Where is the journalist in the game Shellshocked '67 'Nam?

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what does the interaction of plates produce
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How much money does a video game journalist earn?

That depends on many things, but for most beginning writers, pay is little to nothing. You must have a lot of experience in order to land a well-paying video game journalism job, and that only comes after practice and loads of "for free" writing. \n. \nThat being said, game journalists earn a respe (MORE)

What is a journalist?

A Journalist means someone who is a reporter for newspapers AND magazines a journalist is someone who writes in a journal

What does a journalist do?

A journalist (also called a newspaperman) is a person who practices journalism, the gathering and dissemination of information about current events, trends, issues, and people while striving for non-bias viewpoint. Reporters are one type of journalist. They create reports as a profession for broa (MORE)

Where do journalists work?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department ofLabor and particular to the work of journalists. The work of news analysts, reporters, and correspondents is usuallyhectic. They are under great pressure to meet deadlines. Broadcastssometimes are aired with little or no time for pr (MORE)

How can a teen be a journalist?

As a teen, there are many opportunities that you can take advantage of to become a journalist. The first one that came to mind was submitting "I-Reports" to major news networks like CNN. You can take pictures of events in your local area to be shared on-air to millions of viewers. Another idea is to (MORE)

What is the work of a journalist?

A journalist is a writer. You can write for the newspaper, a magazine, or even write stories for T.V. Journalists also use science. They need to observe and investigate scenes to write a great story. So if you're passionate about writing then this is the job for you! HOPE THIS HELPS!

Who is a journalist?

A journalist (also called a newspaperman ) is a person who practices journalism , the gathering and dissemination of information about current events, trends, issues, and people while striving for viewpoint that is not biased.

What is the income for a journalist?

It depends how far up the food chain one is.....when I first started out as a journalist in 1999, my bring home wage after tax was $250 AU dollars. This is rabbit food, compared to some TV presenters who call themselves journalists, who earn upwards of $100k AU dollars.. But your average weekly new (MORE)

What is journalistic writing?

journalistic writing reporting is an art and craft its still can be taught,learned and development as a form of communication.

What do journalists wear?

If you want to be a journalist, depending on where you're going, the clothing ranges from the most formal, to being the most casual. There might be something going on in the town, and you need to find out...well you're not going to wear a nightgown or a ballroom dress are you? You can just wear some (MORE)

Why do they call it nam?

People like shortcuts; one syllable words are easier say, easier to remember, easier to spell, and shorter to write than 2 or more syllables. Vee-it-nam is too much work for some folks..."Nam" is quicker. "Steve" is simpler to say & spell than "Stephen", or "Bob" for "Robert", etc.

How do you contact journalists?

sometimes they have there email address in the paper if tehy wrote they article. And if not go to your local newspaper website and find there name and it will usually have there email.

What is NAM?

GIs in South Vietnam hardly ever used the word Vietnam, too long ofa word (GI sarcasm). And they certainly never (most didn't evenknow about it) called North Vietnam or the NVA any of the longconfusing names that today's generation uses...such as (guessing atthis) Peoples Democratic Republic. If som (MORE)

What does a journalist wear?

A journalist wears normal clothing like a sweatshirt and blue jeans. Doesn't have to be dressy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

What is journalistic photography?

Journalistic photography, or journalism, is a type of photography that documents current events, usually for news media. A very important part of photojournalism is ethics: a photographer must never alter the photograph in any way. Photojournalism photographers who edit their photographs in any way, (MORE)

How did dinosaurs get their nam?

Many are given names based in Greek or Latin that give a basic description of their most outstanding unique feature. Others were named after the person who found them and some were given names based on where they were first found.

What do you do to become a Journalist?

To become a journalist, you need to study English and... history? Well maybe not history... but!.... I have a sugestion, maybe try writing an article for the local newspaper? If you become a regular, and post lots of good articles in... maybe if your god enough, someone might discover you... and cou (MORE)

How do you become a video game journalist?

Try to analyse games, write reviews about them and send them to some magazines or websites. The internet is a great starting point for an upcoming video game journalist. But there are so many joung people like you so there are much more "journalists" then needed - so you have to be a good reviewer

Do you die in shellshock Nam 67?

