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Sarah Pickering never worked again after her starring role in Little Dorritt (1988). That was the only thing she was ever in. It was her big moment, then it passed.

She moved on but never appeared on film after that one shining moment.

She is still active in the theatre in her local community and still attracts praise in reviews.
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Whatever happened to the Egyptians?

Answer . The Egyptian society has been through major changes in the past fifty years, transforming a lot of things upside-down. That at least did not happen before in the Egyptian modern history. Also in that period of time Egypt has witnessed unprecedented rate in its modern history for social mobility, meaning the change of the social class structure. And the rise of social cluster used to be at the bottom of the social ladder and the fall of another social cluster used to be at the top of the ladder.. First: Description of these aggressive changes that took place on different aspects of the social life in Egypt: from the change that occurred to the role of the woman, to the language, the music, singing, and the cinema. to the religious fanaticism and being westernized, to the way of the Egyptians in marriage celebrations or spending there summer vacations, to matter(opinion) about immigration, and about a governmental job, and about a private ar. to the enhanced thinking that caught up with Egyptian economy...etc.. And the second: The connectivity between many of these explanations and the phenomenon of the social mobility that has occurred to the Egyptian society.

Whatever happened to Diane fromholtz?

The year after she had a huge win over Chris Evert at the Virginia Slims finals at Madison Square Gardens, in New York ( I think 1979).... She broke a toe, by running into the metal upright that holds up the net, in a doubles match. As I remember, she never regained her stride.....she started her family the next year...as I remember... and Balestrat is her married name....

Whatever happened to Karen Carpenter?

Answer . Karen Carpenter died Feb. 4, 1983 at age 32.. Under the anatomical summary, the first item was heart failure, with anorexia as second. The third finding was cachexia , which is extremely low weight and weakness and general body decline associated with chronic disease.

Whatever happened to Kristine DeBell?

From Wikipedia: . Kristine DeBell (born 1954 in New York, N.Y.) is an American actress and former fashion model. Kristine began her career as a fashion model with Ford Models. She is most famous for starring in an X-rated film version of Alice in Wonderland . She played as A.L., a camp counselor, alongside Bill Murray in the comedy "Meatballs" and Jackie Chan's girlfriend in "The Big Brawl". She was also on The Young and the Restless. She appeared in "Cheerleaders Wild Weekend" and was on the cover of Playboy and appears in one pictorial.

Whatever happen to flash funk?

he wrestles in pro wrestling unplugged as 2 cold Scorpio its a philadelphia based company and he is currently the heavyweight champion

Whatever happened with Susan McDougal?

Susan McDougal was sentenced to an 18 month prison term forrefusing to answer questions for the Whitewater grand jury. Shelater received a full pardon from President Clinton. Presently, sheis working at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences as achaplain.

Whatever happened to After School Specials?

After School Specials were popular for quite a while, but went away when they started competing with talk shows. Since they were made for an adolescent audience, they lost to more adult-centric programming.. Here are some interesting articles on the subject:. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_school_special. http://www.boston.com/ae/tv/articles/2006/01/01/the_strange_afterlife_of_the_after_school_special/?page=1

What happened to the prison break actress Sarah tancred?

Sarah Wayne Callies starred as Dr. Sara Tancredi in Prison Break for s1 & s2. As she would be 9 months pregnant for the beginning of season 3 the writers decided to kill off her character with a beheading. Her contract was not renewed for that season.. At fan furor, the network requested she be brought back. So she returns in season 4.. The premise of the series was built on Lincoln beings framed for the murder of the vice president's brother Terrance Steadman although he remained alive & in hiding. The Company once again proves it can fake just about anything whether body or head.. It was determined that the Company also faked the death of Sara. Only Lincoln had seen the shocking 'head in a box' and he was so sickened that he saw it only for seconds before stumbling out in shock. Through the manipulation of Company Agent Gretchen Morgan & fear for his son, the kidnapped LJ, Lincoln believes the lie.. So Sarah & Sara return for season 4 to assist the brothers in to try & find something to bring down The Company once and for all.. Series ends with the season 4 finale scheduled for Friday, May 15, 2009 in the US (FOX).

