Why did Mozart hate the flute?

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Baroque flutes were actually quite terrible. They were difficult to play, their intonation was horrible, and the tone was really hard to get to sound good. As a result, there were pitifully few good flute players out there.
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The magic flute by Mozart?

Yes, Wolfgang wrote The Magic Flute, die Zauberflöte, in 1791 after his two other operas: Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Fiagaro.

Where did Mozart play his first song on the flute?

He really disliked the flute... he had knowledge of it and how it worked, but likely didn't play it much or at all. Among woodwinds, he much preferred the clarinet. However

Why did salieri hate Mozart?

There is no reason to believe that either of them hated each other. They actually were rather friendly towards each other considering that they were professional rivals. I t

Did Mozart play the flute?

Mozart's musical intuition was so astounding that, even thought there is no evidence that he ever played the flute, I'm sure that he would have had little difficulty in playin

What did Mozart compose for flute?

One of his most famous compositions fo flute is "The Magic Flute" (literally translated from the original German, "Die Zauberflöte".)

What is Mozarts magic flute?

An opera. The actual 'flute' is magic and given to Tamino by the Queen of the Night to help him in his quest to rescue the queens daughter.

What is the plot in Mozarts the Magic Flute?

Set in Egypt it tells of the exploits of Tamino, a prince, and Papageno the bird catcher, in rescuing Pamina the Queen's daughter who is imprisoned in the castle of a wicked