Where does Daniel cook live you know the show This Is Daniel Cook?

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Stoney Creek, Ontario. Canada
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Who is Daniel cook?

Daniel Cook is a preschooler featured in a 6-minute Playhouse Disney show. The person that the other answerer is talking about is David Cook who beat David Archuleta at Americ

Are Daniel Cook and Emily Yeung related?

Emily Yeung and Daniel Cook are most definitely not related .Emily's mom is friends with Daniel's mom and that is how she gotdiscovered. They were two lead characters on thei

What Is Daniel Cook Information?

There is a children television that is produced in Toronto and thatis called 'This is Daniel Cook'. This series tells the adventuresof a five-year old boy called Daniel Cook a

Where is Daniel Cook now?

Right now, he is currently living in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. He goes to Orchard Park Secondary School. I know this because I just happen to go to the same school as him