Which prefix means something different than the others?

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dis- : disparate, discrepant

How do you become something other than a contributor?

You can e-mail WikiAnswers @ Answers.com (no spaces) asking to be either a category supervisor or floating supervisor. To be a category supervisor you should be knowledgeable about the category. Becoming a floating supervisor is a good way to start off. You can also post a message on Brave3's messag (MORE)

What is something good about being a lawyer other than money?

\nOf course. If you find a certain thrill in research and documenting evidence, and in some cases, protecting a client then a lawyer is right for you.\n. \nIf you're a terrible public speaker, you hate research and all you care about is money then I highly suggest you find another field.

What does St mean when it is in a name like St. Francis or something is it just a prefix?

St . is an abbreviation for the word Saint. In the Catholic Church, of which Saint Francis is a member, a saint is someone who has died after living a life of heroic virtue, and whom the Church has officially declared to have attained the glory of Heaven, and is therefore worthy of imitation by th (MORE)

Why is your penis different than others?

In what way is it different, can you describe in what is different? It is very probable that it isn't particularly different and there are many others with similar penises.. A: . Everyone has different size penises just like everyone has different faces or different shaped bodies. We are all uni (MORE)

Could you evict for something other than nonpayment?

The laws that govern rental tenancies are different depending on where you live. Generally, however, a landlord has a right to legally evict a tenant who damages the property or doesn't clean or maintain it properly. You may also evict a tenant who overstays their lease. Before evicting the pe (MORE)

Is religion likely to mean something different to women than men?

Men and women have different characteristics and biologically have different abilities. Our bodies may be different for reasons needed to reproduce and raise a family, but God puts us together to be as one. A verse in the Bible, John 3;16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten S (MORE)

Is there something other than Facebook?

well for starters there is my-space: http://www.myspace.com/ then there are these www.imvu.com (you are like an avatar) www.Xanga.com www.opendiary.com www.bebo.com www.livejournal.com

What is something that is more specific other than dog?

Canis lupus familiaris is the scientific name but dog breeds as they are known have no scientific basis and all domestic dogs are a single subspecies that of Canis lupis which is the Gray Wolf. I hope that answers your question it was not very clear what you meant.

Can you play Wild Ones on something other than Facebook?

Yes you can. the only other website you can play wildones on is playdom.com though you will miss out on adding neighbors, so if you want stat points, you will have to buy them :( but you will have the ability to post comments, earn gifts, and chat with other users and win points for your guild, a g (MORE)

What does it mean if your boyfriend starts calling you something other than baby?

well i am 21. and have a child of my own. which he said he is alright with. weve been talking about moving in together once he gets back home from afghanistan. so im just wondering if i should be at all concerned with the change in the pet name, or with this friend of his saying i love you when th (MORE)

What is something other than books that they sell at a bookstore?

some book stores also sell things like journals, bookmarks, and knicknaks like erasers,keychains and stress ballssome bookstores like books a million also sell board games annd toysthere might also be a cafe in the store that sells coffee and bagels and donuts

Why do Arabs are different than others . Or aren't they?

I am not entirely sure what you are asking, but there are similarities and differences in all racial groups. Asians, Caucasians, Semites, and what used to be called Negroes are all different in their skin color or their facial features (their eyes, or their lips, for example). Thus, Arabs, who are S (MORE)

Can you get paid in something other than money?

Yes, you can barter. This is trading something you do or a talent you have with another person for something they have or do. Let's say you are a plumber and there is a person who needs some plumbing done, but they are a brick layer and you need some brick work. You can make a deal for plumbing work (MORE)

Can you change your ps3 to startup on something other than game?

My PS3 does not start up on Game , but on the selection of choices. However if play a DVD in it when I remove and replace it with a new DVD it goes right to DVD and starts playing the new DVD. If you turn your PS3 on by placing a game disc in your console maybe the same is happened to you, but with (MORE)

Why do snakes have different patterns than others?

The main reason - is camouflage. In their natural habitat, their colouration is designed to allow them to 'blend in' to their natural surroundings, providing them with the opportunity to either hide from predators, or lie in ambush, waiting for prey.

Why do trees look different than others?

Well there are many different types of trees, so each type of tree doesn't look the same. As for trees of the same type of tree, they may be different sizes because of the age differences.

Can AutoSum be used for something other than total?

It will initially give you totals. You could then change the content of the formula arguments to be another kind of calculation. The AutoSum also now gives you other options to use, such as Count, Min, Max and Average.

Can Ciprofloxacin be used for something other than urinary infections?

Yes, it can be used for a number of illnesses and infections, some of which are acute uncomplicated cystitis in females caused by Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus saprophyticus, chronic bacterial prostatitis caused by Escherichia coli or Proteus mirabilis, lower respiratory tract infections, acu (MORE)

What is a word that starts with pent and means 5 of something other than pentagon?

Pentecostal - Baptism of Holy Spirit 50 days after Easter. Pentagram - 5 sided star Pentane - Five carbons on ring, flammable liquid/gas between Methane (one) Butane and so on to Octane. Normally used as a solvent or to make air pockets in Styrofoam. Pentium - Intel lost a court decision wh (MORE)