When will ice road truckers new season 4 start?

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It will be aired on the 17th March at 8:30, I'm not sure as to what channel - I'm a real fan of Ice Road Truckers and i am really looking forward to viewing the new season. I have heard that one of the crew members dies, and one becomes pregnant - But I don't want to spoil it for you. Have Fun Mate - It will be a great season =D

I work on the show as a prop manager (portable tree).
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How much do the participants of 'Ice Road Truckers' earn?

Here are some responses from WikiAnswerscontributors: . The 09 season stated that drivers make at least $120,000 andcan earn more if they make more trips on the "Dalton" run. . I've just started watching the show, and I haven't seen anyowner/operators on the show. I do know that if there wer (MORE)

How much does a ice road trucker mechanic get paid?

They make $8.50 per hour U.S. -Yeah right, there is no way a certified diesel mechanic only makes $1.20 over minimum wage. I would say around $15-$22 an hour depending on how long they been a diesel mechanic and how much experience they have.

What is Ice Road Truckers?

Ice Road Truckers is a TV show on History. It is men and women risking their lives to get oil supplies to the Alaskan Oil Fields. There are 5 seasons in all. Also it isn't on History that much anymore.

Can you as an South African in the USA now get a job as an ice road trucker?

Well, that's first going to depend on whether or not you are legally able to work in the US. If you're here on a tourist visa, you'll need to get a work visa. As for whether or not you'll be able to be hired, that'll depend. You'll need a Class A CDL and verifiable employment experience with it befo (MORE)

When will ice road truckers new season 5 start?

I just saw a history Channel Commercial Advertising the Season Five premier On Sunday June 5th. I just checked the History Channel website and even though they say new episodes will start on June 5th, there are none listed except the old Season 4 episodes. Also, when I tried emailing them on more (MORE)

Who makes more money an electrician or ice road trucker?

Ice road truckers, but they get less work in the year.. from: Dodge.Ismo, I am 44 yrs. old and have worked as a "Natural Gas-Well Tester" up north, and from experience, truckers can make up to $73,000.00 TAKE HOME!! in the trhee months of this season, (January-March). Owner operators usually don (MORE)

How much does an ice road trucker make an hour?

Truckers don't get paid by the hour. Depending on the job, they may get paid by the load or the mile. By the mile is more typical in highway trucking, but ice road truckers probably get paid by the load. Also a factor in IRT is the actual route itself. While one driver on a "less hazardous" route ma (MORE)

When will season 5 of the ice road truckers start?

it's not even on season 4 yet. Not True They Had Season 4 The Season 4 Started At The Same Place Of Season 3 The First Episode Of Ice Road Truckers Season 4 Whas Breaking Through Whas The 1st Season 4 Episode It Started June 6,2010 & Then They Had IRT: Deadliest Road Which Whas Not Really Ice Road T (MORE)

What types of semis are used in ice road truckers?

All sorts. I've caught episodes of various seasons. Carlysle Trucking uses Kenworth T800s and W900Ls. In other seasons, I've seen several other brands. Hugh's own trucks were two Freightliner FLD120s and an International 9400i Eagle in the first season. In the second season, where they were driving (MORE)

Will there be a season of ice road truckers IN 2013?

according to the driver Dave Redmon of IRT (deadliest roads season 1 & 2) and IRT Alaska season 5 The history channel didn't pick up IRT deadliest roads for a 3rd season and it doesn't look like there will be a season 7 of IRT.

Is ice road truckers cancelled?

Ice road truckers is a show that airs on the history Chanel and viewed by many people all over the world. However they have not given us a specific date as to when the new season will start just yet, or if it has been renewed. However they do show reruns.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ice Road Truckers - 2007?

The cast of Ice Road Truckers - 2007 includes: Wilson Adams as Himself - Construction Manager: De Beers Wilson Adams as Himself - Construction Manager: De Beers, Snap Lake Donald Adkins as Himself - DOT Equipment Operator Tammi Alexander as Herself - Carlile Dispatcher Laurie Allen Ellis as Herself (MORE)

Did Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers die?

No, Lisa Kelly did not die, but Darrell Ward did. He was involvedin a plane crash in August of 2016. He had a passenger in the planethat also died. This may have started some death rumors about LisaKelly. However, she is still alive and well.