Why did Dave Mustaine leave Metallica?

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Dave Mustaine did not leave Metallica, he was kicked out because of his drinking and substance abuse. He was known to have an aggressive behaviour and frequently showed up to practice drunk and incoherent. Mustaine also had anger management issues that led him to assaulting James Hetfield. Also he drove the original bass player Roy McGovney who was a high school friend of James out of the band after a fight they had.

Mr. Mustaine was shooting heroine, cocaine, and using any chemical available. He did not like himself at all. The boys fired him but I still love Megedeth.

he did like himself, but he took drugs to ease pain probably

wrong: Hetfield and Mustaine both wanted McGovney out of the band because they believed he wasn't contributing enough he was just following. Also because they seen Burton play at a show called whiskey a go go in a band called Trauma, and were blown away by the way he used a wah wah pedal.

He did NOT "frequently" show up to rehearsals drunk and/or incoherant as stated above. This was not the cause for his untimely exit from Metallica.
The actual incident that sealed his fate was sparked when McGovney and Hetfield unleashed their "aggressive behavior" on Mustaines dog for jumping on hood of McGovneys car, by kicking him repeatedly. I would not consider defending an innocent animal from two idiots "aggressive", in fact any other reaction would be cowardly. So this whole rumor of Dave having an"aggression problem", is also inaccurate. Even at his worst, Dave is an intelligent, rational human being, many try and make him out to be otherwise becasue they are
jealous, or threatened by him because of his level of musical ability.
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Who is Metallica?

James Hetfield- Lead Vocals/Rythmn Guitar Kirk Hammet- Lead guitar/Back up vocals Robert Trujillo- Bass/Back up vocals Lars Ulrich- Drums Metallica are one of the greatest metal bands ever.metallicas current members are: lars ulrich:drums they have 9 studio albums.: Kill,em all Ride (MORE)

Is Dave Mustaine French?

Yes, Dave Mustaine is predominately French Gaelic from the area of the Pyrennes, the Languedoc, and Province France. His Huguenot ancestors were predominantly, merchants, sea captains and Barristers in France and England prior to migrating to Virginia in 1680. Find out more at Rodovid.org.

What is metallica?

Metallica is an awesome speed metal and thrash metal band from California. They were established in 1981 when their drummer, Lars Ulrich, gave an advert and these members got in: singer and guitar player James Hetfield, guitar player Kirk Hammett and bassist Ron McGovney. They changed 5 bass players (MORE)

Why did Jason newsted leave metallica?

Jason decided to give his life to music, other members had familys. This meant metallica were not going at it full time as they used to, leaving large amounts of spare time between shows and recording. Jason, not really having much more, needed some thing else to do in this time, he wanted to do a s (MORE)

Where does Dave mustaine live?

Dave Mustaine owns several houses along the California coast and owns a getaway home in Ireland. He resides in Fallbrook, CA.

Why did Jason newsted leave the band metallica?

According to the Metallica documentary "Some Kind of Monster", Newsted left the band because James Hetfield allegedly would not let him work on side projects such as Newsted's Echobrain.

Why does Lars fear Dave Mustaine?

Lars doesn't 'fear' Dave Mustaine. In fact, the two have gotten over their differences and, although not exactly friends, hold no animosity or grudge towards one another. In fact, Metallica invited Mustaine to their Hall of fame ceremony, despite Mustaine politely rejecting because of a Megadeth tou (MORE)

Is Dave Mustaine a Christian?

Yes, Dave Mustaine is a born again Christian since he finished his final rehab treatment. He is also very open about his faith, during the End Game tour he mentioned that he prays after shows and refuses to write blasphemous material anymore.

Why did Dave chapelle leave?

Dave chapelle stopped because of papparatzi.He could not take all the pressure and was tired of hearing ''im rich b**** and other slogans by:tarell Williams

Did Dave Mustaine played on metallica?

Dave was their original Guitarist but was kicked out for being a violent alcaholic. He wrote Mechanix which was later known as The four horsemen Once Kirk Hammet joined the band and they were signed by Elektra. Mustaine also created the guitar portions of Call of ktulu, the lead solo in Ride the Lig (MORE)

Why was Dave mustaine kicked out of metallica?

Dave was a HEAVY drinker and was more worried about partying than the music. He wasn't taking Metallica as seriously as the others were. Also, Dave wanted to take Metallica in a different direction than Lars and James had planned. I'm personally glad they did. I prefer Kirk better, and Dave has cert (MORE)

Was Dave mustaine in ride the lightning?

