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Who wrote love hurts?

No. Boudleux and Felice Bryant wrote the song. No one else 'wrote' any 'versions.' Other people arranged it for performance by other artists. The Bryants wrote it in 1960 for the Everly Brothers, and Orbison covered it in the next year. That was the first cover that was a chart-topper. Then Nazareth (MORE)

Are roses an acid loving plant?

Roses prefer a slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6.5 to 6.8. While this is ideal, they are very tolerant of a variety of soil pH levels.

Is a red rose a symbol of love?

Roses t he color as well as the type have their own meanings, and they can be combined *Red rose - Love, I love you *Thornless rose -Love at first sight *Red rosebud - Pure and lovely *A single full bloom rose - I love you, I still love you *Tea rose- I'll remember always. Answer (MORE)

Why is a rose a symbol of love?

Answer . I don't think a rose is a symbol of love. I think it's a symbol of togetherness and passion. Deep passion.. Answer . History and Meaning of Red Roses . Primary Significance: Love and Romance The Red Rose not only carries more meaning than many other color roses, it is also one o (MORE)

Who wrote Where is the Love?

Will.I.Am, Taboo, apl.de.ap, Ron Fair, P. Board, G. Pajon Jr, M. Fratantuno, and J. Curtis all wrote the song where The Black eyed peas were a trio.. Will.I.Am, Taboo, apl.de.ap, Ron Fair, P. Board, G. Pajon Jr, M. Fratantuno, and J. Curtis all wrote the song where The Black eyed peas were a trio.

Who wrote the song from love story?

The 1970 movie, Love Story by the Book from Arthur Hiller, was one such place that the love story music is popularly referred to. Francis Lai took a grammy, golden globe, and academy award for composing the music for that film.. Referenced by Wikipedia which has Roger Ebert's 1970 print review and (MORE)

Who wrote the hymn the love of god?

The song "The Love of God" was written in 1917 by Frederick M. Lehman (1868-1953), he authored the text based on the poem Haddamut of Meir Ben Isaac Nehorai (11th century, in Worms, Germany), and his daughter Claudia L. Mays (1892-1973) did the arrangement. Source: CyberHymnal.org Fred in Sinsheim (MORE)

Did the Doctor love Rose?

Yes, the Doctor loved Rose and Rose loved him too. The Doctor and Rose have kissed, flirted, held hands and hugged on many occasions. Other than that, the Doctor burns up a supernova to see her and they both admit they love each other and the Doctor (10.5) decides to spend the rest of his life with (MORE)

Does Sadow love Amy Rose?

Shadow is an "evil" clone of Sonic and when Shadow sees Amy, he has no mention of love, unlike Sonic, so it's not likely.

Does silver love Amy rose?

Sadly no, Amy and Silver are just friends like Silver is with Blaze. But it could be possible that Silver has feelings for Amy, just he is to shy to tell her, and thinks that she'd think he's crazy if he told her that. But it could be possible that he has a crush on her, as she's just 2 years younge (MORE)

Did raiden love rose in mgs2?

Yes, he did. It is shown in the game that he loved her deeply; it was his horrible memories of his past and his own self-loathing that kept him from getting too close to her. At the end of the game, he forgives her for everything she did and they try to start a new life together. Their relationship (MORE)

What color rose symbolizes love?

Symbols of love in roses: . Red- Passionate love . Dark Red- Unconscious beauty . White- Innocent and pure love . Yellow- Philos (friendly love) . Pink- Gentle/Sweet love . Blue- Impossible/mysterious love . Orange- Fascination, Passionate Love . Lavender- Love at first sight, encha (MORE)

Why do roses represent love?

because your heart is red, and the rose is red and if you looked at an actual heart, the rose and heart kind of loook alike

Do Snake and Ice love Violet?

When they were kits they liked each other, but when Snake and Ice went BloodClan and changed their names they don't like/love each other now.

Does Quigley Quagmire love Violet Baudelaire?

Quigley does loves Violet. It doesn't say if Violet loves Quigley, but it does say she thinks of him as a very good friend, and it is implied. It's also implied that they kiss, which would mean that they love each other. Most people believe that Quigley loves Violet and Violet loves Quigley.

What is 'I so love you sunshine' in Italian?

Tanto ti amo, Luce del sole is an Italian equivalent of 'I so love you, Sunshine'. The adverb 'tanto' means 'so much, so'. The personal pronoun 'ti' means 'you'. The verb 'amo' means '[I] am loving, do love, love'. The feminine noun 'luce' means 'light'. The word 'del' combines the prepos (MORE)

Lyrics for my lovely rose and you?

