Who plays lorelei on Gilmore girls?

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Where can you watch Gilmore Girls online?

you can watch all episode of Gilmore girls online of all season at the link below. If that link is down you can watch all episodes of Gilmore Girls online for free, streaming. Gilmore Girls is an American comedy drama series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bled (MORE)

Why was the Gilmore Girls canceled?

Gilmore Girls was cancelled because in the last season the show lost more than half their viewers! its in their contract that if viewers go down past a certain percentage they have to end the show! i think you can join me in hoping that they get back in the right state of mind and bring the show bac (MORE)

Gilmore Girls posters?

Gilmore Girls posters can be found on common shopping websites such as amazon.com and ebay.com.

What was the last episode of Gilmore Girls?

it's Bon Voyage. its the last episode in the 7th series. it is the parting of rory and her mother while rory goes off to write on the campian for barrack Obama. it is also the re-uniteing of lorelai and luke. Emily and Richard make peace with lorelai after a huge going away party for rory. its a gre (MORE)

Will there be an eighth season of 'Gilmore Girls'?

Yes the show is going to continue for a few season more, questions must be answered such as lorelai and luke, sookie's baby, zac and lane, rory's jop opportunity. This show has quite a few years left and may continue till Lorelai is dead since many of the viewers have been sending lots of mail to (MORE)

What is Gilmore girls about?

The series of Gilmore Girls episodes are based on two characters, a mother Lorelai her daughter Rory.The series explores issues of family, friendship and romance, as well as generational divides and social class. Ambition, education and work also form part of the series' central concerns, telling Lo (MORE)

Will there be a season 8 of Gilmore Girls?

No. Gilmore Girls last airing was the final episode called "Bon Voyage". It ended with, Loreila Gilmore breaking up with Luke Danes, then getting married to Rory's father Christopher, and then divorcing Christopher because she still loves Luke, and then the last scence with Loreila and her "man" is (MORE)

Why did they cancel Gilmore Girls?

They actually haven't canceled it yet. They just put the seventh season in stores. So they might make a eighth. I really hope they do.

Who is one of the Gilmore Girls?

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore Mother and Daughter. Rory's mother and father are not together any more and she is currently thinking about getting back together with Luke Danes, owner of the Local Diner

When will there be a Gilmore Girls movie?

there are rumors but i found this ,"Michael Auseillo thinks that last night's successful re-introduction of 90210 makes the possibility of Gilmore Girls coming back more likely! . In the latest Ask Ausiello post, a reader asked about the possibility of a Gilmore Girls movie, and what the news was. (MORE)

Is Gilmore Girls out on DVD in the UK?

Only the first 3 seasons has been released in the UK but the whole series has been released in continental Europe as a 152 episode box set so is available in Region 2. You should be able to get it from an online retailer.

Why no Gilmore girls season 8?

Gilmore Girls did not come out with a Season 8 because the original creator and screenwriter of Gilmore Girls quit after the 6th season due to a disagreement with the show's managers. So, a new screenwriter wrote the script for the 7th season and was unable to continue Gilmore Girls because they did (MORE)

What happened to Christopher and Lorelei on Gilmore Girls?

SPOILER ALERT!!!! . In the last episode of the second season you find out that Christopher's girlfriend Sherry is pregnant. That happens right after Christopher says he is ready to be with Lorelai. Later Sherry leaves Christopher with his daughter, Gigi. In the seventh season Lorelai and Christop (MORE)

Is Gilmore girls on iTunes?

unfortunately it is not, i am not too please because i love this series and i- tunes would be a great way to watch it!!

Who sang the lala's in the Gilmore Girls?

Sam Philips SHE'S AMAZING! haha, and she once appeared on the show. the episode when all of the trubedors came to play music in stars hollow and luke and lorelai break up, she is standing on the corner of the sidewalk singing an AMAZING song! :]] i hope this helped

What is the Gilmore Girls' house like?

The outside it is painted light blue with a large rap-around poarch. The first floor contains the living room, kitchen and eating area, bathroom and Rory's room. The second floor simply has Lorelai's bedroom and bathroom.

Where in Connecticut was Gilmore Girls filmed?

Gilmore Girls was not filmed in Connecticut. It was filmed on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA. The fictitious town in which Gilmore Girls is set is Stars Hollow Connecticut, which is, based on the information from the show, roughly 30 minutes from both Hartford and New Haven. The town of Star (MORE)

Where can you get Gilmore Girls mugs?

That is a good question. Now do you mean the ones they use at lukes or ones with their faces on them? I have yet to find ones with their faces on them but I found many cute Gilmore girl cups at Pier One.

Who plays Selena on Gilmore girls?

Miss Celine (Emily's crazy stylist, so to speak) was played by Alex Borstein, if that is who you are referring to. There was no Selena, as I recall. And believe me, I've seen the series way too many times, more than I'd like to admit.

How long did Gilmore Girls go on?

7 seasons, it starts when Rory is in year 10 and ends when she graduates from Yale, gets a journalism job and moves away, her Yale graduation was in 2007 in the show, not sure when it actually stopped airing

What is lorelai on Gilmore girls' nickname?

well i wasnt talking about mum lorelai i was talking about rory lorelai cos rory is just her nickname nd so is droopy draws which it tells you on the episode when rory has to fill in her college applications x

Who marries who in Gilmore Girls?

All of the married couples I can think of are as follows: -Suki and Jackson -Sheri and Chris (later they get divorced) -Lorelai and Chris (later divorced) -Luke and Nicole (later divorced) -Dean and Lindsey (later divorced) -Emily and Richard Gilmore It is inferred that Lorelai and Luke get mar (MORE)

What is the Chinese name of Gilmore Girls?

The Chinese name of Gilmore girls is 吉尔莫女孩, pronounced ji-er-mo-nu-hai. 吉尔莫 is the Chinese translation for Gilmore while 女孩 is the word for girls.

Was Jake Gyllenhaal in Gilmore girls?

No Jake Gyllenhaal was Never In Gilmore Girls but Jared Padalecki was In the Show He Played Dean from Season 1-5 and now can be seen Playing Sam in Super Natural and Milo Ventimglia was also In Gilmore Girls Playing Jess and Is Now Better know Now as Peter In the TV series Heroes.

How does Gilmore Girls series end?

It ends in Season 7, Rory gets a journalism job following President Obama in his election campaign. She turns down Logan's marriage proposal to continue with her career. As for Lorelai and Luke, it suggests in the end that they get back together.