Who did Ronald Tomas play saxophone for?

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Ronald Tomas info Ronald Tomas played saxophone for W.D.O.U.J.I. (Witch Doctors of Underground Jazz Improvisation) on their award winning debut album Ground Zero in 2001 bagging 2 awards from KATHA and also on their second album Zen and The Art of Dressmaking (2005). Before that, he has been known to have played with Kulay and Freestyle on some of their albums . He was also a member of the bands Parliament Syndicate and Artstart and was also last seen to have played with SKARLET on her solo album. He remains busy playing with various bands in Manila's underground music scene which includes Spy, Coffeeshop Conspiracies and Akasha.
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How do you play saxophone?

The Mechanics of Playing the Saxophone The saxophone is played by blowing through the saxophone mouthpiecewhich has a cane reed attached using a ligature. The reed vibrates to make the sound. Your fingers placed on thekeys control the pitch for the most part. Your throat and how youplay also affect (MORE)

How do you play a saxophone?

That's a pretty broad question. Are you talking about embechure, or fingerings, or how to read music. What do you need to know?

How is the saxophone played?

A single reed vibrates, sending the sound through the keys on the horn. Depending on the combination of keys depressed, the pitch changes, producing different notes.

How do you play the Alto Saxophone?

It is too complex to write out on this page, but these are the basics. . You blow through a mouthpeice to create the sound. Your bottom lip should be curled in so that the outside of your lip presses against the reed . Lightly press your tongue to the tip of the reed to separate your air flow in (MORE)

Who played the saxophone?

It depends on the type of saxophone that you mean. However, most people in jazz either played alto, tenor, or baritone saxes.

Is the alto saxophone easy to play?

The saxophone is a fairly easy instrument to play, most people learn to play it in a year or so. Remember, to be a good instrumentalist you have to practice. *edit* I apologise to however wrote the previous answer, but you're a little idiotic. The saying is that the saxophone is the easiest to le (MORE)

How do you play in the jungle on alto saxophone?

To play "In the Jungle" on an Alto Saxophone, you only have to use four different keys: D#, E#, F#, and G# (you also use one A# at the end). They go in this order: D#, E#, F#, E#, F#, G#, F#, E#, D#, E#, F#, E#, D#, F#, E#, A# This might be easier g a b a b c b a g a b g low d b a high d b a b (MORE)

Which US President played the Saxophone?

\n. \nWell, Bill Clinton played the saxophone at his inaugural ball back in 1994, well i am not exactly sure if it was at his inaugural ball so it might not be true about that, but i am pretty sure Bill Clinton played the sax, i hope i helped.

How is a saxophone played?

The saxophone is a reed instrument. This means that a reed (a thin piece of wood) is strapped to the mouthpiece. When a player puts his/her mouth to the instrument and expels air out of their mouth, the reed vibrates, thus causing the sound you hear. The keys are pressed down to create different ton (MORE)

Is saxophone hard to play?

I play clarinet, saxophone, and flute, and I would definitely say that saxophone is the easiest of all three. It takes a good amount of air and muscle support around the mouth to get a good sound, but in the end it is the most free-blowing woodwind and requires the least amount of control to at leas (MORE)

What part of the orchestra does the saxophone play in?

The saxophone is not a normal instrument in an orchestra. It will only be used in one if the composer or the director wants to have a specific sound or feel to the piece. When it is used, it is part of the woodwind section.

How do you play a B-Flat on a saxophone?

finger an A with the left hand (the first two keys your fingers are on), and add the last of the three rectangular keys with the palm of your right hand, located near the hook. Fingering diagrams are extremely helpful in these situations. a different guy, WRONG! you use both of your pointer finger (MORE)

How do you play smooth on alto saxophone?

Well you should start off just blowing in the mouthpiceese when you get a smooth sound on there then move on and work on some notes.. Do not put to much mouthpicese in or it will sound bad. do not use to much air or it will be blasty. and if it is way bad then take it in to a shop

Can you play the alto saxophone with braces?

yes, yes you can. to play the sax you dont use your teeth you use your lips. i play the sax (alto) and its not hard at all. im acually really good. so the awnser to your question is yes. yes, yes you can. to play the sax you dont use your teeth you use your lips. i play the sax (alto) and its (MORE)

How do you play a G on a saxophone?

A 'G' on the Saxophone is played with 3 fingers (ring finger, middle finger, and pointer finger) on your left hand pressed down on the 3 notes that you regularly use. (of coarse the saying "skip one hit one skip one hit one hit one" appals to this as it most the time dose)

Can you play saxophone if you play flute?

You can play an instrument you choose, but be careful, see the fact is that if your used to playing a flute, and then switch to an instrument like a sax, then a clarinet, then a trumpet, you can mess up your mouth or whats called your embechure, think of it this way, each instrument requires its own (MORE)

What are songs played on the saxophone?

Many songs in jazz categories are played on the saxophone but there are not many modern and contemporary songs. The most recognizable one perhaps is the theme from the Pink Panther played in the key of B on the Eb alto saxophone.

Where are saxophones played?

