Where are the big coins on W7-A on New Super Mario Bros ds?

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Listen i have beaten the whole game and world 7 is the hardest one to get all the star coins. But alot of them you either have to be really small or be maximam hight.(Not huge mungo guy!)
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How do I get the first coin in world 2-2 in New Super Mario Bros DS?

When you get to the second set of orange turtles of the orange platforms you want to jump on one of them so you can grab the shell and throw it at the turtle in the cloud. Yo

How do you get to the cannons in New Super Mario Bros DS?

World 1-Tower to World 5: First, get a Koopa Shell in your reserve. Then, enter World1-Tower. Once you reach the flag, use the green pipe to blast off.Enter the door and get a