When is the Star Wars Live Action TV series supposed to air and which channel?

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It's suppose to come out in 2010, but with George Lucas that could change. No channels have been set in stone yet...but my guess would be one of the major networks.
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How do you get a role on a Disney channel tv series when you live in Norway?

first of all, if you live in Norway, you should go for the Norway Disney channel, not the America one. also, you have to start out small, by going to small auditions for plays, musicals, etc. then you find out if anyone ever has open auditions to anyone for a new show. go to one of those auditions, (MORE)

Is there going to be a Star Wars TV Series?

There are currently 5 Star Wars TV series. Star Wars: Droids ---- A 1980's morning cartoon about the adventures of C-3PO and R2-D2. Star Wars: Ewoks ---- Another 80's cartoon. Four live-action special were made. Star Wars: Clone Wars ---- A cartoon which ran through 2003 with 2 seasons. (MORE)

Who is the oldest living TV star?

The oldest living working actor appears to be American actress Connie Sawyer . She was born 11|07|1912. She beganacting in 1948 and is still active today having done 2 episodes ofRay Donovan in 2014.

What is episode 33 in the Star Wars the clone wars tv series?

Episode 33, is Episode 11 of Star Wars Clone Wars, and is titled 'Lightsaber Lost'. When Ahsoka's Lightsaber is stolen by a criminal, she gets help from Jedi Tera Senuba as she tracks down who stole it. Directed by Giancarlo Volpe Written by Drew Z. Greenberg And was originally aired January 22, 2 (MORE)

What TV series did Clu Gulliger star in?

Clu Gulager was in a number of different TV series, including 'the Virginian' and 'The Tall Man' . If you visit the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) you can find a ful list of all of his TV and movie appearences.

When was Star Wars first on tv?

If you mean when the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars first aired, it was on October 3, 2008 (The pilot film for the series premiered in theaters on August 15, 2008)

Where you can get live tv channel?

you cannot get a live channel, but you can get a live stream onustream, livestream or justin.tv... just go to the site and click asignup link and then you can stream a webcam or desktop, that canbe used as a live TV channel... You can also watch live streaming of differnet news channels,dramas chan (MORE)

Who starred in TV series Due South?

Paul gross [he played Benton Fraiser] David Marciano [he played Ray Vecchio] Callum Keith Rennie [he played Stanley Ray Kowalski] Newman [ he played diefenbaker for the pilot feature length] Lincoln [ he played diefenbaker for seasons 1&2 ] Draco [ he played diefenbaker for seasons 3&4]

Who starred in the americans tv series?

"The Americans" (2013- ). Stars Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Holly Taylor, Keidrich Sellati, Noah Emmerich, Richard Thomas, Annet Mahendru, Susan Misner, Alison Wright, Margo Martindale.

What channel is the tv supposed to be tuned to to view dish network?

It depends on what Dish Network receiver you have and what channel or input was initially set up by your installer. If you have had Dish TV for awhile and have not had an upgrade, and have a single tuner Dish receiver it is most likely channel 3 (Unless you have a duo/dual receiver which services 2 (MORE)

What TV channel does Naruto Shippuden air?

Naruto Shippuden hasn't been on any TV channels for quite some time. I think they've stopped airing it on TV for right now because they're working on the English subs and getting them online.

When did Star Wars air on TV?

If you mean when Star Wars: The Cone Wars first aired, after the pilot film was no longer playing in theaters, Season 1 premiered on October 3, 2008

Who starred in the TV series Strike Force?

Jenn Brown starred in the TV series Strike Force. She is also well-known as a Sports Broadcaster and has won two Emmy Awards for that role. She has worked on ESPN since 2010.

Who starred in the TV series Our World?

Our World was a TV series that ran for just one season between 1986 and 1987. The hosts were Linda Ellerbee and Ray Gandolf. There were 13 episodes aired before the show was cancelled.

Who starred in the TV series Journeyman?

Journeyman is a science-fiction themed television show which premiered in 2007. The series starred the talents of Kevin McKidd, Gretchen Egolf, Reed Diamond, and Moon Bloodgood.

What does the TV channel sport 5 air?

The TV channel Sport 5 airs, as one should expect, sports. It is named after what it airs. If a channel has "sports" in its name, it must air sports.

Who was the star of the TV series justified?

The television show, Justified, stared Timothy Olyphant. The show Justified is about a U.S. Marshall that is reassigned from his job in Miami, back to his hometown, which is a rural coal mining town.

Who starred in the Dragnet TV series?

The main cast of the Dragnet TV series were: Jack Webb as Sgt. Friday, Ben Alexander as Frank Smith, Barney Philips as Sgt. Ed Jacobs, and George Fenneman as the announcer of the show.

Who starred in the TV series Homefront?

Homefront was set in a fictional city in Ohio and was televised for the first time between 1991 and 1993. The program starred Kyle Chandler, Sammi Davis and Ken Jenkins.

Who stars in the TV series Callejoros?

The main cast of the TV series Callejoros are, Claudia Bassols, GermÌÁn Legarreta, Alejandre Andrade, Beatriz DÌ_az and Carlos Gulias - all starring as themselves.

Who starred in the TV series Holding On?

The TV series Holding On was a British drama that originally aired in 1997. Holding On was written by Tont Marchant and the star of the show was David Morrissey.

Where does the TV channel Prime air?

The TV channel Prime airs in New Zealand and is modeled on the TV station Global in Canada. It is the seventh national free-to-air station in New Zealand.

Who starred in the TV series Campion?

Campion, the two season BBC series that aired from 1989-1990, starred Peter Davidson, Brian Glover, and Andrew Burt. Peter Davidson portrayed the title character, Campion. Brian Glover starred as Magersfontein Lugg and Andrew Burt starred as Stanislaus Oates. Campion also featured many recurring (MORE)

Who stars on the TV series Whites?

Whites is a sitcom on the BBC. It stars Alan Davies, Darren Boyd, Katherine Parkinson, Stephen Wright, Matt King, and Oliver Lansley. The show has been on since 2010.

When did the Star Gate television series originally air?

The television series Stargate was originally released on October 28, 1994. The spin off from Stargate was called Stargate Atlantis and was released in 2004. More information can be found on the Wikipedia website in full detail of the different series as well as the Stargate movie.

What TV channel does WWE Raw air on?

In the United States, WWE Raw, also known as WWE Monday Night Raw, is currently aired on the USA Network. One can also view it live on the Sky Sports 3 channel in the UK and Ireland.

When did the TV series Otherworld air?

The television series Otherworld fell into the category of science fiction. The television series Otherworld aired in the year of 1985, and only lasted for eight episodes.

Who starred in the TV series Do Over?

The American comedy-drama/ fantasy series 'Do Over' starred: Penn Badgley, Angela Goethals, Josh Wise, Natasha Melnick, Michael Milhoan and Gigi Rice.

Who stars in the TV series Damage?

Although Damages features many actors and actresses that are very popular, such as Martin Short, Ryan Phillipe, and Marcia Gray Hardin, the most well known actresses to be featured are Glenn Close and Rose Byrne.

What makes HBO different from other Channels that also airs movies and TV Series?

The thing that makes HBO a cut above the rest is it's brand valueand viwere's satisfaction, they just don't air movies or tv seriesjust for the sake of airing and count on if the viewers would loveit's content, in fact it makes sure that viewers love its eachcontent that it airs. HBO checks the scri (MORE)