When was the bb1200 made?

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The BB1200 guitars were made in Australia 2005, less than 90 were ever made.

What are you made of?

Living things are mostly made of water. The base unit of all livingthings is carbon. Girls are proverbially made of sugar and spice and everything nice;boys are made of snips and snails and puppy-dog tails.

How were you made?

because of our Awesome God and our parents Be Catholic its awesome Through Mitosis- sexual reproduction

What year was the tv made and who made it?

There is continued discussion about the development of television. Here is a brief timeline of the major milestones than began television. 1925 John Logie Baird demonstrated the first moving pictures sent electronically using an electro-mechanical system. 1927 Philo Farnsworth demonstrated his (MORE)

How are man made fibers made?

Man made fibres are made by man or machine. Chemicals are mixed until they form filaments, which are then woven into fabric.

What is man made fleece made of?

Usually called 'polar fleece', this fibre is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other synthetic fibres. Read more, below.

When was paper made and who made it?

The oldest record of the paper, which comes closest to the modern definition of paper was developed in China at around 2nd Century BCE and is attributed to the Han Dynasty court eunuch, Cai Lun. It was a durable and cheap replacement to silk which acted as a material to be scribed upon. Save

Where is yogurt made and how is it made?

It is made in a factory, and it is made by dairy products like milk. First of all milk is pasteurised to get rid of any harmful bacteria in the milk. Then the bacteria Lactobacillus is added. The lactobacillus is cultured at 46 degrees celcius. This releases lactic acid into the milk which turns i (MORE)

I made you?

No. You did not make me unless you are God asking this question. You are not God. Are you? If you said yes, well, I do not believe you so..... well I answered your presious question. Goodbye loser.

How was football made and who made it?

This website might help you:. http://www.madehow.com/Volume-3/Football.html. The NFL's official footballs are made of premium cowhide leather. According to the NCAA, college teams also use leather footballs, but they're a little bit smaller than NFL balls.

What are you made out of?

The primary atoms in the human body are Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H),Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N), with many others such as potassium,sodium, Sulpher, and phosphorous. These cells are made of proteins, fats, and other such constructs.These are made of molecules, which are themselves made of atoms. Our orga (MORE)

Who made you and me?

We are made by our parents. And not just by their physical act. We get one half our genetic makeup from each of our parents, and that process - which sometimes means that the genetic material is altered slightly - is what makes us the people we are. Our environment and our upbringing also play a (MORE)

How is fabric made out of cotton made?

Pretty much the same as they did 100 years ago but now they use machinary instead of doing it by hand. Cotton is cleaned and pulled through a comb to separate and straighten the fibers. Then they are spun into cords and made into threads. The threads are then woven into sheets of fabric.

How is bio fuel made and what is made from?

bio fuel consist of waste bio degradable material like paper, vegetables, cow dung, leaves, eatables, these things are decomposed in a container which leads to formation of gases that can be used as bio fuel .

What are you made?

Jared its mike why did Katie and ryenn talk we could have learned more of the planets

How is it made is rubber made into what you use?

they melt it then mold it will still liquid!!!!!!!!!!! . Rubber is a thermoset (i.e., it hardens when heated and cannot melt ) resin, the latex (i.e., uncured rubber), and a vulcanization agent are mixed and injected into the mold which is then heated to cure and vulcanize the rubber. In making (MORE)

What can be made out of a can?

A can made of aluminum, metal, or tin can be recycled into other products. A can may be changed by placing holes in it and adding string to make walkie talkies or stilts. Paint, paper or Popsicle sticks can be used to decorate cans to use them as pencil holders. People often use cans to start new (MORE)

What are made of or made from?

Made of: Used when the original material can be recognized. Ex: This table is made of wood. (You can see it is made of wood) Made from: Used when the original material cannot be recognized. Ex: This wine is made from grapes. (You don't see grapes if you look atwine) Note that these are just guidelin (MORE)

How is ready made pizza made?

All you need to do once you've bought it is cook it in the oven!!!! It's already made because you don't need make it

When was the barbecue made and who made it?

Grilling and Barbecuing, two of the most popular cooking methods in the U.S., especially in warmer weather. There are some who know the difference between grilling and barbecuing, and some who don't. Do you? To put it simply, Grilling is fast cooking over high heat, while barbecuing involves a slowe (MORE)

How are judge-made laws made?