Whatever happened to Jeff Blauser?

I loved Jeff Blauser! One of the best things in life was to watch him and Mark Lemke turn a double play! 'sigh' The good ole days! Anyway....this is the best I could find:. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Blauser

Whatever happened to the decathlon?

It is still an important event at the Olympic Games. The decathlon at the 2008 Games in Beijing will take place on August 21 and 22 at the Beijing Olympic Stadium.

What happen to the actress Sarah miles?

Sarah Miles is an actress who made several appearances in films inthe 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's. She currently is not active as anactress and lives with her husband.

Whatever happened to Alecia Elliott?

Don't know how true this is, but I just found an article that says that Alecia is no longer a singer and is working for the FBI's Cybercrimes Division.

Whatever happened to Irene Cara?

Irene Cara is the leader of a band called Hot Caramel. Hot Caramelis an all-female group of musicians, song writers and producers.

Whatever happened to Matt Lattanzi?

Matt Lattanzi was the first husband of Olivia Newton John. He wasan actor and dancer. His whereabouts are not known as he is nolonger in the public eye.

Whatever happened to Paul Greaver?

I wondered the same thing myself until I found him on CD Baby. From his bio there (http://cdbaby.com/cd/sudhananda): "For 10 years I lived and traveled mainly in California, Oregon, Hawaii and India living around Osho communes and communities as well as devoting myself to recording & performing. In the 1980's & 90's I had 4 recordings of my instrumental guitar based music released by various record labels under the names Paul Greaver and Antar. "In the 90's I spent 8 years living in Marin county. During this time I got more into recording, engineering & producing for my own projects as well as others. In 1998 I released a self titled CD of my songs that reflect on themes of spirititual, ecological, and social consciousness. "In 1999 I moved to the woods of Northern California in Humboldt county where I've been running a recording studio where I've been engineering, producing & mastering recordings, mostly for a childrens music label called Music For Little People. "In 2007 I released a new CD of my own, Garden Of Mystic Lovers, that contains original songs with words that are adapted from the mystic poetry of Rumi. in 2008 I've just finnished a new solo acoustic guitar recording called "Seasons" that will be available soon." --retrieved May 2009

Whatever happened to Barry Despenza?

The legendary Barry DeSpenza; songwriter, producer,and all aroundgreat man, departed this life in Nov. 2002 or 2003. I watched himtake his last breath at West Suburban hospital on Austin Av. inChicago,IL. May he rest in peace...Floyd

Whatever happened to billie boggs?

After being released from a mental hospital in January 1988, Joyce Brown seemed to have a new start in life. As one of the first homeless people picked up in Mayor Ed Koch's program to take people suspected of being mentally ill off the street, Ms.Brown won a controversial test case when a judge ruled that she could not be forced to submit to treatment. The former "Billie Boggs," as she named herself, appeared on Donahue and lectured to Harvard Law School students on the plight of the homeless. She found housing in a seedy hotel in Times Square area.. Last week, however, there were signs that Brown's new found status had not cured her deeper problems. She was spotted back on the street, begging for money and shouting obscenities at passersby. The following day Brown claimed that she had needed cash for cigarettes and food. "I'm not insane," she insisted. It remains to be seen whether Brown has sacrificed her well-being by standing up for her rights.

Whatever happened to Alexander Karas?

\nAlexander Karas is in Baltimore Maryland. A Renaissance Man - sculptor, painter, photographer, inventor, virtuoso singer , pianist, interior designer, Engineer... to name a few http://www.alexanderltd.com/about_artist/ http://www.alexanderltd.com/entertainment/index%20blank.htm \nhttp://www.alexanderltd.com/

Whatever happened to Corey Hart?

