Who was the model in Duran Duran's Ordinary World music video?

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I believe the model for that shoot was Virginia Anne Douglas, a heartbreakingly beautiful woman who retired from the business at an early age (despite an abundance of offers). The video was shot in Huntington Beach Park, California and it's theme was a wedding (with Ms. Douglas as the tender goddess of a bride).
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Who are the models in the Addicted to Love music video?

The models were (from left to right) - Patty Kelly, Julie Pankhurst, Mak Gilchrist and Julia Bolino. ~Another solution from Big Mike~ Julie Pankhurst was actually the model on the far left. ie. playing keyboards. Not Patty kelly. She is the first girl you see on vid. http://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.php?list=mod&choice=Julie%20Pankhurst&year=all and there were five models in the video from left to right; keyboards, guitar, drums, Rbt Palmer, bass & guitar so the question is still open except for Julie Pankhurst being the keyboardist and 3 other names which are not yet assigned to specific models.

What was the yacht called in the duran duran Rio video?

The yacht in the Duran Duran video is a 1936 Fife yacht called Eilean. Regularly confused with Simon Le Bon's former yacht Drum (which at the time was a state of the art 1984 IOR maxi yacht), Eilean is a wooden classic that has fallen into a serious state of neglect since the video was shot.. She has been recently purchased by an Italian watch company and is currently undergoing a complete restoration. Eilean is expected to be relaunched in 2009.. Check out this link for information on the project:. http://www.thewatchquote.com/Restoration-and-rebirth-of-a-classic-yacht-by-Officine-Panerai-No_6337.htm#tmpl_9418

What were Duran Duran's two number one hits?

Duran Duran had many hit singles, but only two number ones each on the major charts: "Is There Something I Should Know" and "The Reflex" reached #1 on the British charts, and "The Reflex" and "A View To A Kill" reached #1 on the American Hot 100. Some of their other top 40 hits: Their first album Duran Duran produced "Girls on Film" and "Planet Earth". Rio was a huge success with "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Rio" and "Save A Prayer". Seven and the Ragged Tiger was huge, probably the most popular album of 1983, with "The Reflex", "Union of the Snake" as well as "New Moon on Monday". In 1984 they released the live album Arena. In 1985 things took a nasty turn and they spilt. They formed two separate bands, John Taylor and Andy Taylor joined The Power Station and had hits with, "Some Like it Hot" and "(Bang a Gong) Get it On". Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon and Roger Taylor formed Arcadia and made an album called So Red the Rose which featured "Election Day" and "The Flame". In 1986 Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes went on as Duran Duran but two other members left. They released Notorious , which did excellent. "Notorious" and "Skin Trade" were major songs. They then released Big Thing , with "All She Wants Is" and "I Don't Want Your Love" which were big in the clubs but not so much on the Top 40 radio stations. The band has not broken up and continues making music, but not much of it reaches radio stations anymore. Astronaut , a 2003 album and tour reunited the original members of the band, and the single "Reach Up for the Sunrise" did well, but subsequent releases have continued to shine in obscurity. For more detail, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duran_Duran_discography

Male model in the Ever ever after music video?

Yeah, it is. His name is Lawrence Sikorski. He's gorgeous, huh girls? But yeah, he's a male model (Lucky Carrie!) and I think he's married! :( He's beautiful... if only!!! JK. http://www.google.ca/#hl=en&gs_nf=1&cp=17&gs_id=a&xhr=t&q=Lawrence+Sikorski&pf=p&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&oq=Lawrence+Sikorski&aq=0&aqi=g3g-K1&aql=&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=16fd86159efc5062&biw=1173&bih=499

Who is the girl in the Duran Duran Rio video?

After searching for such a long time, I can finally say the mystery is finally over. her name is Reema Ruspoli. Reema married an Italian prince. I did a google search and saw her at the L'uomo vogue 40th anniversary, 100 percent this is her. She has three boys and is still married to the prince. I know there has been many people trying to find Reema, and she def isn't Tula.

Who played the saxophone in the Duran Duran video Rio?

Andy Hamilton played the saxophone in the studio recording (and on tour), but in the video, filmed in Antigua, it is bassist John Taylor miming playing the sax on top of the cliff, and keyboardist Nick Rhodes doing the same (while nearly losing his balance) on a raft in the shallow waters off Shirley Heights.

Who is the male model in mariah carey's My All music video?

Matt King. Not true but I'll find out!!! . Absolutely without a doubt it is Matt King. No question. . Perhaps you're right. I haven't found any picture of Matt King to compare to tell you the truth. He looks a lot like Nathan Kamp. I just recently found out his name. They are both very handsome. . I don't know why Matt's pictures aren't easier to find either! He was a Boss model and a Ralph Lauren model. He also did an episode of CSI "Witness to Murder". . It is Matt King. I went to high school with him (Lockport, Illinois), and it was quite a big deal when he was in this video.

The cast of the Duran Duran video?

I'm not certain what you mean -- are you referring to a specific Duran Duran music video? The models who appear in some of them are known, and some aren't. If you're referring to the members of the band, they are: . singer Simon Le Bon . keyboardist Nick Rhodes . bassist John Taylor . guitarist Andy Taylor or Warren Cuccurullo (depending on the era) . drummer Roger Taylor

How do you get music on a video?

You can attach it or just play it while you shoot the video. Using iMovie, you would select music from your itunes library on the bottom right, dragging it over to your movie.

Asian model in colby odonis music video what you got?