My lovely rose has lost her crimson gown And autumn leaves are falling to the ground The sky has lost its shade of blue And I have lost my lovely rose and you But some day soon those clouds will pass away And spring will bring another lovely day Then like a miracle come true I'll wait to find my lov (MORE)

Did Rose love the Doctor?

Yes she did. She didn't love him as a partner or wanting to go on dates with him but she loved him as more than a friend.

Why is Rose in love with Nessie?

When she was human she wanted to have a kid of her own. But then her soon to be husband beat her up because he was drunk. She was left in the streets to die until Carlisle found her and he changed her. She didn't want to become a vampire because she would never be able to have a child. so when Bella (MORE)

What does the metaphor love is a rose mean?

rose: prickly, scary at bottom, closer and closer to top it gets less prickly, and eventually happiness and beautiful at end; this, is just like love, its hard to find, scary at first, but when you feel it/havce it, it's amazing and just incredible♥

What if your as lovely as a rose?

Then, you will blossom in everyone's heart, roses are pretty, smell nice, and bloom into a beautiful bush, that people pick and give away on holidays, Valentines Day, but every rose has it's thorn.

Why compare love to a rose?

A rose represents love because like in the Beauty and the Beast, the petals falling off a rose can symbolize dying love, while a fresh one may symbolize a new love.

Who wrote stereo love?

Edward Maya wrote the song. He sung it with Vika Jigulina. He also sung the same song with Mia Martina. He sung Stereo Love with ALICIA too.

Who wrote Walk Away from Love?

There are two "walk away from love" that confuse people...David Ruffin did "walk away from love" on Motown label...the second "walk away from love" which is a completely different song was sung by yours truly Shirley Stewart born in Barbados, the home of Ri Ri......the song was written by Shirley St (MORE)

Who wrote the song Love You Forever?

A songwriting team called Malone and Blanchard. The song originally came out in l933 and was the signature theme song of Grace Moore. In its day it was a somewhat risque air, as it seemed to suggest a suicide pact ( common enough in opera, which Miss Moore did sing in) but at the time a hot button i (MORE)

Who wrote the chorus i love you lord?

back in the seventies when Larry and devi titus used to come to gatlinburg christian center, Larry taught us a song. it was "i love you Lord and i lift my voice". it is the same song that is so popular today. i am almost 100% sure he said he wrote it. at any rate, we were singing it in the late seve (MORE)

Why does Amy Rose love Sonic?

Sonic rescued Amy from Metal Sonic in Sonic CD so that's why she had a crush on him. For Amy, Sonic is her hero. Sonic likes Amy but Just hides his feelings.

Were Rose and Jack really in love?

There is no such thing as Jack and Rose. There may indded may have been a young man who gave his life to save the woman he loved, and a young woman of privilege who may have been named Rose.

Will rose love the 11th doctor?

I doubt it, not because she wouldn't love him if she met him, but because: A) She already has the doctor's human 'double' with her, so she might stop searching for the real doctor, or might be happy with the human 'doctor' she lives with B) It's unlikely that she will come back because they've (MORE)

Why is the rose a symbol of love?

in the past, a rose was symbolized to be one of the most beautiful objects surrounded by thorns that were "ugly". There are many other symbol's that I personally do not know for certainty.

Did Damon salvotore love rose?

Damon never said he loved her but deep down he really did they did sleep together sometimes. Damon had to kill Rose because she was bit by a werewolf and was becoming dangerous to people around her. Damon did cry when he had to kill Rose. Ian Somerhalder said this about the relationship between Damo (MORE)

Did the 9 doctor love rose?

Yes the 9th did love rose since he did kiss her at the end ofseries 1 but its clear the 10th doctor is the one who really fallsin love with her.

Are African violets acid loving?

African violets prefer soil that is slightly acidic, about pH 6.0 to 6.5. You should use fertilizers made for acid loving plants in order to keep the soil acidic. This is important because city tap water is kept slightly basic or alkaline to prevent pipes and equipment from corroding. So prolonged u (MORE)

Who wrote i love you this big?

Jay Smith in Texas. He wrote the song in 2005. He currently works for a company called A-Mark and he also has a beautiful voice I know cause we ask him to sing for us at work on Sundays. I wish he would audition for American Idol.

Is Galen in love with Violet in Caged Flower?

It's clear that Galen has some sort of feelings towards Violet, but to what extent is debatable. Clues to his feelings towards Violet include: • His odd pleasure when she takes a roll from him at dinner • His courteous standing when Violet leaves the dining room • His stoppin (MORE)

Why did Jawaharlal Nehru love roses?

jawaharlal nehru feels that roses are as innocent as children .thatswhy he love children and roses and celebrates his birthday as children's day