Who Sings the song baby come back I want you back I need you back I love you girl?

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Player sings it
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Who wrote the song 'Baby Come Back'?

J. C. Crowley and Peter Beckett. In actual fact, the song was first written by a man called Keith Hemmans whilst serving time in prison ans was originally called COME BACK

Did Hall and Oates ever sing Baby Come Back To Me?

There's an album by Kenny G where he had various artists sing guest vocals on it and Daryl Hall sang "Baby, Come To Me". So while Hall & Oates didn't do this song as a duo, Da

Who sings baby come back?

There is one version sung by Vanessa Hudgens. Another song with the same name is sung by Player.. 1978 billboard hit was sung by the 1970's group PLAYER

What do you do when the man you love just dumped you and his baby boy out of nowhere and you still love him and want him back but he says he is not coming back?

This often happens between young couples that have a baby and he isn't mature enough to handle it and doesn't want to be tied down. Unfortunately and as heartbreaking as it is