Where was duran durans video for ordinary world filmed?

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Where was 'Rio' by Duran Duran filmed?

Rio in Antigua . The video was filmed by director Russel Mulcahy ( Highlander ) at various places around the island of Antigua in May of 1982. The yacht scenes were film

What was the yacht called in the duran duran Rio video?

The yacht in the Duran Duran video is a 1936 Fife yacht called Eilean. Regularly confused with Simon Le Bon's former yacht Drum (which at the time was a state of the art 1984

Who was the model in Duran Duran's Ordinary World music video?

\nI believe the model for that shoot was Virginia Anne Douglas, a heartbreakingly beautiful woman who retired from the business at an early age (despite an abundance of offers

Who is the girl in the Duran Duran Rio video?

After searching for such a long time, I can finally say the mystery is finally over. her name is Reema Ruspoli. Reema married an Italian prince. I did a google search and saw

Who played the saxophone in the Duran Duran video Rio?

Andy Hamilton played the saxophone in the studio recording (and on tour), but in the video, filmed in Antigua, it is bassist John Taylor miming playing the sax on top of the c

The cast of the Duran Duran video?

I'm not certain what you mean -- are you referring to a specific Duran Duran music video? The models who appear in some of them are known, and some aren't. If you're referr

Who was the girl in the Duran Duran video Electric Barbarella?

American model Myka Dunkle, then 17, played the female sex robot in the "Electric Barbarella" video. She was chosen by director Ellen von Unwerth. Models Sophie Dahl and De

Who is duran?

Don't know... however, Duran Duran is a music group most popular in the 80s. . Duran Duran also is the name of a character from the Jane Fonda movie "Barbarella", that is whe

When did the Planet Earth video by Duran Duran premiere on MTV?

To make a long answer short, I don't know the exact date of its first airing on MTV, but it's likely to have been sometime in August or September of 1981. For more detail: