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What is the appearance of Saturn?

Saturn has a light orange look with white and gray rings. Saturn is: A gas giant (planet) with many moons. Saturn is also an automobile brand that is generally considered a gas miser. Avril means "April" in French.

A dolphins appearance?

Different dolphin's have a different appearance. Generally,dolphins are gray on the top and white on the bottom. Many dolphinsgrow to be more than eight feet long.

How do you appear shorter?

Ways that make you appear shorter is slouching, slouching will make you appear shorter so if you stand straiter you will appear taller

Why is appearance important?

Mostly because people are judgemental . It is only important to be neat and clean and modest. Beyond that is open to interpretation and if you care to make a specific impression.

How do volcanoes appear?

volcanoes appear when two plate boundaries either move away from each other or move closer to each other. New land is made by lava solidifing in gaps in the earth. Under the sea, plates always move and lava keeps solidifing so every year, the volcano grows a couple of centimetres until it reaches th (MORE)

Where does Latios appear?

there is no exact location but you have to beat the elite 4 then in the news (on tv) it will say there will be a blue Pokemon flying around. you have to encounter it in grasy areas near water. once you encounter it you should use mean look to stop it from escaping. if it does escape check in your po (MORE)

What is carbons appearance?

dense black non-metal Carbon is element six and contains 6 atoms. Carbon is capable of chemical self-bonding to form a enormous number of substances known to mankind. The element Carbon is described and defined as an abundant non-metallic element that occurs in all organic compounds. It exists fr (MORE)

What rhymes with appear?

Beer, dear, fear, gear, here, hear, jeer, leer, mere, near, peer, rear, steer, sear, sneer, tear, veer, we're, cheer, disappear, steer, rear, near, tear, hear, ear, beer, career, deer,

How often does the comet appear and why does it appear when it does?

All comets (there are over 3,500 known) have different time-scales for their appearances. These depend on the length of their orbits - some comets have extremely large orbits which take them from being 'close' to the earth to almost going out of our solar system. They appear because they come cl (MORE)

What is there appearance?

brothers gooo fantage ggg.com etc someting nike that hahahaha if u believe this then your really stupid!

What is appeared?

Appeared: Something that has "appeared" has come into sight that was not there before. . "appeared" means that something you couldn't see before, you can now. If someone appears suddenly in front of you, it could be the person just winked into existence, or you just didn't see him or her come thro (MORE)

How do you appear on TV?

Do something very good for your community,but it has to besomething very good or else you wont get the shot,be a u tuber andask for sub scrcibers,go behind KCLA news while they are videotaping,audition for a part in a movie.Know somone who knows famouspeople, try to do something really inspiring or (MORE)

What is the appearance of a peacock?

The male (peacock) Indian Peafowl has iridescent blue-green or green colored plumage. The so-called "tail" of the peacock, also termed the "train," is not the tail quill feathers but highly elongated upper tail coverts. The train feathers have a series of eyes that are best seen when the tail is fan (MORE)

When did ferns appear?

Ferns first appear in the geologic record about 360 million years ago, but many modern varieties did not appear until the flowering plants appeared, about 145 million years ago. Ferns have many of the processes of the higher plants, but do not have either seeds or flowers . They reproduce by havi (MORE)

What is a butterfly's appearance?

A butterfly consists of a long slender body with antennae at thetop of the head. They have large wings on both sides of their body,which are usually brightly colored.

Appearance of a horse?

The appearance of a horse varies because of breeds. Normal ridinghorses are usually around 14 to 16 hands, which is 56 to 64 inchesand weigh 840 lbs. to 1,240 lbs.

Who all is featuring in the 2010 kca's?

Justin Bieber(preforming), Rihanna (Prefroming), Derek Brough, Ashley Tisdale, Lady GaGa, Miranda Cosgrove, Jenette McCurdy, Ke$ha, Taylor Lautner, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment and many more.

How did the sun appear?

The sun was born in a nebula, just like any other normal star. Stars are born when a passing star, shockwave, or other gravitational disturbance passes through or by a nebula. When this happens, the dust, gas, and other materials that make up the nebula begin to swirl around. The matter begins to gr (MORE)

What is Xenon's appearance?

A colorless, heavy, odorless gas. Xenon is a atomic element represented by the symbol Xe. Its atomic number is 54, a noble gas (the fifth of group 18).

