Where is the fuse box for the radio?

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Fuss box for the radio
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Where is the fuse box for a car radio and clock?

Answer . \nwell depending on the make and model...i would start by checking all around the dash board...under it, open both driver and passenger side doors and check the s

Where is the fuse box for the radio on my Grand Prix?

The fuse box is always somewhere near the dash. (On some newer cars, it is under the hood and not inside the vehicle.) Look up under the dash near the ashtray. Open the ashtra

Where is the radio fuse located in the fuse box?

I have a 2003 Mercury sable and have the owners manual and cant seem to find where the fuse is located in the fuse panel. I doesnt even list a fuse for the radio in the owners
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Is the radio fuse is in the fuse box?

the answer to this question is an obvious yes ------------------------ Answers to questions like this are not always obvious. I am not a mechanic, but I am sure there is