Who is older in Dora the Explorer Dora's brother or Dora's sister?

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They are twins!
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Who is Dora the explorer?

a popular character on children's tv- young children eg up to 6yrs seem to enjoy watching her and buy mechandise featuring her on bags ,pens etc.

What are the responsibilities of being an older brother or sister?

being an older brother or sister means that you have to set a very very good example for your younger siblings to follow. it is like eating your meals with a fork and/or knife, when you do that properly you sibling is learning the correct way to dine. the ideal older sibling is hard to define, as di (MORE)

What is Dora The Explorer?

It's a Nick Jr. show about a girl who teaches Spanish through exploring with her friend Boots, a monkey. . Dora the Explorer is an educational children's show that teaches kids how to count, solve problems, etc.

What is Dora's last name?

Its Marques. In the episode where Dora and Boots take a basket to Dora's Abuela, Boots refers to Doras mom as Senora Marques. Its is episode 12 and the episode name is Grandmas House.

Why are older brothers mean to their younger sisters?

Because they think they are more mature and find little sisters annoying. Well it depends, what do you mean by brothers being mean to their sisters. my brothers (I have 3) were very overprotective in a way that bothered me. Like one time one of my boyfriends came to pick me up to go to the par (MORE)

What are Dora's brother and sisters names?

OK, I just did some -extensive- research to get the information for all you out there who thinks this info is as important as I do- And any one with a 2-4 year old would. Dora's sister's name is Isabella and her brother is Guillermo. Now if they would just refer to them by their names more often r (MORE)

What are Dora's sibling's names?

actually, there names are guillianno and isabela my baby sister Chelsea was watching it, so i was in there and the Dora jack-in-the-box was on and Dora greeted them with Guillianno and Isabela.

What is Dora's cousin diego's last name?

One would have to assume that it could be Marquez, the same as Dora's last name. But since we don't know who's side of the family he is from we will never really know unless the author adds some information.

How old is Dora's mom and dad?

when Dora grew up she was 15 years old. Then the baby's where 6 years old. The mom was 15 years old when she had Dora. And she was 25 years old when she had the twins. Dora's mom is 30 years old. And her dad is 35 years old.

What show is Dora's explorer girls?

its ok nick jr or noggin and at derect tv is on 299 on nick at the morning and at 300 for the other nick at morning and noggin on derect tv is 301 and on Atlantic broadband is 127 and 129 your welcome rosemary Santos from Florida Miami

What is in dora's backpack?

Dora the Explorer's backpack , voiced by Alexandria Suarez , plays the role of a 'Magic satchel' providing her with whatever she needs . (Her backpack is a lot like 'Felix the Cat' whose "Bag of Tricks" provided whatever he needed according to the situation.)

Is Diego Dora's first or second cousin?

If Diego is the son of Dora's aunt or uncle, then they are first cousins. If Diego is the grandson of Dora's great aunt or great uncle, then they are second cousins.

Does Poseidon have any older brother and sisters?

Yes; according to Hesiod the order of birth for Rhea's children was : Hestia Demeter Hera Hades Poseidon Zeus The only sibling of Poseidon's younger than he is would be Zeus; Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia all being elder.