I believe Shelly Rio is the model in the Colby O'Donis video but not 100% sure. See for yourself... http://www.hiphopvideomodels.net/shellyRio/home.html Wrong its Sherylynn Summer (Asian) And Anna Rincon (Latina)

Who is the model in usher's trading places music video?

Her name is Joana "Joey" Williams. Las Vegas Native. She has also been in Ludacris and Trey Songz video "Sex Room" go to this link: http://2hood4hollywood.blogspot.com/2008/10/can-i-trade-places-with-usher-for-1.html Your welcome!

Who was the girl in the Duran Duran video Electric Barbarella?

American model Myka Dunkle, then 17, played the female sex robot in the "Electric Barbarella" video. She was chosen by director Ellen von Unwerth. Models Sophie Dahl and Devon Aoki also make brief appearances as partygoers near the end of the videos.

Who is duran?

Don't know... however, Duran Duran is a music group most popular in the 80s. . Duran Duran also is the name of a character from the Jane Fonda movie "Barbarella", that is where the band got the name for the group.

What is a music video?

it is a video that 45% of the time shows why the singer or writer of the song wrote it, 10% of the time it's just a jumbled up mess trying to start a trend, and the other 45% is just the singer dancing around, trying to look cooler than he/she really is.yup. it's a sad, sad world we live in...

When did the Planet Earth video by Duran Duran premiere on MTV?

To make a long answer short, I don't know the exact date of its first airing on MTV, but it's likely to have been sometime in August or September of 1981. For more detail: The video for "Planet Earth" was filmed in late December 1980, not long after Duran Duran signed with EMI and recorded their first album Duran Duran . It was directed by Russell Mulcahy (later to direct feature films such as Highlander ) in a film studio in St. John's Wood in London. The video was aired on various video programmes in the UK, Europe and Australia starting with the single's release in February, 1981; in fact, the "Planet Earth" single reached #8 in Australia on the strength of the video and video-prompted radio play (the band had never toured there). MTV itself was not launched until August 1, 1981. "Planet Earth" and the censored version of "Girls on Film" were among the videos that MTV put into occasional rotation during their first year, but the band and the first album were not initially very successful in America and the videos weren't played heavily. The "Planet Earth" video didn't receive a lot of attention until the band's second album, Rio , began climbing the charts in 1982. When the blockbuster videos from that album (such as "Hungry Like The Wolf", "Rio" and "Save A Prayer") went into heavy rotation, the first album had a resurgence in popularity, and was eventually reissued in the US with the new song, "Is There Something I Should Know", which also had a very popular video. During this year the video for "Planet Earth" reappeared on MTV and was seen for the first time by many music fans who had missed it in 1981.

How do you make World of Warcraft music videos?

The usual was is to get Fraps but that costs money then you record ingame footage with fraps of you dancing or something then you put the video into windows movie maker and add a music file to it.\n. \nLink: http://www.fraps.com/

How do you be extrodinary in this ordinary world?

Some individuals are immensely talented or beautiful or extraordinary in some similarly ordinary way, but for the rest of us, we have to work at it a little. In this ordinary world, where very few people live in a sane relation to their neighbors or their surroundings, most human beings seem scarcely more evolved than their uncle Orangutan. Uniquely humane qualities, like the reasonable detachment that makes wisdom and compassion possible, seem lacking from human society, leaving only a fiendishly clever monkey-morality driven by ownership and greed and enforced by fear. And so to be extraordinary in this ordinary world, all a person needs to do is start acting like a real human being. Find a job or a career that means something. Turn your television and your computer off, at least some of the time. Lose the blackberry for a while. Go outside without earpods. Get connected through your senses. It's hard to be a human being, but if God has a purpose for us on this Earth, surely it is to help one another to bear it. With that in mind anyone can see there's a lot to be done. Think about making a difference for others, and forget about getting rich, and you'll be happy, which is extraordinary indeed.

What is the music used in a music video?

The music generally used in a music video is the final album version of whatever that song is. Artists will lip sync vocals during performance parts, with band members creatively mimicking their own parts.

Is you rock my world the music video appropriate for children?

Of course it is all that is in it is Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker going to a bar Michael spots this girl he supposedly likes then the guys that had her first does a dance battle with Michael and then at the end Michael and the girl do a small little peck on the lips to one another.

What are video models?

as it relates to my video, I just used video as a way of explaining our business model, or HOW we do business and what we are all about....I feel it is a more personal touch than reading it on the web. We are real people closing real loans for real developers! Thank you for your question.

How do you get into a music video?

Who ever wants dis ? U r a nerd, the ,just look 4 the video u want like in YouTube or Google and write the singer or the song its going to be one of does nerd how stupid u r

How can you get in a music video?

You have to go to a firm that is involved with hiring dancers, choreographers, or acting. Contact entertainment agencies, talent agents, etc.

How do you put music on your music video?

If you have a pc: -Download window's movie maker. -Import the video and audio separately and combine them in the lower screen, matching them up in time. -Select "finish movie" and save it to your computer

Why does music have to relate to the music video?

Actually it is the music that is made before the music video so your real question should be why does the music video have to relate to the music. The answer to your question though is because if it didn't relate it wouldn't make any sense at all. They want to kind of give you the feel of the song that is the whole point of a music video. Some music videos don't really relate to the music at all.

Has a Duran Duran music video ever won an award on MTV?

Duran Duran were nominated for four MTV Video Music Awards relating to their music videos but didn't win any. They received the following nominations: . 1984 - Best Editing in a Video for "The Reflex" . 1984 - Best Stage Performance in a Video for "The Reflex" . 1985 - Best Direction in a Video for "Wild Boys" . 1993 - Best Cinematography for "Ordinary World" They won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003.