that although he eats a lot of cookies, he is now eating his fair share of salads, meats, and vegetables to set a good example for kids at home. This information was released to the public, but it got misinterpre (MORE)

Why did cookie monster become carrot monster?

because some snoty stuck up parents told the Sesmie Street Directors it was a bad influence on kids.(I wonder why they didn't complain about Polly Pocket making cars without seatbelts.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

Who were the monsters in The Monsters are Due On Maple Street?

The "monsters" that are shown are alien invaders, but the "real" monsters are the people. When threatened and afraid, they are driven to act, even if means turning on their own neighbors. (Twilight Zone, season 1, episode 22 shown March 4, 1960)

What does cookie monster teach in sesame street?

Originally he was just a monster who enjoyed cookies and demonstrated stuff like "slow" and "fast". When parents complained about child obesity from cookie monster's habits, they turned him into a guy who explained that cookies are a sometime food and that you should eat healthy. unfortunately, this (MORE)

How do you change your monster on moshi monsters?

If you want to change your monster type, you have to start a new account or if you just want to change the color of your monster you have to be a paid Moshi Member. Whichever monster you chose when you first make your account will be the permanent monster you will have.

Why does the cookie monster love cookies?

Who doesn't love cookies? Everyone loves cookies. Except for, of course, cookie-intolerant people don't like cookies and nor do the cookieless sphingus tribe who live in the Bahamalayan mountains.

Why is the cookie monster now the vegetable monster?

He isn't: he never was and never will be. A few years back Sesame Workshop (the company that owns Sesame Street) was concerned about the unhealthy amount of cookies Cookie Monster was eating, so they wrote a song called "A Cookie Is A Sometime Food" to teach kids not to eat so much like Cookie Monst (MORE)

Why did they change the Cookie Monster?

They changed it because they saw that the cookie monster was getting a lot of popularity and it was really unhealthy for kids to watch someone or something who would just show them how to eat junk food so they changed him to the veggie monster. the above answers is incorrect Cookie Monster is sti (MORE)

How old is Cookie Monster on Sesame Street?

Cookie Monster, in two early versions (one monstrous), appeared asearly as 1966. But as the familiar blue Muppet, he ate his firstmeal (the letter W, not a cookie) on the first episode of SesameStreet, aired November 10, 1969. The show, and the Monster, willturn 50 in 2019. Like many muppets, he has (MORE)

Was the cookie monster Sesame Streets idea?

Not exactly. Jim Henson developed a kind of proto-Cookie Monster (with teeth) for a snack food called "Wheels"... the monster was called the "Wheel-Stealer." The commercial featuring him was never actually aired. The basic design was reused for a Doritos commercial later, and then eventually with (MORE)

How long have cookie monster been on Sesame Street?

Cookie Monster has been on Sesame Street since it started, which I believe was 1969. I remember watching the premier episode. It was broadcast in prime time on PBS, but then moved to daytime for children to watch.

Why did sesame street replace cookie monster with vegetable monster?

They didn't replace cookie monster at all: some reporters went berserk over the song "cookie is a sometimes food". they claimed it was cookie monster's new song. What they didn't pay attention to was the fact that it was Hoots who sang it, not cookie monster, and the fact that at the end, cookie mon (MORE)

Is cookie monster vegetable monster?

He was cookie monster but the producers kept using cookies instead of veggies kids love cookies not veggies but veggies are good for you. The bottom line is kids were eating to many cookies so they changed those to veggies.

Who was the purple monster on sesame street?

Unfortunately, "the purple monster" is not really specific enough to definitively identify a particular Muppet. My best guess would be Telly. Check the related links section to see if that's who you meant; if not, you could browse the Muppet Wiki to try to find the one you're talking about.

Did Michelle Obama try to remove Cookie Monster from Sesame Street?

No, she did not. This is another internet myth. It does have a slight basis in fact, however: Michelle Obama has said publicly that she wishes kids would eat healthier food, and it was jokingly suggested that there be a "veggie monster" rather than a "cookie monster." But she never tried to remove a (MORE)

Who stoll the cookie monsters cookie?

It is unknown who stole the cookie monsters cookie. It was probably someone who could be sneaky enough to get in. Most likely it was someone like a cookie thief.