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What is the definition of pon and zi?

well, they don't mean anything but they are cartoon characters. Pon is the really sweet character who would do anything for Zi. Zi is the person Pon loves and they are more pr

Pon and zi?

Awesome little emo characters! ZI is BLUE and PON is YELLOW, and they are both genderless....

Who are pon and zi?

Pon and Zi are two cute, emo characters. The drawings of them can be viewed at ponandzi.com

Are pon and zi both girls?

According to Wikipedia, Jeff Thomas (the creator) did not want to determine their sexes. . Thomas wanted to avoid sex-determining his characters since his goal is that everyo

Which one is pon and zi?

Pon is the usually yellow character (the one who is very enthusiastic and welcoming) and Zi is the usually blue character (the often sad one)

What are pon and zi?

'Pon and Zi' are two "Emo" characters created by artist Azuzephre .

Who is the pink girl in pon and zi?

Pon is the yellow male, Zi is the blue female. Zi is sometimes shown in pink as well. For example, in the picture where she says 'if you stop loving me I will drink it', where

Pon and Zi are Boys or Girls?

Pon and Zi are actually made genderless. The author made them to have a relationship whether it was male & female, male & male, female & female. The colors of the characters h