They can be played in Jazz Bands, Full Orchestras, Concert Bands, Pit Orchestras (for a Musical), Marching Bands, etc. But they aren't very common in Full Orchestras because of its sound.

Where are the saxophone played at?

You can find a sax in different places and different styles. In America youll find it everywhere used for blues, jazz, rock, funk, R&B, soul and others. While in Europe youll find it in much more specific styles. Im not sure its what you mean but its what I know.

How do you play on the tenor saxophone?

You have to have the correct aumbochere ,blow with an open throat , know what the fingerings are, and have press down on buttons , and play the correct buttons .

How do you play a a flate on a saxophone?

An (A) Flat on an Alto Saxophone is the same as a (G) Sharp, so the three top keys down as if you were going to play a (G), PLUS the key on the left side of the sax, the key where typically you would place your pinkie. If you need more clarification, look on the internet for an Alto Sax fingering ch (MORE)

How do you play the a scale on the tenor saxophone?

On any instrument, an A major scale has three sharps: F#, C#, and G#. The scale is A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#, A. If you are asking about a concert A major scale, you'd play a B scale on any Bb instrument, like a tenor sax. Now you've got 5 sharps, and the scale is played B, C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A#, B. (MORE)

How to play a saxophone?

Well what you have to do is just buy a book or if you go to a good school they will do saxophone lessons. They cost about £13,000 and also the cheapest is probably £300 which are still quite good but not as good. I have an alto sax which is smaller than a tennor and I really find the other one (MORE)

How do you play E note on the saxophone?

A low E is played with all three fingers on the left hand and fingers 1 and 2 on the right hand. To go an octave higher, play that fingering with the octave key. If you want an octave above that it's the first 2 palm keys (the ones closest to you) in the left hand and the top palm key in the right h (MORE)

Is the saxophone a hard instrument to play?

The following comes from someone who plays it:. No. . I think the fingerings are pretty simple (your hands are right over top of the keys you're supposed to push) and all you have to do is blow (no fingers is actually a note). . Also, the fingerings work in a pattern, which goes like this, over a (MORE)

Is it easy to play the baritone saxophone?

It's not hard, but I suggest playing a tenor saxophone first. ~~~ DO NOT PLAY TENOR SAX FIRST! It is in a different key! BARI SAX IS REALLY EASY FOR YOU TO PLAY! But if you want to play another saxophone first, if any, you should play Alto! Because they are both in the key of E-flat! Tenor sax (MORE)

Who plays tenor saxophone?

Many saxophone players can easily switch between different types ofsaxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, bari, etc.) because the notes arethe same for each saxophone.

How saxophone is play?

A saxophone is an musical instrument that is played by blowing through a mouthpiece (usually made of plastic or hard rubber, some are made of metal for a different sound) that has a thin piece of wood on it called a reed. When you blow air, the reed vibrates and produces a sound. The thickness of th (MORE)

What is the highest note played on the saxophone?

The highest possible note on the saxophone is the high F#, which can be only played with the high F# key on only step-up saxes. However, this is not typically played. There are no written notes higher than this, but you can create your own "controlled squeaks" on your sax. (Which isn't the most plea (MORE)

What kind of repertoire can be played on a saxophone?

You can play a lot with a saxophone. Its well known for being used in jazz and blues. Its also used a lot in rock (usually from the 70's or 80's). It can also play in concert bands. It can play pretty much anything well, even classical. In the professional world, it is used pretty much everywhere ex (MORE)

Who was famous for playing the saxophone?

Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane,Jimmy Dorsey, Johnny Hodges, Branford Marsalis, Lester Yound, WayneShorter, Fats Navarro, Steve Lacy, Lee Konitz, Louis Jordan, WoodyHerman, Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, Ornette Coleman, Benny Carter,Jackie McLean, Dexter Gordon, Ben W (MORE)

What type of notes does the saxophone play?

The notes from lowest to highest on Alto Saxophone are, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F. Hope this helped I got these from my band book ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS 2000.

What do you need to play a alto saxophone?

As a saxophone player myself, I can tell you that you don't need much to play the instrument. I suggest: . A neck strap . Reeds (Around #2 reeds if you are a beginner) . An saxophone (obviously) . A mouthpiece . A saxophone cleaner (basically a wipe on a string) That's about it. Of course (MORE)

Why is the saxophone played in the treble clef?

It is important for a sax player to be able to play all of thevarious saxes (soprano, alto, tenor, bari, etc.) so all are writtenin the same clef, and use the same fingering for the same writtennote even though the different instruments sound different pitches. I suspect that the reason the treble (MORE)

Which teams has Marko Tomas played for?

Marko Tomas is a basketball player of the national team of Croatia and of the team of club Cedevita Zagreb. This year they have received a suspension and a penalty for a inappropriate behavior.

What roles do saxophones play in an orchestra?

On the rare occasion that orchestral music even uses a saxophone,it often gets a solo at some point. A lot of orchestral music waswritten before the saxophone was invented, and as such the standardinstrumentation was pretty well defined by the time it came intouse.