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The Guinness Book record holder for Fastest Rap MC was the Seattle-based No Clue (Ricky Brown), breaking the record previously held by Chicago rapper Rebel XD (held for seven years) who broke another Chicago native mainstream rapper Twista's record back in 1993. No Clue broke the record by rapping 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds (14.1 syllables per second) on his track "No Clue" on January 15 2005, in front of a licensed speech therapist.

However, Rebel XD reclaimed the title back in 2007 with a record of 852 syllables in 42 seconds (20 syllables per second) also in front of a licensed speech therapist, judges and witnesses.
Ahaha , Tonedeff ! But Theres Also Twist Busta Rhymes , TeCh N9ne & Bone Thugz .
tec n9ne
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Who is the richest rapper in the world?

The Richest ranked them as following as of 2011: 1: Sean Combs aka Diddy 2: Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z 3: Andre Young aka Dr. Dre 4: Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent 5: Bryan Williams aka Birdman

Who is the riches rapper in the world?


Who is the top three richest rappers in the world?

Actually jay Z is still the richest rapper, he just came in second in earnings this year to a fast rising money getting 50 Cent. It is estimated that with jay's net worth and Beyonce's net work the couple have reached the 1 billion mark. I have to say that 50 earned his, 560 million I believe, at a (MORE)

Who are all the richest rappers in the world?

1. Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter 2. Sean "Diddy" Combs 3. Aliuane "Akon" Thiam 4. Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter 5. Andre "Dr. Dre" Young 6. Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges 7. Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus 8. Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley 9. Pharrell Williams 10. Kanye West 11. Aubrey "Dr (MORE)

Who is the fastest rapper in the world?

No Clue Ricky Raphel Brown (born January 28, 1985), known by the stage name NoClue , is an American rapper from Seattle. [1] He is best known for obtaining the title of the world's official "fastest rap MC" by the Guinness World Records, for rapping 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds (14.1 syllabl (MORE)

Top 10 richest rapper in the world?

3-50-cent, #1- Jay-z#2-Diddy, #4-Timbaland, #5-Dr.Dre, #6-Eminem, #7-Snoop Dogg, #8-Kanye West, #9-Pharrell Williams, #10-Scott Storch ACCORDING TO UGO man that some nonsence because im not there signed giggs scott storch is broke he went from having 80milllion to owing 50thousand

Is tech n9ne the fastest rapper?

no, outsider is. the south Korean can speak 23 syllables in 1 second but the Guinness only accepts English. so its not tech n9ne

What are the names of all the female rappers in the world?

Absolute . Aera E . ALIF . Alicia Jones . Mina . Myriam . Oumy . A-Love . Ak' Sent . Alize & Champaign . Alize Levy . Amil . Amplifire . Angie Martinez . A.N.G. (Ain't No Gains) . Anita Tijoux . Anquette . Antoinette . Apache' . Apani B. Fly Emcee . Arianna Puello . Armareda . (MORE)

Whos the richest rapper in the world?

Dr. Dre is currently the richest rapper in the world. Until May of2014, Diddy was the richest rapper. He was overtaken by Dr. Dre inpart due to sales of Beats by Dre.

Who is the worlds fastest rugby player?

I dont know who the worlds fastest rugby is, but the worlds fastest rugby player has to be Brian Habana from South Africa. (Though, really, I think that to answer that more accurately, you're going to have to put them all in a flat race over [say] 25 metres ... and perhaps races over 50M and over (MORE)

Who is the worlds best rapper?

some of the best living rappers are Nas, Eminem, Immortal Technique, Gangstar, Mos def, Brother Ali and more underground guys.

Who are the best rappers in the world?

Best rappers in the world TODAY have to be Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Jay -Z. In the last 5 years, these four have been ahead of everyone else in my mind. Best rappers of all time is a different story... .

Who's the fastest rapper?

1. Twista 2. Busta Rhymes 3. Eminem 4. OutSider 5. Lil Wayne 6. Kanye West 7. Lil 1/2 Dead 8. 50 Cent 9. Game 10. Ice Cube

Was eazy e the best rapper in the world?

no, he didn't write his own lyrics plus he isn't amazing technical wise. New Answer: The answer above doesn't answer the question. Just because someone doesn't write there own lyrics, doesn't mean they are not good rappers.

Who was the best rapper in the world?

eminem. Really, proven fact no opinion. Improved Version: Tupac would easily be the answer to the question. The Question was "Who was the best rapper in the world?" So Eminem is to some fans the best rapper alive, but Tupac was the best rapper in the world before he died in many people's opinio (MORE)

Is THE GAME the best rapper in the world?

No.The Game is a good rapper,but not the best.the best rappers in my opinion are 10.Kanye West 9.Tony Yayo 8.Lil Wayne 7.Young Buck 6.Drake 5.Fabolus 4.Eminem 3.Lloyd Banks 2.Snoop Dogg 1.50 Cent 50 Cent and G-Unit hell yea MA opinion . tupac amuru shakur is the best and gr (MORE)

Who is the current fastest rapper?

Eminem is pretty fast and he's good at it too. there is this dude his name is v double o and he is the fastest rapper in the world i listen to his songs every day

When was 50cent pronounced the richest rapper in the world?