Dave Mustaine never recorded any songs with metallica besides the during the demo "No Life 'Til Leather" Some of his guitar riffs were used in future Metallica songs such as The Four Horsemen, and Ride The Lightning, But he never actually recorded music with Metallica.

Why does Dave Mustaine Suck?

Dave mustaine sucks because megadeth is nothing but an attempt to one up metallica, for kicking him out of the band for being a cry baby. and if you think Dave mustaine sucks then u have a taste for thrash. he sings glam hair metal. he's a Winnie.

Does Dave mustaine hate metallica?

Dave Mustaine no longer hates Metallica. In recent interviews he has said that he complete respect for the band and was pleased to be invited to Metallica's Hall of Hame endowement by Lars. Despite this he has made it clear that he has more respect and is closer with Hetfield. If it wasnt for him be (MORE)

Is Dave Mustaine cool?

Dave Mustaine is the lead singer for the thrash metal band,Megadeth. In person, Dave Mustaine is a very down to Earth andfriendly guy.

Is Dave Mustaine dead?

No. He is not. He recently appeared on a radio show as of October, 8, 2009. his band megadeth also just now released a new album

How many metallica songs were written by Dave mustaine?

Dave Mustaine wrote the "Mechanix" and "Jump in the Fire". TheMechanix can be found in several of Metallica's bootlegs and demos,the lyrics were about sex at a car mechanics. When he was kickedout, Hetfield wrote new lyrics, and the band added an extrasection, a bridge and a solo. The end result was (MORE)

Is Dave Mustaine ugly?

That depends... if you r into the mustache kinda guy with large buggy eyes, then yes. i dont think he is

Is Dave Mustaine single?

No. He is married with children. His wife is named Pamela, and although separated they reportedly reconciled. His son Justis was born on February 11, 1992. He has a daughter, singer Electra Mustaine, born January 28, 1998.

How did Dave Mustaine join Metallica?

Dave lars and James were friends when Metallica first started. They asked him to join. Then in 1982 he was Kicke dout and Kirk hammet has played guitar for Metallica ever since.

Who is Dave?

Dave is the one who programmed the Text Magic Phils. and the 3l337 computer genius in the Philippines... ;-)

Are Metallica and Dave Mustaine okay now?

Dave and Metallica are on better terms now. During the events of the Some Kind of Monster , Dave and Lars got to vent their anger. Megadeth will also be playing with Metallica at Sonisphere 2010.

Why did Dave baksh leave sum 41?

It's almost not 100% known, but all evidence points to one conclusion: he wanted to focus all of his time on Brown Brigade. Some quotes from him himself are him saying: Sum 41's music was too easy to play, He wanted to start a different music genre career, more toward classical or heavier rock also (MORE)

Does Dave Mustaine have tattoos?

No! Like he says, why put a bumper sticker on a Mercedes Benz? Ironically, though, I have a Vic Rattlehead tatoo on my shoulder...

Why is slash being treated as one of the greatest guitar players when there are other more skillful ones like yngwie malmsteen joe satriani Eric Johnson Dave mustaine etc?

I'd like to just say their stupid and they don't know anything about music but to be honest I'd say its because of guitar hero when I was getting into metal and stuff years before guitar hero was huge I felt like I was the only one who knew Slash.. but now I'm almost embarassed to say I know him.. g (MORE)

Are James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine still feuding?

No. Although they aren't close, they haven't been feuding. Dave Mustaine has had talks with Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, settling their differences and resolving their issues. During the recent Big Four tour, Dave Mustaine played on-stage with Metallica, indicating that there has been a bit of (MORE)

What bands are Dave Mustain in?

Megadeth is the only band he's currently in. Prior to forming Megadeth, he was in Metallica, but was kicked out before they recorded their debut album. Prior to that, he was in a band called Panic. In the mid-90s, he had a side project called M.D. 45, but it was very short-lived.

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What band does Dave Mustaine perform with?

The band that Dave Mustaine perform with is called the Megadeth. This is a thrash metal band. Before that, Dave Mustaine was a member of Metallica, a heavy metal band.

What movie and television projects has Dave Mustaine been in?

Dave Mustaine has: Played himself in "Top of the Pops" in 1964. Played himself in "Night Network" in 1987. Played himself in "Rusted Pieces" in 1991. Played Himself (Guitar, Vocals) in "Megadeth: Exposure of a Dream" in 1992. Played himself in "Late Show with David Letterman" in 1993. Played Himself (MORE)