Who sang the theme song to the TV show Friends?

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the rembrandts
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Where can you find TV show theme songs?

Answer I have purchased a few cd's of TV show theme songs from music stores and internet music sites. They are all out there! Enjoy! Answer There is a website called televisiontunes.com They have TV Themes from all decades and they are available for download as .mp3

Who sang the theme song to the 1980s TV show China Beach?

China Beach Theme Song . The theme song for China Beach was "Reflections" by Diana Ross and the Supremes, however several episodes used "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" by Katrina and the Waves with Eric Burdon.

Where can I find the sisters tv show theme song?

I loved this song too, its available on a tv show soundtrack compilation "Televisions-Greatest-Hits-Vol-7" at Amazon

What are the lyrics to the Curious George TV show theme song?

You can get the lyrics in the parent FAQ section of the PBS site.It is also listed under the related links. You never do know what's around the bend A big adventure or a brand new friend When you're curious, like Curious George (Swing!) When everyday (everyday!) is so glorious (glorious!) Theneverything (everything!) is so wonderous (wonderous!) There's moreto explore When you open your door And meet friends like this You just can't miss (Whooooa!) Get curious (curious!) and that's marvelous (marvelous!) And that'syour reward You'll never be bored If you ask yourself, what is this? Like curious, like curious, like Curious George

Who sings the theme song for the tv show Gossip Girl?

The song is "Something To Believe In" by Aqualung. Matt Hales is the keyboardist and singer in the band.. The song "Something to Believe In" is from their album "Memory Man.". Revolving around a group of privileged teens who inhabit Manhattan's Upper East Side, the new CW Network series "Gossip Girl" is TV's next important outlet for artists who want their music heard.. Based on Cecily von Ziegesar's popular young-adult novel series of the same name, "Gossip Girl" premiered Sept. 19th.. Creators of "The OC" Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are behind the new hit show, which featured "Something To Believe In" in promotions for "Gossip Girl." . All GG music here:. http://www.whatisthatsong.net/tvshows/tvshowsgossipgirl.html

What is the theme song to the TV show House?

\n . \n"Teardrop" by Massive Attack is used in the US. In many places overseas, because of copyright issues, the show has a different theme song, written specifically for the show. You can also hear this alternate theme song during the end credits of the show everywhere.

What is the theme song to the TV show K-Ville?

Answer . 1.) Dr. John- Wade: Hurricane Suite: Aftermath. Who Dat!. 2.). Here is a flash version of the song;. http://www.fox.com/music/?show_id=kville&clip_id=k_ville_longform_fullversion. The answer comes from Dave Walkers blog on nola.com found here. http://blog.nola.com/davewalker/2007/10/picking_the_music_for_kville_i.html. "The show's opening-credits theme is built on a base track Dr. John and his band recorded mere days after the levees broke. The song -- "Wade: Hurricane Suite: Aftermath" -- appeared on the benefit EP "Sippiana Hericane.". Enter Adam Anders. A songwriter-producer who has worked with Steven Curtis Chapman, Clay Aiken and the Backstreet Boys among others, Anders was hired by Fox to produce the opening "K-Ville" theme. Anders kept "Wade's" slinky rhythm-section riff but gave the track a subtle hip-hop feel. He shifted the chanted background lyrics to make "Comin' back" the first words heard -- a nod to positivity for network executives who've fretted from the beginning that "K-Ville" would be relentlessly downcast -- then shipped a copy of the remix to Dr. John for his approval. " . Hope this helps,. Steel wheels99

Who sings the theme song from the tv show the e ring?

The theme song for E-Ring doesn't have any lyrics so there is nosinger. The music was composed by Trevor Morris. Morris is a musicproducer and film composer from Canada.

What TV show used your Our House as it theme song?

\nI had this same question! I just did a quick google search and found that the show was also called Our House. It stared Wilfred Brimley. Here is a link to the website that I got my information from: http://www.project80s.com/television/television-80s.php?tvshow=Our-House

What is the theme song from the TV show Huckleberry Finn and His Friends?

It was a hokey, pseudo C&W thing- We"ve got the steam up ( reference to a boat, not a drinking bout) and so on, the refrain was Hear that Whistle Blow- again transportation related. This is the TV show that ran on the late seventies and had only the most tenuous connections to Mark Twain"s classic.

What tv show has theme song Who are you?

Who Are You by the Who is the theme song for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Who sang the theme song for the television show Mash?

"Suicide Is Painless" was sung in the opening credits of the movie by Johnny Mandel, who also co-wrote the song with Mike Altman who is the son of the movie's director, Robert Altman

What are the lyrics to the iCarly TV show theme song?

