Where are the star coins in new super Mario bros world two level five?

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Well the first star coin is in a secret vine hideout you'll need to find it on top of a brown block. Next, the star coin is in a place where you'll need two players .One person stay in a safe place and the other has prpeller hat and gets carried by the wind. Then, the player flies and gets the star coin.
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How do you get the last coin on super Mario bros world 2 level A?

Close to the end of the level you normally enter a green pipe after which you'll swim up to a trampoline and jump to the end flag. Well instead of entering that green pipe, y

New Super Mario Bros wii star coins?

Beat the game to unlock World 9. To unlock each 8 levels in world 9, go to the eight previous worlds and collect all three star coins in each level. It will take you a while.

In New Super Mario Bros Wii how do you get all the Star Coins in all Worlds?

To find all them you either need an item, an enemy to jump on, something to carry and throw and look in suspicious places. If you still have a hard time, spend the Star Coi

How do you get level A on world seven on new super Mario bros?

you either pay for it with th gold coins you can collect throughout, or you have to search for a hidden tunnel or something. if you find one you need to find a way to get to i