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Listed in alphabetical order by character's first name.
Obviously these are not ALL the characters that have ever appeared on Family Guy, that list would be far too long to write and read.
Listed are prominent and/or recurring characters.

Mayor Adam West | Adam West
Al Harrington | Danny Smith
Angela | Carrie Fisher
Barbara Pewterschmidt | Alex Borstein
Barnaby | Wally Wingert
Bellgarde | Alec Sulkin
Bertram | Wallace Shawn
Bonnie Swanson | Jennifer Tilly
Brian Griffin | Seth MacFarlane
Bruce | Mike Henry
Carl | Jon Benjamin
Carol Brady | D.D. Howard
Carter Pewterschmidt | Seth MacFarlane
Chris Griffin | Seth Green
Cleveland Brown | Mike Henry
Cleveland Brown Jr. (when the character appeared on FG) | Mike Henry
Connie D'Mico | Lisa Wilhoit
Consuela | Mike Henry
Dan Quagmire | Seth MacFarlane
Dave Campbell | Fred Willard
Death | Norm McDonald (First Appearance Only)
Death | Adam Corolla
Derrick Wilcox | John Viener
Diane Simmons | Lori Alan
Dotty Campbell | Jane Lynch
Dylan (Brian's Son) | Seth Green
Dr. Elmer Hartman | Seth MacFarlane
Ernie (the Giant Chicken) | Danny Smith
Evil Monkey | Danny Smith
Fjurg Van Der Ploeg | John Viener
Fouad (pronounced Fwad) | Mike Henry
Francis Griffin | Charles Durning
Franz Gutentag | John Viener
Fred Flintstone | Jeff Bergman
Freddy | Frank Welker
George Bush | Kirker Butler
Glenn Quagmire | Seth MacFarlane
God | Seth MacFarlane
Herbert | Mike Henry
Hitler | John Viener
Horace | Johnny Brennan
Ida Davis | Seth MacFarlane
Jake Tucker | Seth MacFarlane
James William Bottomtooth | Chris Sheridan
Jasper | Seth MacFarlane
Jay (The Greased Up Deaf Guy) | Mike Henry
Jesus | Seth MacFarlane
Jesus | Alec Sulkin
Jillian Russell-Wilcox | Drew Barrymore
Jim Kaplan | Danny Smith
Joe Swanson | Patrick Warburton
Mr. Jonathan Weed | Carlos Alazraqui
Joyce Kinney | Christine Lakin
The Judge | Phil Lamarr
Dr. Kaplan | Sam Waterston (First Appearance)
Dr. Kaplan | Wally Wingert (Second Appearance)
Kevin Swanson | Seth MacFarlane (previously) Scott Grimes (currently)
Kool Aid Man | Seth MacFarlane
Lana Lockheart | Drew Barrymore
Lois Griffin | Alex Borstein
Loretta Brown | Alex Borstein
Meg Griffin | Lacy Chabert (Season One)
Meg Griffin | Mila Kunis (Season 2 Onward)
Megatron | Frank Welker
Michael McDonald | John Viener
Mickey McFinnigan | Seth MacFarlane
Mike Brady | Gary Cole
Morgan Freeman | John Viener
Mort Goldman | Johnny Brennan
Mother Maggie | Anne Hathaway
Muriel Goldman | Nicole Sullivan
Nate Griffin | Seth MacFarlane
Neil Goldman | Seth Green
New Brian | John Viener
Olivia Fuller | Rachel MacFarlane
Ollie Williams | Phil Lamarr
Opie | Mark Hentemann
Pasqual | Mark Paredes
Peter Griffin | Seth MacFarlane
Phineas | Seth MacFarlane
Principal Shepard | Gary Cole
Randy Newman | Will Sasso
Santos | Denis Martell
Seamus | Seth MacFarlane
Stewie Griffin | Seth MacFarlane
Thelma Griffin | Florence Stanley (First Appearance Only)
Thelma Griffin | Phyllis Diller
Tom Tucker | Seth MacFarlane
Tomak | John Viener
Tricia Takanawa | Alex Borstein
Vern (The Vaudville Guys) | Seth MacFarlane
Victor | Jeff Bergman
Yoda | Jon Banjamin
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