I don't know WHEN, heck, I didn't know IF he was the richest either. A lot of people will say P-Diddy is, or Jay-Z is or 50 is. Apparently 50 Cent now is worth over $400 million whereas Jay-Z around $314 mil. I don't have a clue what P-Diddy's net worth is. So yeah I'd say 50 Cent is the richest ra (MORE)

Who are the 5 richest rappers in the world?

10) Eminem : $14 million How he made his money: Eminem's new album, 'Relapse' sold more than 1 million copies in its first month of release. This rapper's recent jump back onto the scene is not likely to be his last. Eminem Pictures 9) T-Pain : $15 million How he made his mone (MORE)

Who is the famous rapper in the world?

tupac is the man ...but after him it was eminem... the vibe magazine vote hima as the best rapper alive and ever and rolling stones magazine he is the best selling artist of the decade beats the beatles ....he is the phenomenon... MTV vote him as the greatest mc's of all time rank no 9....but many p (MORE)

Who are the greatest rapper in the world now?

Lil Wayne, Biggie Smalls, T.I, Soulja Boy, and 50 cent are the greatest out now. There's been a buzz going around that a new rapper has arrived, and he's another great one, a rapper named Kingpin. I checked him out, he's okay, but he's not all that. But lil Wayne is the best rapper that ive heard (MORE)

Who are the fastest rappers?

Some fast rappers include: 1. Waka Flocka Flame 2. Gucci Mane 3. Lil Wayne 4. Birdman 5. OJ The JuiceMan 6. Shawty Low 7. Lil Jon 8. Soulja Boy 9. The Game 10. Dipset (Jim Jones, Cam'Ron, Juelz Santana, ...) 11. Outsider (South Korea)

The name of the fastest rapper in the world?

The fastest rapper I believe is Outsider(South Korea). The Guinness only accepts English, not Korean. So RebelXD now has the record. The second fastest rapper is Rebel XD. Rebel XD's best record was 20 syllables per second Outsider's best record was 23 syllables per second

Who was the first rapper in the world of music?

rap originated from west Africa,the used to tell stories over beat...a drummer beats the drum and the story teller tells the story in rythemic fashion...but the first artist to release a record of rap was Gyedu Blay Ambolley from Ghana in 1973 before sugarhill gang released theirs in 1979

What is the worlds fastest animal in the world?

On land - the cheetah (over very short distances) can go about 100 km/hr (60 mph).. In the air - A Peregrine falcon can dive (stoop) at 398 km/hr (242 mph). In water - A Sailfish can go at rates of 110 km/hr (68 mph). For comparison - The fastest insect is tee Dragonfly clocked at 100 km/hr (60 m (MORE)

Who are the top ten rappers in the world?

1. EMINƎM 2. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 4. White guy from D12 5. 2Pac 6. Biggie Smalls 7. Dr. Dre 8. Ice Cube 9. Eazy-E 10. No One people r so dumb like this bonus T.I 1.Tupac 2.Biggie 3.Eminem 4.Lil wayne 5.Nas 6.50 cent 7.Jay z 8.Ice cube 9.the game 10.Lloyd banks

Which is fastest car of the world?

Currently, the fastest production car in the world is the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, which has been maxed at 267 mph. The fastest car in the world is the Bloodhound SSC, which should be first driven in a few years. It's top speed should be around 1,000mph (a dragster).

Is Eminem the fastest rapper alive?

No. At a world record of 921 syllables per minute (15.35 syllables per second), Domingo Edjang Moreno (known as El Chojin) gained the accolade of fastest rap MC on 23 of December, 2008. He is still alive as of this date, 15th December 2010. Source: see related link.

Whoes the fastest rapper in th world?

In 1992 Twista was fastest rapper (now the 3rd fastest) held it until 1998 Rebel XD held and broke his own record 3 years later. Then in 2007 Rapper named No Clue Broke the record in the song New West. In 2009 Rebel XD Broke the record for the 3rd time and is now the current holder of the record.

How is the old est rapper in the world?

the first song to be considered a rap song was done by "The Sugar Hill gang" in 1980. the name of the song was "Rappers Delight". Some lyrics were, "Ever went over your friends house to eat and the food is just no good. i mean the macoroni,s foney, the peas are mush, and the chicken it taste like w (MORE)

What makes the fastest animals in the world the fastest?

Each fast animal has adaptations specific to its environment and to the type of action they're performing. Cheetahs being the fastest land animal, have narrow ribcages, long legs, and small heads for aerodynamics. Their tails act as a counter-balance when making quick turns; their paw pads are rigid (MORE)

Who are the world top 10 rappers in 2011?

Its All Opinion. But Here Is A List Of The Biggest Rapers In 2011 (NOT IN ORDER) -Eminem -Lil Wayne -Jay-Z -T.I. -Yelawolf -Wiz Khalifa -Royce Da 5'9 -Kanye West -50 Cent -Drake (Rapper/Singer) -Lloyd Banks -Ludacris Those Are some Popular And Top Rappers of 2011

Who is the fastest rapper in the world busta rhymes or twista?

Busta rhymes makes twista look slow but their both really fast but busta rhymes is a lot faster if u don't believe me the go to you tube an type in look at me now by Chris brown ft. busta rhymes & Lil wane busta rhymes is the second rapper to come in.