Which is bamboo dance of nagaland?

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Naga is a city in the Bicol Province in the Philippines. The Bamboo dance you're referring to is called "Tinikling" It's name after a bird "Tikling" or roadrunner in English. The bamboo resembles a bird-trap that try to capture this tikling, and the dancers hopping inside and out of the clapping [two] bamboos are the tikling. see web link "Tinikling" on left for a sampler
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What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a grass that grows in the tropics and rain forests.Unlike grass that we are familiar with on our lawns, Bambooproduces large, lightweight, wood-like, flexible hollow stalks thatcan grow as much as 42 inches in 24 hours. These stalks typicallygrow from a centimeter in diameter to as much as (MORE)

Is there bamboo in Africa?

Bamboo grows in every country in Africa other than the Sahara Desert. There are many species of bamboo growing in Africa from the tropical reforests down to Cape Town in South Africa. Many species have been transferred from India and China over time by humans. Bamboo is used widely in Africa from (MORE)

Where can you buy bamboo?

Actually you can buy bamboo products from online stores. Your localbig box store that sells plants my have them or check a plantnursery.

What is bamboo craft?

Bamboo craft. Bamboo grows in the parts of the Philippines.it is one of the most common materials used in house constructions in the provinces and now used in furniture making like sala set

Where can you get bamboo?

We can buy bamboo in Bamboo Creasian imports direct quality bamboo products, factory prices - selection of quality Bamboo Poles: Bamboo Iron/ Solid Bamboo Poles; Quality Bamboo Fencing; Bamboo Wall Covering: Bamboo Matting/ Bamboo Woven Panels/ Bamboo Wall Panels; Bamboo Gazebo: Tiki Bar/ Tiki Hut/ (MORE)

What is the bamboo?

Botanically categorized as grass, bamboo is probably the world's most sustainable resource. It is used in many different ways, here are some-- . Bamboo pulp is used for making paper . It may be burnt as fuel . Bamboo is known not only for the aesthetic beauty it imparts to its surroundings, but (MORE)

How do you stain Bamboo?

You can stain un-finished Bamboo like any other type of wood, (bamboo stains like hard maple, its difficult, but can be done) Bamboo will accepts normal stains, water based, oil based swedish stains, and even natural oil an waxes. staining bamboo is not difficult as one can wipe on a stain ( I used (MORE)

What rhymes with bamboo?

adieu ado ainu Andrew anew argue askew bamboo bantu bayou beaucoup bedew bellevue bestrew bijou blew blue boo breakthrough brew canoe cashew chew clue construe coo corkscrew coup crew cuckoo cue curfew debut dew do drew due ensue eschew ewe few flew flu flue fondue glue gnu goo grew gums (MORE)

What is bamboo shoots?

The bamboo shoots are fresh new canes that "shoot up" out of the ground. They are considered edible, nutritous and tasty.

What are bamboo for?

Today, Bamboo can be used: Fences, Railings, Rafting, frame roof design, Tiki Bar, Tiki Hut, Gazebo, furniture, curtains create an airy space and comfort for your home gardens, backyard, Resorts. Compared with wood, bamboo has a more reasonable price, due to the relatively short life cycle. Bamboo (MORE)

Who is the governor of Nagaland?

The Govenor of Manipur,Gurbachan Gagat has been entrusted with additional charge of Nagaland;the Union Home Ministry has handpicked Nikhil Kumar(former Delhi Police Chief & ex DG NSG)as the new Governor of Nagaland.Designate Governor Nikhil Kumar is expected to take oath on Oct 3rd.

Can you eat bamboo?

as a human i would recommend not because it may hurt a Lot .the only reason pandas can eat it is because they have a special coting in there digestive system so they cant get splinters or anything.

What are major industries in Nagaland of North East?

Food Processing Industries . Bio-tech Industries . Tourism Industries . Floriculture . Agro-Forest based Industries . Handloom & Handicrafts . Mineral based Industries . Electronics & IT . Sericulture . Petrochemicals

What is an adaptation of bamboo?

Bamboo grows very quickly. In fact, it is the fastest growing palnt on earth. It must grow quickly due to the large appitite of the panda.

What color is bamboo?

green when fresh and tan/brown when dry or dead i think it's pink A bamboo is green

What is bamboo made of?

It is made of bamboo. Bamboo is a giant, rapidly growing true grass that can grow in diverse climates from cold mountains to hot tropical regions.

Why is bamboo called bamboo?

This is the phonetics of the natural name in several south easternasian countries. Possibly lost in antiquity.

What languages are spoken in Nagaland India?

The official language of Nagaland is English. . The Nagas, scattered in Nagaland and adjacent parts of Manipur,Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar, do not form one homogeneoustribe but rather a constellation of numerous tribes. Each Nagatribe occupies its distinct territory, where it has certain r (MORE)

What can you out of bamboo?

