Which Maplestory is for Indonesia?

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Maple Sea is a published version of maplestory for Asian countries like Indonesia. Download that version and have fun.
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What Is Maplestory?

MapleStory is a free-of-charge, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by the South Korean company Nexon and Wizet. Basically, you contr

How do you get maplestory?

I assume you mean how do you download maplestory. Go to maplestory.nexon.net then log in then press the big Play button. It will automatically download after you click yes

Where is Indonesia?

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, approximately 6° 10′ 30″ S,106° 49′ 42″

Where is Indonesia at?

Indonesia is located in south east Asia, between the main Asia continent and Australia.

Where was maplestory?

In game it takes place in various parts of the fictional world of Maplestory. If you are taking about the literal location of Maplestory then it was and is in Korea. There

Where in Indonesia?

Indonesia is north of Australia, southeast of Philippines and south of Malaysia. I hope that answers your question. sucks

What is AM on Maplestory?

AM stands for ArchMage. Archmages are the 4th job advancement of Mages. There are two types of Arch Mages; -The Ice/Lightning ArchMage -The Fire/Poison ArchMage.

What to do and not to do in Indonesia?

To do: - Bow your head when walking in front of people who are sitting. Even better if you say 'excuse me'. - Smile back when someone smile at you. And if that someone starts

How do you get on maplestory?

Get on Maplestory is easy. First, get on Maplestory.com. Download it. When you finished download get on maplestory.com. Then type your account and pass word on the left side.

What can you do in maplestory?

You kill monsters to get EXP(Experience Points), so you can level up and buy new armor/weapons. After that, you kill more monsters. To make all this boring "grinding"(as it

How can you get into Maplestory?

Create an account on Maplestory.nexon.net, download the game, and then login to the account you made. A button should pop up where you logged in.