Corey Hart (the baseball player) is the current center fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers Corey Hart (the singer) is living in the Bahamas with is wife (singer Julie Masse) and 4 children. He is primarily a songwriter for various artists including his wife & Celine Dion

Whatever happened to cheryl lemke?

Cheryl is a weather producer and meteorologist with 11Alive News in Atlanta, an NBC affiliate. She was part of a massive layoff at The Weather Channel in 2008.

Whatever happened to Penelope ash?

Whatever happened to Penelope Ash?. Who knows. "Penelope Ash" was a pen name for a small group of editors and writers who decided, sometime around 1970, to write a parody of Jaqueline Suzanne's books. The first and perhaps only book produced by this crew was entitled Naked Came The Stranger. The bookcover featured a photo of "Penelope Ash" -- actually the wife of an editor, unless my memory fails. Each contributing writer turned out a formulaic chapter, ostensibly without reference to an other chapter by any other contributor. I am not sure about this, but I seem to recall that "Stranger" topped the NYT Bestseller list for a week or two. Or perhaps it simply made the list.. Penelope "Ash" should be Ashe and "Jaqueline Suzanne" should be Jacqueline Susann. My mistake. Who reads this stuff, anyway? Also, Wikipedia has an entry under "Naked Came the Stranger." The year of publication was 1969, rather than 1970.

Whatever happened to the Chuckle Brothers?

The Chuckle Brothers are still working as comedians in the UnitedKingdom. As of 2013 the Chuckle Brothers host a show titled "TheChuckle Brothers Meet The Phantom at the Theatre!"at the CliffPavilion.

Whatever happened to Carol Burnett?

In March 2007, she sued 20th Century Fox for copyright infringement, trademark violation, statutory violation of right of privacy, and misappropriation of name and likeness over the use of an altered version of her signature closing song and the portrayal of her charwoman character in an episode of Family Guy. At the time, Seth MacFarlane, creator and producer of Family Guy, issued the statement that much of Burnett's own success was in the field of parodying others. On May 26, 2007, the lawsuit was dismissed by a Los Angeles federal judge. In 2008 she voice-acted the part of Kangaroo in the animated film Horton Hears a Who! In 2009 she played Birdie Sulloway in 1 television episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In 2009 she played Grandma Maureen in the movie Post Grad.

Whatever happened to Matt Leblanc?

he lives in westcliffe Colorado with his dad Update on February 25, 2011 by JMC - He does NOT live in Westcliffe, Colorado. He bought his dad a home in Silvercliffe, Colorado and visits his dad but he does not live there. I'm not sure where the person who answered above my update got that information from.

Whatever happened to ram jam?

Myke Scavone lives and works in norhern New Jersey and playing in a band. Jimmy Santoro, living in NY, is playing in several bands as well as teaching music in a public school on Long Island in New York. Peter Charles and Howie Blauvelt have both gone to that big rock band in the sky.

Whatever happen to the band the Moffatts?