In 5,4,3,2 I know....you see Some how the world will change for me... And be so wonderful Live life Breath air I know some how where gonna get there... And feel so wonderful Its all for real Im tellin you just how i feel So wake up the members of my nation Its your time to be Theres no chance unless you take one Everytime Just see the brightest side Of every situation Somethings are meant to be So give me your best And leave the rest to me Leave it all to me (leave it all to me) Leave it all to me Just leave it all to me Copyright Nickelodeon and Schneider's Bakery (Company for iCarly, Drake and Josh, Amanda Show, Zoey 101) That is the lyrics! I hope u like it. u can also hear it on youtube.

What is the theme song for the tv show Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

It is: Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song performed by the rock group Nerf Herder. It can be found on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album.

What is the theme song called on the TV show the Tudors?

The theme song from the TV show The Tudors is called Lacrymosa. Itis performed by Evanescence, and it won an award for best TV themein 2007.

Who sings the theme song of the TV show From G's to Gents?

the answer is a man we know ..... a man we love.... and a man that we all adore..... who is this man i shant say. lol....Jamie Foxx...

What TV show has the theme song up up and away?

Cultural reference. Lists of miscellaneous information should be avoided. Please relocate any relevant information into appropriate sections or articles. (March 2009) . The 5th Dimension recording was used in the film Born on the Fourth of July . . Fred Norris of The Howard Stern Show uses a sitar -only cover of this song when discussing or introducing a guest of South Asian heritage. . In various forms, this song was used as an advertising jingle by two defunct airlines: Trans World Airlines in the U.S., and Trans Australia Airlines . . Brian W. Aldiss refers to the song in his short science-fiction story "Near Earth Object". . Is used in the episode "9 Lives" of the television show Psych . . This song is used as Alan Harper 's ringtone on Two and a Half Men . . Homer Simpson sings his own parody of this song in an episode the episode of The Simpsons where Homer thinks he has won a free motor boat from the Springfield police. . Lyrics of this song recurrently occur in The Prodigy 's song, Hotride

Who sang the soul food tv series theme song?

Al green and babyface I don't know who sang on the second season it sounded like brandy with al green. In seasons 2-6, Al Green and a neo-soul singer name Sy Smith sang the theme song.

What is the theme song for the tv show Swingtown?

Give It Up for Love by Liz Phair, Evan Frankfort & Marc "Doc" Dauer. This song is not available for purchase, as it was written specifically for the show.

Who sings the theme song for the tv show privileged on cw?

\nits called La La La...its by: the bird and the bee...i found it on iTunes

What is the theme song for the tv show The Mentalist?

Blake Neely's webpage is http://www.cowonthewall.com/projects/mentalist/ .. He's the composer. I listened to his tracks from his page and Track 10 - Ep 103: Keys Trick sounds very very very much like the opening sequence. I believe that's it.. However, his track titled I Believe - Theme from The Mentalist is there.

What tv show was the song Happy Together the theme song?

Using google I found the show was called Live-In and starred Lisa Patrick. First I found Happy Together as a TV theme at: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.music.lyrics/browse_thread/thread/8c80bf2c1bd89de1 then I found Live-In at: http://www.film.com/tv/live-in/21330239 Haven't found any pics of Lisa though. Cheers from TB

What is the theme song for the TV show Newlyweds?

The song your talking about is called "This I Swear" by Nick Lachey off his album entitled SoulO.

What is the theme song to the TV show Highlander?

The theme song in both the motion picture franchise & the television series was "Princes Of The Universe" by Queen.

Who sang the theme song to the tv show mash?

No one sang it as it was instrumental. The song Suicide is Painless was performed vocally in the movie M*A*S*H by Johnny Mandel.

Who sang the theme songs for 'The Jeffersons' TV show?

The Jeffersons Theme Song Moving On Up, Was Sung By Actress Janet Dubois, Who Played Wilona On Good Times.

What group sang the theme song to the Maverick TV series?

No group or individual singer has ever received the credit for singing the theme song to Maverick (the originial 1957 series). Many people believe it was one man whose voice was 'layered' to make it sound as if several singers were performing. The later series "Bret Maverick" had a theme written and sung by country singer Ed Bruce who also played one of the main characters of the series. The complete version of the "Bret Maverick" theme also includes star James Garner singing some of the song as well.

What tv show does green day sing the theme song?

they sang the theme song 4 the simpsons a while bck 4 the simpsons movie green day wuz also in the movie ;]]

What tv show did Anita Baker sing the theme song for?

