Who has the most gold diamond and platinum records in the music business?

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Mr. Elvis Presley
  • 1. Elvis Presley (97 Gold, 55 Platinum, 26 Multi Platinum/Diamond)
  • 2. The Beatles (44 Gold, 38 Platinum, 24 Multi Platinum/Diamond)
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Who has the most gold record?

Elvis - a billion records & climbing! . As of January 2004, Elvis Presley has 147 different albums and singles certified gold, platinum or multi-platinum by the RIAA. By fa

Who has the second most gold records?

Barbra Streisand currently holds the second place title for mostGold albums with 51. She is second only to Elvis Presley who has 90Gold albums.

How many gold records does Neil diamond have?

Here's a chronilogical order. YEAR/ TITLE/ STATUS/ 1969 NEIL DIAMOND

Does Adam Lambert have a gold or platinum record?

Adam's debut album "For Your Entertainment" is certified gold, and as of this writing just went platinum! He also had a hit single that sold about 2million copies but for some
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Who had the most gold records produced?

I believe the answer to that would be Elvis Presley. Not only is he considered the most popular and best selling rock & roll artist of all time, but he had a string of big hit
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How many gold and platinum records do The Who have?

My Generation : UK Gold A Quick One : FRA Gold Tommy : US 2X Platinum, UK Gold, FRA Gold Who's Next : US 3X Platinum, UK Gold Quadrophenia : US Platinum, UK Gold, FRA Gold