No you don't. However, everyone else, including: LT Obrian, Kowalwski "Psycho", Short Timer, SGT Ramirez, Tick Tock, and Eyeball. You and Monty are the only ones who live at the end of the game, where the base is bombed. Here are the ways people die: LT Obrian: chopped up with a machete. Psycho: Get (MORE)

What is the goal of NAM?

Founded in Southern California in 1970, NAMBA (North American Model Boat Association) went international in 1974. Their goal is to promote model boat building (construction) and model boat operations internationally; sponsoring model boat regattas from coast to coast, as well as supporting model bo (MORE)

How did Neptune get it nam?

Neptune was the god of water. Later on this was extended to include the sea when he became associated with the Greek god Poseidon.

How much does the average game journalist make a year?

It depends on how long you've been involved in journalism, what your specific skills are and the publication itself. There is a wide range of salaries for all journalists and games journalism is no different to others.

What is a journalists?

A Journalist is a person who interview and research events and then write about them in newspapers and magazines so they're kind of like reporters but instead of talking what they found out they write it

Is journalist an adverb?

No. It is not an adverb. Journalist is a noun, a person. There is an adverb form, which is journalistically.

Who were founders of NAM?

there were five founders of NAM there name and country are as follow:- 1. Josip Broz Tito president of Yugosalavia 2. Jawaharlal Nehru first prime minister of India 3. Garmal Abdal Nasser premier of Egypt 4. Sukarno first president of Indonesia 5. Kwame Nkrumah first prime minister of Ghana

Is there a nam such a zainab?

Yes there is . There are many many manyy Zainabs in pakistan, Asia But there are some in the USA (United States of America) too!

Lol the nam?

Lol is not a name. It has two different meanings . Laugh Out Loud . Lots Of Love LOL is not a name.

What is a computer journalist?

A computer journalist is a journalist that does completely nothing. They would sit on their back side all day without doing the simplest thing.

What is the lifestyle of a journalist?

the life stye of a journalist is to always be on the look out for interesting news, no matter what is happening, what time it is, or where they are, all that matters is that they do their jobs well.

What is a Journalists role?

The role of a journalist is to gather and interpret information from a number of sources on a particular topic and then give their audience an understanding of this topic.

Is shifty shellshock dead?

Not yet. According to TMZ (4-3-12), Shifty is in an ICU. He has been unconcious ad unresponsive since Thursday.

What caused shellshock?

Shell shock was a term used in the military, especially during WWI - it was caused by the stresses of battle. Trench warfare caused soldiers to witness many horrors, leading to possible shell shock.

What is a journalists job about?

A journalists job is to write news,a news that should be important and it must be an interesting article.This job is the hardest yet most important in the newspaper.

Whose nam comes from the latin word game in Harry Potter?

The character Ludo Bagman's first name is the name of a well known game and also the Latin translation of the word game. His surname is a slang word from Australia meaning thief. So his name is a fitting tribute for a character who likes to bet on games and then do a runner with the takings seeing a (MORE)

Are journalists famous?

Some are, but the vast majority are not. There have been, in American history, some high-profile reporters and news anchors who are still remembered: in hard news, Edward R. Murrow comes to mind, as does Walter Cronkite; in celebrity journalism, many people think of Barbara Walters. Of course, there (MORE)

What is what your nam is in spanish?

¿Su nombre es cuál? ¿Es su nombre cuál? ¿Cuál es su nombre? ¿Su nombre cuál es? Use: "tu", "vuestro" (singular and plural informal) 'your') in place of 'su' (formal 'your') depending upon the context.

How do you spell nammed?

The spelling Nammed is an organizational name. The spelling nammed or 'Nammed is an urban slang term for being armed for battle (after Vietnam War ). The word sought may be named (given a name or designation).

What are the objectives of NAM?

The objectives of going to war in Vietnam were to defeat the Communist Vietcong army and prevent the spread of Communism to Vietnam.

What is nam-lugalla?

"Nam-lugalla" is a divine power endowed to selected person amongshumerians, and among iranians it's "farna", among turks it's"kut", everyone who was endowed this spiritual gift supposed to bea king.