As I recall, it was not a theme song but a commercial for Orange Juice- From the Florida Sunshine Tree! ( Come to the Florida Sunshine tree) this was a commercial by the Florida citrus growers, and not in any sense a TV theme song. a neat question.

Who wrote the theme song to the TV show Friends?

Friends' theme tune, "I'll Be There For You," was written by David Crane, Danny Wilde, Michael Skloff, Marta Kauffman, Phil Solem and Allee Willis. It was performed by The Rembrandts, a band that formed in 1989.

Who sings the theme song in the tv show shift?

The name of the song for the shift commercial's called "something is wrong" by david ayers and Felix tod.

Who sings the theme Song for the TV show Three Sheets?

I would like to know as well. In case you think you find the name of "Cosmos" or "Rolling Thunder", that 's not it. At least I can't find a song or capella group by that name.

Who sang the theme song to friends?

The song is "I'll Be There For You" by the Rembrants. Their music video to the song featured the cast of the show.

What are the words to the theme song for the tv show wkrp in Cincinnati?

"WKRP in Cincinnati" (1978-1982) Baby, if you've ever wondered Wondered whatever became of me I'm living on the air in Cincinnati Cincinnati WKRP Got kind of tired of packin' and unpackin' Town to Town Up and down the dial Maybe you and me Were never meant to be Just maybe think of me Once in a while I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati.

What TV show used you and me song as theme tune?

It is on the Cold Feet soundtrack so I guess it must have been on the show. Also it was on Coronation Street when Richard Hillman drove Gail, David and Sarah Louise into the river.

What TV show is You Had a Bad Day its theme song?

during American idol season 5, "you had a bad day" by Daniel powter was played after a contestant got eliminated, during their montage.

What is the theme song for shake it up the tv show?

The theme song is called Shake It Up just like the show. TV, Disney's princess Selena Gomez lent her voice too the producers of Shake It Up and sang the theme song of the hit TV. show. Gomez also helped produce, conduct, write, and sing the theme song.

Who sang the American sportsman theme song from curt gowdys old tv show and what are the lyrics?

You may be thinking of the Opening of the The Worldwide Sportsman which aired on ABC in the early 70's. There is a clip of it on YouTube. Search for ABC Worldwide Sportsman opening montage, and see if that is it. Good luck J

Who sang angel's friends theme song?

The Angel's Friends opening and closing theme song was performed by Italian singer Cristina D'Avena .

Who sings theme song for coming home tv show?

His name is Matt Roger's. He wrote and sings the song, he is also the host of the show!

What is the theme song of the TV show the WWE experience?

i think its wwe superfall down cause that's the only one i hear in wwe!

Who sings the theme song of the TV show Danny Phantom?

Butch Hartman and Guy Moon are the ones singing the theme song, but the rap portion is performed by Deric Battiste

What is the theme song to the tv show alphas?

Theme song from the show Alphas on Syfy. Song: Alphas Theme Song Singer: Peter Luke Adams Composer: Erik Kertes

What tv show had taking it to the street as its theme song?

The AFL Footy Show (Australia) had a segment called, 'Street Talk'. This song was the theme for that segment.

What tv show theme song was you had a bad day?

It was used on American Idol when contestants were eliminated or didn't make the show.

What is the theme song to the TV show Shahs of Sunset?

WE RUN LA by DOC HOLLYWOOD (Look them up they're other stuff is really good)

What is the theme song for Australia's 'Tricky Business' TV show?

Hold on - Annabel Fay? I'm pretty sure that it is 'Keep your head up' - by Andy Grammer.

Which TV shows have a cast member sing the theme song?

There aren't many. TV theme songs have gone by the wayside in general and not many of them are or were sung by the cast.. Here are a handful that features at least one cast member singing the theme.. Family Guy . American Dad . The Cleveland Show . All in the Family . Fairly Odd Parents . SpongeBob SquarePants . Frasier | Kelsey Grammar sings the closing theme . The Mindy Project (Mindy Kaling) . New Girl (Zooey Deschanel) . The first season of The Brady Bunch (all of the kids) . The Partridge Family (David Cassidy) . Room For Two (Linda Lavin) . Alice (Linda Lavin) .

What are some TV shows with theme songs?

Big time rush the Nick show with a theme show also known as 'Big Time Rush' :D

Who sings the song in the theme to The Bridge TV show?

Ryan Bingham, who won an Oscar for penning a song on the Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart, wrote and sung the theme song to The Bridge.