Where to get Guam tar?

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Player made item. Use a clean Guam herb on a pestle and mortar, then use the crushed Guam on swamp tar to make Guam tar.
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What is Guam?

Guam is an unincorporated organized territory of the US. The indigenous people are called Chamorros. The main languages are Chamorro and English. The people are US citizens.

What is tar?

Tar is a dark, oily, viscid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by destructive distillation of resinous wood, coal, or ect. It's also what most roads are paved with.

Where is Guam at?

Guam is in the western Pacific at 13 degrees north latitude and 144 degrees east longitude. It is the westernmost territory of the US. Guam is about 1,500 miles east of Man

What does tar do to you?

As in heroine? Black tar heroine/opium does many things to you. Scientifically it binds with receptors in the brain flooding it with dopamine. It gives you a euphoria unlike a

What is in tar?

tar is filled with wonderful chemicals like bunny rabbits and lovely deer

Where is Guam?

Guam is an island in the Western Pacific Ocean. Latitude/Longitude 13º 30n, 144º 48E. Guam lies between 13.2°N and 13.7°N and between 144.6°E and 145.0°E, an

Is Guam in Hawaii?

No, Guam was excluded in 1959 by redrawing Hawaii's borders.

Why are there no birds in Guam?

there are birds on Guam, but most of the native birds were killed by the brown tree snake that the US accidentally introduced. The snakes stowed away in ships' cargo brought i

What is the motto of Guam?

Guam's motto is "Where America's Day Begins" This motto was "invented" as part of a promotional campaign for tourists.
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What was Guam used for?

mostly as a port for traders, and whalers. it later was used a miltary outpost and garrison. now it is a strategic location for America in the pacific.
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Why does the US have Guam?

Because they won it as a spoils of war in 1898. as part of the Treaty of Paris the US got Guam, Philippines and Puerto Rico and paid then-$20 million for the new possessions.
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What is tuna tar tar?

Tartare is a preparation of finely chopped raw meat or fish optionally with seasonings and sauces.