No judges in the United States make laws. However, they hear cases, and in deciding what the outcome of a case should be, a judge may interpret a statute in a way that is not an obvious interpretation. These interpretations are sometimes called "laws." They are not, but if another case comes up with (MORE)

Who made the first piano and when was it made?

the first piano was made by Bartolomeo Cristafari in 1709. This was because the previous "pianos" did not have a crisp sound. The piano is made of a hard plastic nowadays but can be made of wood. The strings are made of from tempered high-carbon steel , also known as spring steel . Hope this hel (MORE)

What is metal made from and how is it made?

It depends on the type e.g. iron comes from an ore which is dug out of the ground where as steel is a mixture of iron and a tiny amount of carbon, this is known as an alloy. An ore is dug out of the ground and is the melted in a furnace, then to remove the oxygen carbon is added as this new bond o (MORE)

Who made the you?

The Lord, God in heaven is the creator of me, you, and everything you see or don't see:)

Who made made earth?

No one made the Earth, it's made up of millions and millions of particles in space. It started forming when planets and or stars burn out and explode. Pieces of the exploding star stick together and collect other parts of stars or planets that have burnt out. The whole process is still happening tod (MORE)

What is a boat made out of and why is it made out of this?

Boats are made out of many different materials; the only requirement is that they be waterproof (since boats are used in the water). Historically, boats were always made of wood since there wasn't any other material available that would work as well, although wood has to be carefully treated in orde (MORE)

What was the titanic made made out of?

the hull and most exterior walls were made of metal. the decks were made of wood. the interior was mostly plastar on wood walls. the grand staircase was wood, wrought iron and the floors, lenolium. all first class lichts were brass and crystal.

What day was this made was Purim made?

probloby, before the jews left OR after haman was hanged on the galows that he prepared for Mordicai, Mordicai's full name was Mordica Ben Yair and Esther's full name was Hadasah Bat Abihim dauter of the tribe of benjermen, the last son of Rachel and Jacob before Rachel died. Jacob is also called Is (MORE)

How was money made and why was money made?

Money was actually made from paper ( construction ) with a symbol to know it's money that's why we have those pens to make sure it's actually money, and money was made because the government and president wanted a way where people can earn money, they also wanted it for the economy. Even though you (MORE)

When was the first bike made and who made it?

American, Sylvester Howard Roper (1823-1896) invented a two-cylinder, steam-engine motorcycle (powered by coal) in 1867. This can be considered the first motorcycle, if you allow your description of a motorcycle to include a steam engine. Howard Roper also invented a steam engine car. German, Gott (MORE)

Who made the smart board and where was it made?

Smart Board is a series of interactive whiteboards developed by Smart Technologies and includes the 600 series, the 800 series and the 400 series (only available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Mexico). The first Smart Board interactive whiteboard was introduced i (MORE)

When was the first film made and who made it?

Motion pictures evolved over time along with photography, so it's hard to say exactly what the "first" film ever made was, and it depends on how you define films or movies. One could consider "The galloping horse" by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878 to be the first, although it was just a series of stere (MORE)

What are you made for?

You were made for anything, you can do anything as long as you set your goals. Believe in yourself

When was sprite first made and how made it?

Sprite was introduced to America in 1961 as coke a cola was looking for a soda pop to compete with 7 up drinkers. The soda pop sprite was named after the Sprite Boy character which was also coke a colas mascot in the 1940 and 1950 add campaigns for coke a cola.

What is a violins string made out of made of?

The strings on the Violin used to be made from catgut, but now are ore commonly made fro metal, usually a different type of metal inside, with a thinner metal braided around it.. The bow hairs, on the other hand, are made from horse hair.

How is heroin made or what is it made of?

Heroin/Diacetylmorphine (C 21 H 23 NO 5 )\nis synthesised by introducing Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH) 2 ) in order\nto create Calcium Morphenate ( 2+ C 17 H 17 NO 3 2- ),\nAmmonium Chloride (NH 4 Cl) is then introduced in order to form\nfreebase Morphine (C 17 H 19 NO 3 ), then in order\nto acetylate (MORE)

What were they made?

Zombie where made in your bed with all your seamen and your nikond5100 is know broken.

Is it tailor made to or tailor made for?

It depends. To and for have specific meaning. It depends. To andfor have specific meaning. The Aussie Shirt Company is not justanother company across the street. In fact, we know the art ofcreating tailor-made shirts better than anyone else, and execute itwithin a state-of-the-art business environme (MORE)