Who wins the wizard competition in family wizard?

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It first appeared that Justin won the competition, but before he is named family wizard he admitted that Alex was in the lead and stopped to assist him, allowing him to win. Alex is named family wizard and Justin is chosen to replace the retiring head wizard. Dad then tells Max he will someday be handed the Sub Shop, everyone leaves a winner!
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Who wins the wizard competition?

Well, they all have to run around a maze and the first one out wins the competition. Justin came out first and when he was about to become a full wizard he admitted that his f

Who is going to win the wizard competition?

no one knows yet but my guess is they will TIE!! think of it this way justin will be crushed if he lost max cant live without powers hes like uncle kelbo alex will loos

Will Alex win the wizard competition?

It depends on which wizard competion you're talking about. For the one in the wizards of waverly place movie, Alex wins but then she uses the stone of dreams to make everythin

Who wins the family wizard competition?

Well, Justin does but then he gives the powers to Alex and then Justin becomes the new wizard school professor and max losses and gets the family's subway station.

Who is going to win in the wizard competition?

Alex. You may think she is behind on her wizardry but she saved the world from the angels of darkness and was wizard of the year. She went back when she broke a wizard rule an

Who wins the family wizard competition on Wizards of Waverly Place?

Justin makes it out first and is declared the Family Wizard. However, he decides he cannot accept this because Alex was about to get out first: Justin had been trapped by magi

Will max win the wizard competition?

no, technicaly alex won the wizard competition, Max doesn't win the competition, Justin does but he gives his powers to alex because Alex helped him. But Justin got full powe

Who will win the family wizard competition?

Justin originally won but gave his powers to Alex because she was supposed to win, then Professor Crumbs retired, gave his job to Justin and Justin became professor Russo, unf

Who wins the wizard competition in wizards of Waverly place who will be the family wizard?

Who cares? That show has been dodging the competition for years to squeeze every desperate drop of showbiz milk out of itself. The fact that the competition will happen soon j

Why cant Justin Russo win the family wizard competition?

Well, Justin cant actually no win but he would probably give it up for juliet (his non vampire girlfriend) as Juliet is no longer a vampire after mason bit her and she lost he