Why are people so affected by music?

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The tremendous ability that music has to affect and manipulate emotions and the brain is undeniable, and yet largely inexplicable. Very little serious research had gone into the mechanism behind music's ability to physically influence the brain until relatively recently, and even now very little is known about the neurological effects of music. The fields of music and biology are generally seen as mutually exclusive, and to find a Neurobiologist also proficient in music is not very common. However, some do exist, and partly as a result of their research some questions about the biology of music have been answered. I will attempt to summarize some of the research that has been done on music and the brain in recent years. I will focus in particular on music's ability to produce emotional responses in the brain.

One great problem that arises in trying to study music's emotional power is that the emotional content of music is very subjective. A piece of music may be undeniably emotionally powerful, and at the same time be experienced in very different ways by each person who hears it. The emotion created by a piece of music may be affected by memories associated with the piece, by the environment it is being played in, by the mood of the person listening and their personality, by the culture they were brought up in: by any number of factors both impossible to control and impossible to quantify. Under such circumstances, it is extremely difficult to deduce what intrinsic quality of the music, if any, created a specific emotional response in the listener. Even when such seemingly intrinsic qualities are found, they are often found to be at least partially culturally dependant.

Several characteristics have been suggested that might influence the emotion of music. For example, according to one study, major keys and rapid tempos cause happiness, whereas minor keys and slow tempos cause sadness, and rapid tempos together with dissonance cause fear. There is also a theory that dissonance sounds unpleasant to listeners across all cultures. Dissonance is to a certain degree culture-dependent, but also appears to be partly intrinsic to the music. Studies have shown that infants as young as 4 months old show negative reactions to dissonance.
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How does music affect people?

Music as it pertains to life is quite simple. It is only a way to express yourself and in some cases a way to learn how to express yourself. The way I look at this, music can be used in many different ways. Our ear is directed to it; it likes the sound. Some music can be hurtful to man kind diff (MORE)

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Affects of music?

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How does music affect young people?

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How does music affect peoples emotions?

There are numerous studies that have performed to show the effectsof music on people. It has been proven that music links to memorieswhich can either product positive or negative emotions to thatperson.

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Why do people like music so much?

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How does music affects?

Singing taping and lot and lots and lots and lots and lots andlots and lots and lots of pie!

How music affects young people?

Music can affect the limbic system of the brain this part of thebrain is linked to humans emotions. As infants it is said thatlistening to classical music can help the child learn.

How music affects you?

It depends on the type of music, and on the individual (we are all affected somewhat differently). However, there are certain types of music which affect brainwaves, slowing them down to create a meditative state (8-to-14 hertz, or the alpha range of frequencies).

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It messes with your head, so your mind isn't resting it's still working, so you won't sleep as well as you would if you had nothing in the background for you mind to think and effort to.

How music affects people in their daily life?

Music really affects our everyday life; it became our inspiration to run a little faster, to move a little quicker and concentrate a little more and smile a little more often. This world would be a less pleasant place without music.

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How does music affect people and culture?

music can effect anyone it effects your emotions only in a way if it depends on how your feeling or what your listning to like if you feel rock and pop listen to threatened by Michael Jackson or something http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5ydpNBwF64

Why music is so important to people?

\nMusic can be important to people for different reasons\nSome people find it relaxing and calming\nSome like to play there own \nEveryone has there reasons.

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Depends on song or music A baby laluby wont little kid TV show songs wont Favorite song will song stuck in head will song a child learns in school mabey A carol mabey A prayer wont

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Does music affect people with epilesy?

I Doubt it Epilepsy is a fit triggered by flashing lights not anything to do with sound A music video could trigger a fit but most TV is filtered to avoid Epilepsy

Why do emo people- and screamo and punk music that they listen to- suck so much?

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Does rap music affect people?

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Do low volume music affects people concentration?

it varies... some say music playing just as a background noise helps them concentrate just as a tv on in the background might help. others find it rather distracting and have to have complete silence in order to concentrate

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Music affects me by allowing me to escape reality, it also captures my ideas and puts them into words and phrases relating to my personality. But most of all it changes my mood. Music has been around earth for ...well ever! (Indians, cavemen, even modern-day )

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