Bamboo has many usages, for example: 1. building material 2. display 3. as plant in your garden 4. as bamboo charcoal 5. as bamboo powder which is edible. As for point 4, there are many things that bamboo charcoal can do, example like bamboo charcoal home air purifiers, bamboo charcoal (MORE)

Is global university nagaland approved by ugc?

Yes Nagaland Global open University is Recognised by UGC. You can check from their website also. This university is maintaining very good relations with the students. The study material also very good. But delay in publishing the June 2010 results. Hope for the best.

What can you do with bamboo?

If you have a lot of bamboo you can sell it or garden it. You can also use it as a nice house plant. The area of the house that best suits bamboo designs and ornaments is the garden, especially if the theme is a Japanese garden. The fence that will give you the border of your property can be made (MORE)

How is bamboo made into bamboo cloth?

The process of turning bamboo wood into bamboo cloth is actually areally fascinating process. The bamboo is cut down into smallerpieces and then soaked in an eco-friendly solution which breaksdown the bamboo fibers and extracts the bamboo pulp. It is thendried, milled, and separated in preparation t (MORE)

Can you smoke out of bamboo?

Hahaha yeah. I'm doing it right now. But you are inhaling microscopic worms which will lay eggs in your lungs and then eat your brain

How do you harden bamboo?

There are two primary methods for hardening bamboo. Method #1. Once the bamboo is cut from the forest and brought to the house, it can be laid out to dry and age. This will produce a hard bamboo. Method #2. Once the bamboo is cut and shaped, it can be placed in or very near a fire, which soon boi (MORE)

Is bamboo hollow?

no it is made out of trees aboriginals sand the wood from the tree to make it smooth then they make it into a bamboo(insrument) ANSWER: Yes, bamboo is a type of round grass and it is hollow inside.

What is nagaland famous for?

Nagaland is very well known for it's agriculture " Agriculture is the most important economic activity in Nagaland. Principal crops include rice, corn, millets, pulses, tobacco, oilseeds, sugarcane, potatoes and fibres." (from wikipedia.com) Your question Was answered by: 13 year old Dustin L. Al (MORE)

Is nagaland global university is fake?

No.It is not a fake university recognised by UGC as a University not a Deemed University. It is valuable university. Please go and check with UGC website

Were to get bamboo?

You can get bamboo in any local Asian Market or farm market in the plant sections. Happy hunting.

Why is bamboo itchy?

Once my mum was sundrying bamboo to get rid of the itchy sensation that would occur if eaten or touched. I stupidly put a piece in my mouth. After a few seconds it felt really irritable and it hurt like a b***h! I didn't tell her I put it in my mouth thinking she'd tell me off. I tried everyth (MORE)

Can you recycle bamboo and where can you do this?

yes u can reycycle bamboo its easy all u do is break it in half and go to the recyclin centre and put it in the compost bin i mean u cant be tht stupid tryin to ask this silly kind off question stubid person f...ck u

How old is the bamboo in Bamboo Forest?

Circle lif of bamboo is 30years. Bamboo is used to harvested at 4 years old for building construction: bamboo poles for house, gazebo, tiki hut....., bamboo fencing, bamboo furniture, bamboo panels, bamboo fencing garden bamboocreasian.com

Do you sale bamboo?

Making boats is very hard, so you need to follow these directions. Well, first of all, you need to get bamboo from the sausage kingdom. You need to understand a little thing about bamboo gathering. It takes hours for the Vienna sausages to gather one bamboo stick. So when buying, it costs a lot. Not (MORE)

Why is bamboo cut?

It is recommended that you cut bamboo to the ground every Spring, so that the plant can rejuvenate and the new growth will look more vibrant & healthy. If bamboo is cut down in the wild, pandas will starve.

Is a bamboo a consumer?

No bamboo is a producer, meaning that it produces a source of food for a consumer to eat.

What is the main festival of nagaland?

It is the Hornbill Festival named after the Indian Hornbill which is a big and colourful bird in folklore. The festival is a mix of dancing, crafts games, singing, different foods for people to try.

What nagaland people speak?

the Official Language of nagaland is English ....While most commonly people of nagaland speak mostly Kanyak ... other common languages spoken in nagaland are: Angami, Ao languages, Chakhesang, and Chang... Every tribe in Nagaland has its own unique language . Nagas speak more than 20 different (MORE)

What can you do with bamboo rods?

Bamboo rods are frequently used for decorative fencing or as the base for garden torches. One can also use them to make a fishing rod or a speaker for an iPod.

What pollinates bamboo?

do you really want to know what pollinates bamboos well i'll tellyou be-wind pollinates bamboo which really means the wind canpollinate bamboos. bamboo can also self pollinate and some insectscan also help in the pollination process!

What is a bamboo adaptation?

In moist soil condition of tropic and subtropic areas.a desertirrigated by water can be transformed into bamboo forest and beable to cool down that area by about 2 C temperature or more.