Where can you play Angry Birds online?

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You cannot play the exact same version of Apple's Angry Birds online. There are sites that claim the game is available online, but this is not true or they are different versions.

Currently, the game is only available as a downloadable App for the iPhone and the iPad, computers running Mac OS, Android devices, and some Nokia smartphones.

Angry Birds was not created as an online flash game. It has versions for multiple touchscreen smartphones and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) as well as a version in the Mac App Store for computers running Mac OS.
BUT- You can play Angry Birds flash game version online at angrybirdsnow.com (Click on link below to go directly to the site)

The iPod and iPhone version costs $0.99 from iTunes, while some smartphone versions are available free.

FYI there now is a Win XP and Win7 version available at Intel's AppUp store.

  • iPod Touch/iPhone: $0.99
  • iPad: $4.99
  • Android: Free
  • Symbian^3 (v1.2.1): $2.99 (Note: There is a free "Lite" version.)
  • Mac App store (for computers running Mac OS): $4.99
  • Chrome web store: Free

There are apparently some unsafe or undesirable sites trying to cash in on the popularity of Angry Birds by offering free online downloads. Only download from trustworthy sites. Or do not download anything at all.

If you have any updated information or news regarding the possibility of an online version of Angry Birds, please feel free to add to the Discussion ("Discuss Question" button below).

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I have found web pages with flash online games angrybirds very good, I give you the link site http://angrybirdsonlinerio.com/play-game/angry-birds-online/.

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