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What does the pons do?

In the brain, the pons relays sensory information between the cerebellum and cerebrum; aids in relaying other messages in the brain; controls arousal, and regulates respiration. The pons may have some role in dreams and dreaming.

What color is pon and what color is zi?

Pon is the yellow character and Zi is the blue. They are not gender specific since their creator (Jeff Thomas) wanted them to apply to any relationship, guy and girl, guy and guy, or girl and girl.

What are pons?

Pons are located in front of the medulla and are involved in regulating body movement, attention, sleep, and alertness.

Where do you buy gothic anime clothes?

Start by search for stores like Bodyline(Japan) which are locatedin Harajuku. Interact in forums dedicated to cosplay for reviewsand tips on the best shops offline and online.

What is the definition of pon and zi?

well, they don't mean anything but they are cartoon characters. Pon is the really sweet character who would do anything for Zi. Zi is the person Pon loves and they are more practical.. They are adorable little comic characters, and are always different colors.. Pon and Zi are characters in an ongo (MORE)

Where does Avril Lavigne buy her clothes?

She also has her own clothing line at Kohl's called "Abbey Dawn," and she has been known to wear a lot of clothes from her own line. You can buy clothes like hers at lots of stores aimed at teenagers, such as Hot Topic, Rue21, American Eagle, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, etc.

Where can you buy ecko Untld Clothes?

Answer: . You can buy them from their on-line website. Go to http://www.shopecko.com/home/index.jsp where they have many different clothes too choose from. You could also try TJ Max.. Answer: . Macy's i think.

Where can I buy cheap clothes in Paris?

Depends what you're looking for. Fashionable? Hard to find unless you go to H&M. Cheap (in both price and quality)? Tati. Actually, I still have some leggings from Tati so it's not SO bad.

Where to buy Nancy Drew clothes?

Answer You can get a coat and t-shirt like Nancy Drew's at Topshop in England or online at Google.com, just type in Topshop. I think shipping and handling is about 20.00.The coat is 55.00, and the t-shirt is 12.00 or 15.00, depends on which one you get, the one that's like Nancy Drew's is on sale (MORE)

Where can you buy scene clothes?

I am a scene kid and i shop at Hottopic, Delias and Pacsun. You could also try Wetseal or Spencers! Or any store you can find neon skinny jeans, graphic tees, band tees, tutus, and other cute scene things!

Where can you buy quick change clothes?

Try going to this site. http://www.magicwaistcoat.com/ I am a quick change artist myself, and the costumes on this site are AMAZING!!! They are definitely worth the money.

Pon and zi?

Awesome little emo characters! ZI is BLUE and PON is YELLOW, and they are both genderless....

Who are pon and zi?

Pon and Zi are two cute, emo characters. The drawings of them can be viewed at ponandzi.com

Are pon and zi both girls?

According to Wikipedia, Jeff Thomas (the creator) did not want to determine their sexes. . Thomas wanted to avoid sex-determining his characters since his goal is that everyone should be able to recognize themselves as Pon and Zi. They may be two guys, two girls or maybe a guy and a girl, that is w (MORE)

Are pon and zi both guys?

Pon & Zi were created to be 'gender-less'. The creator wanted them to be applicable to any relationship, whether heterosexual or homosexual.

Which one is pon and zi?

Pon is the usually yellow character (the one who is very enthusiastic and welcoming) and Zi is the usually blue character (the often sad one)

Who is the pink girl in pon and zi?

Pon is the yellow male, Zi is the blue female. Zi is sometimes shown in pink as well. For example, in the picture where she says 'if you stop loving me I will drink it', where she is holding a bottle of bleach, she is shown as pink.

Where to clothing wholesalers buy clothes?

Trade shows. There are big ones in New York, Vegas, LA, they are large convention centers where vendors set up booths to showcase their clothing lines. You must be a retailer to attend and vendors will have minimum orders and requirements. The better brands will require pictures of your store, lists (MORE)

Where is the cheapest place to buy clothes?

There is never really "the cheapest place" place to buy clothes, it's just some stores have better deals than others. i have found that forever 21 has some really good deals. they usually have stuff on sale too.

How do you buy clothes on Poptropica?

Get into the hot air balloon. Travel to Astro-Knights. Go right keep going until you get to a stall that says 'Ye Old Poptropica Stall' click on it and tad ta! You can get clothes or cool stuff, like Flame On, Invisibility and more! (OH and click cancel to the pop-up!)

How do you buy cloths on GTABoGT?

You can't.... Go to Your Safe House, Near Your Bed There is a Closet It'll come up "Change Outfit" that's the only way You can Change Clothing.

Pon and Zi are Boys or Girls?

Pon and Zi are actually made genderless. The author made them to have a relationship whether it was male & female, male & male, female & female. The colors of the characters have nothing to do with it. Guys can like purple or blue or pink. It is up to the reader what gender Pon and Zi are.

Where do teenagers buy clothes?

Teenagers tend to buy clothes at malls. Some popular stores atmalls that teenagers buy from include Abercrombie, Hollister,American Eagle, Aeropostale, Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe,and Wet Seal.

Who want buy clothing?

what do you mean who want buy clothing, if you mean who would want to buy clothing, I'm sure a lot of people would want to buy clothing

Where can you buy dog clothes?

You can purchase them online through many different companies. Also, many pet stores sell some clothes for dogs, although the selection and size range available tends to be limited.

Where can you buy lanesboro clothing?

You can find Lanesboro clothing at BJ's Wholesale Club. I justbought a pair of navy Blue Khaki's from there. Lanesboro clothing is a trademark owned By BJ's Wholesale Club. trademarkia.com/lanesboro-76554634.html.

How can you buy a clothes?

You can go to any store, get what you want, go to the cash register, have them ring it up (try on the clothes in the dressing room if you want) and then flip out the wallet and pay!!

Can you buy ham clothes on RuneScape?

Yes, the best place to buy them is off players - or at the Grand Exchange. Otherwise the most easiest, but longest way is to pick-pocket h.a.m members to get the clothe parts.

Why buy clothes?

because, if you but clothes you may walk around without people staring and running a way.

Where does anne burrell buy her clothes?

Marni is Burrell's costume designe, she shops for Burrell at Anthropologie , Ann Taylor Loft and Macy's , particularly for the INC line. She also shops at Saks , Bloomingdales , Lucky Brand , H&M and a Japanese boutique in SoHo, Uniqlo .

Is there a store that buys childrens clothing?

The best place to buy clothing for children and preteens/teens is: children under 8: gap, justice, lands end, LL bean, hannah anderson. children/preteens/teens: Abercrombie, justice, american eagle, forever 21, Hollister, aeropostale. Hope this helps! :)

Where does Zendaya Coleman buy her clothes?

Forever21, Sears, JCPenney, Macy's, Target's D-Signed (Shake It Up), Ross, Polyvore, Kohls, TJ Max, and places like that. And some online stores, that you've NEVER heard of!

How do you buy clothes on Habbo Hotel?

Your account will automatically be supplied with many clothing objects and colors. Purchasing membership of Habbo Club or VIP will temporarily increase the clothing varieties in the menu. (Please Note: After expiration of membership will remove your special cloths).

Are Pon and Zi in love?

Pon and Zi are very much in love with each other and the two experience the vicissitudes of any relationship with it's 'ups & downs' .