Who owns the rights to Star Wars?

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George Lucas it's creator .
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How can you create your own clans on Star Wars Battlefront 2?

May I suggest hosting your clan at DJO (darkjedi.org)? It will get you started on everything you'll need to create a clan. We have over 25 separate clans that run in the Dark

Can you create your own Star Wars species?

you could make one up but you would have to make a book with it to make it a real part of star wars if i made one it would live in hives have 4 legs with a pincer mouth it

How do you create your own Star Wars species?

By using your imagination. Tons of Star Wars fans have written their own fictions and created tons of their own things, including names, species, locations, battles, etc.

How do you build your own army in lego star war 3?

If by army, you mean adding troops during a battle level, simplybuild barracks on bases, or those floating spheres. You can onlybuild up to 3 things on each base. If you make
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Why did Disney buy the rights to Star Wars?

As of what I know now is that the famous George Lucas franchise sold Star Wars in the Disney hands to continue the Trilogy. No one knows when a Preview of the release yet.
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Does Disney own Star Wars?

Yes. When they purchased LucasFilm they acquired the rights to StarWars. LucasArts was shut down, but Disney has sold many of thevideo game development rights to EA.
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Which Star Wars characters will get their own movies?

The only verified character film is Solo , the aptlytitled Han Solo film set to release on May 28th 2018. There are still rumors of a Boba Fett &/or a ObiWan Kenobimovie bu