When do mermaids appear?

when everyone is asleep. they prefer not to be seen, however sometimes they need to come to the surface of the water for some fresh air and people see them. if you are on a boat then a mermaid might try to spy on you in the middle of the night. many people like to hunt mermaids so they don't like to (MORE)

What is a turtles appearance?

All turtles have a shell. It can be a hard bone shell or it can be like a thick leather shell called a soft-shell. Tortoises are actually considered turtles also. Torts are 'land turtles.' Turtles all have scales and lay eggs. They all have claws (except sea turtles.) They have a cloaca/vent w (MORE)

Where hurricanes appear?

Hurricanes appear near the ocean because a hurricane waves come from the water in the ocean. Hurricanes can create big winds and storms to other place that can be near by!!!!

Where does syphilis appear?

The primary stage occurs right after contact (average 21 days) and shows (usually) as a chancre (an ulcer). It can occur on any part of the body that was in contact with the partner who has it: hands, fingers, lips, penis, or vagina.

When did the Jews appear?

Another answer from our community: From the lifetime of Abraham, 3800 years ago. He is the first Jew.

What appearance can a UFO be in?

UFOs can appear as anything the human mind can imagine... for obvious reasons. My favorite was during the '73 UFO flap-- some old lady said she'd seen a UFO. When they asked her how she knew it was a UFO, she said it had the letters UFO on it!

How do sinkholes appear?

There are a few different ways that sinkholes can form. Often, there is a layer of limestone or some other layer of water soluble material under the ground, and it is slowly dissolved by water seeping down from above. This leaves a gap and these gaps sometimes collapse.

Where did the Neanderthal appear?

The Neanderthals were a separate human species that evolved in Europe. They are distinguished by their immense strength and adaptation to the extreme cold of the Ice Ages.

What is the appearance of Haumea?

Haumea appears very bright, since 65-80% of its surface is coveredin crystalline water ice. The rest is probably rocky. A large darkred area was seen in September 2009, possibly a large crater orother impact feature. In shape, it is ellipsoidal, resembling arugby ball or an American football.

What was the appearance of Elizabeth I?

Elizabeth had dark brown eyes, high cheekbones, pale skin, and reddish gold hair. To view paintings of her likeness, see the external link further down this page.

When did the Spitfire appear?

The Spitfire appeared in RAF service at the Hendon Air Show in June 1936. Production was very slow at that point and full Squadrons service was about two years later.

What is jems appearance?

He is a young teen at the end of the book, looking to try out for football --probably thinner than he would like, slender in the shoulder area, coltish long legs, has an unruly shock of lightish brown hair, Large light brown eyes, Quick movements, alert, sensitive features. At the beginning he is a (MORE)

What is Blackbeard's appearance?

Blackbeard's appearance was very intimidating. He usually wore a long, black coat, with pistols in his belt. He would also put slow-burning fuses into his beard and hair and light them on fire. It would look like he was going to blow up.

Why does steam appear?

Steam appears because the water molecules are at a different temperature to the surrounding air.

Appearance of a crocodile?

It depends of the species and the age of the crocodile. Most have purply flanks, brownish underbelly and muddy green on the top. As they age they grow purple bands round the body.

How did volcanoes appear?

One way a volcano forms was when there was a weakness in the ground and lava from below the earth's crust melts outwards. It's called a hot spot.

What was the appearance of champagne?

If you mean it's first appearance, supposedly it was discovered by accident by a monk named Dom Perignon, who opened a bottle of long overlooked white white to be surprised by the natural effervescence it had developed. He experimented with the concept until he could control it in production - the r (MORE)

When did Fascism appear?

Italy, during the 1920s. It soon spread, and throughout the 1930s and 1940s several countries adopted their own unique forms of it (Such as National Socialism in Germany and Falangism in Spain).

What is a appearances?

An appearance is the look of someone or something. . The appearance of the Kuiper Belt is a swirl of several small objects circling around the orbit of Neptune.

When do you use appear and appears?

Use "Appears" with a singular noun, and use "Appear" with a pluralnoun. "He appears to be having a good time." "He and his wife appear to be having a good time."

How often does comets appear and why do they appear when they do?

They all appear when they get close enough to the Sun for us to seethem illuminated by the Sun. Some comets are periodic (they return on a regular basis) and theirperiod of return is governed by their individual, specific orbitround the Sun. There are "short" and "long" period comets. There are also (MORE)