In August 2001, the group broke up following their concert in London, Ontario. Scott Moffatt had enough of the comparisons to boy-bands and felt that the band wasn't receiving the credit they deserved as both musicians and entertainers, and now that he had completed his seven year commitment to the band, chose to quit (a major distinction between The Moffatts and the other boy bands was that The Moffatts wrote their own songs and played their own instruments both live and in the studio). Dave Moffatt recently appeared on the Canadian TV program Entertainment Tonight Canada , where it was stated that the band broke up because his father was not able to accept his sexuality. It was also stated that "The Moffatts" was his father's dream, and that he had pushed himself and his brothers into it. Frank's take on these comments were - "The Moffatts break up had nothing to do with Dave's sexuality, but it does make for good press." As for The Moffatts being Frank's dream, he stated that the dream originally was Scott's, however he does admit to pushing the band once the ball was in motion. "You can't be the best young band (Backstreet Boys & NSYNC were vocal boy-band groups) in the world without consistency and hard work, but granted there may have been a better way of me doing things." He then commented, "I'll be the first one to admit I wasn't the perfect father, but we all have good relationships now and I'm working on improving my parenting skills daily." Frank also commented, "I think the fact that they are all still active in music answers a lot of questions in itself." After the break-up, two of the triplets, Bob and Clint Moffatt, briefly joined a group called Pusch and performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics. The band was later renamed Hidell [1] , and lasted slightly over a year and released one album. Bob relocated to Ban Phe, Thailand, where he began working on an English singing contest with an educational organization called TEFL International . Bob convinced Clint to join him in Thailand and start a band called Same Same under the Thailand label. Same Same had chart-topping hits in Thailand, Indonesia , Malaysia and the Philippines . Scott Moffatt resurfaced in an Ontario-based band The Boston Post , named after the old New England newspaper . The original lineup included Shawn Everett on drums, Jon Gant on guitar and Neal Gupta on bass. They released an EP titled It's 99PM in 2003. A video interview with Scott Moffatt from the Holiday Train show in Sparwood, BC on December 13, 2005 confirmed that he planned to go solo and was recording in LA. On April 10, 2006, song previews from the upcoming independent release The Allegory of the City were put up on his music page along with the promise of a limited edition version soon being available for pre order. The new songs are all acoustic and reveal a folk rock/pop vibe. He played all instruments and did all vocals on the record, as well as produced it. The album is available at www.myspace.com/scottmoffattmusic. Scott is currently in Thailand producing a rock band called Slot Machine. Dave Moffatt eventually relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada, at first with aspirations of attending the University of Winnipeg and then deciding to launch an acting and modeling career. In addition to hosting karaoke nights at a local gay bar (including Calgary 's Twisted Element ), Dave also appeared in a 2005 Winnipeg production of Miss Saigon and was a contestant on Canadian Idol , making it into the top 32 before being eliminated. In 2004, the Canadian Pacific Railway announced in a press release that Bob and Clint were "reunited" and appeared under the name "The Moffatts" for the railway's Holiday Train program, a mobile fundraiser for community food banks. In 2005, Scott also joined the tour (see this photograph (Clint to the far left, Scott and Bob to the far right). Although the group has shut down its main website, the Moffatts remain popular in Europe; its German fansite, linked below, is quite active. Scott Moffatt is currently in Bangkok, Thailand working with rock bands for record label's Sony BMG and GMM Grammy. Clint and Bob Moffatt moved to Thailand in 2006 and formed Same Same . They now reside in Nashville, Tennessee and perform country music under the name Like Strangers. They also participated in the Task Force Afghanistan Show Tour in December 2008 to entertain the Canadian troops. Dave Moffatt was in a Toronto-based band called Lights Out Love. He still lives in Canada.

Whatever happened to Nirvana?

Kurt Cobain shot and killed himself in 1994. As he was the lead singer and songwriter of Nirvana, that was the end of the band.

Whatever happened to Kirk Cameron?

Kirk Cameron is active in ministry today. He has been in several faith based movies including the Left Behind series and the hit film Fireproof , and is currently featured in the television series Way Of The Master .

Whatever happened to joe pesci?

He is going to be in a new mob type movie - see this link: http://www.deadline.com/2010/09/old-and-new-goodfellas-gathering/

Whatever happened to rikishi?

He got released from his contract by the WWE. The WWE wanted him to lose weight but Rikishi did not and so he left the WWE

Whatever happened to hailey's comet?

We only see it every 76 years. We last saw it in 1986 and we'll next see it (well some of us) in 2061. It was recently observed by telescope in 2003.

Whatever happened to Jon Gosselin?

Jon Gosselin appeared in several TV-Shows after his Jon&Kate era stopped. He also participated in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" with Hailey Glassman. Than Jon Gosselin spent several month unemployed until he started working as aconstruction worker for a solar penal installation company.

What actors and actresses appeared in Whatever Happened to Mason Reese - 1990?

The cast of Whatever Happened to Mason Reese - 1990 includes: Teresa Ali as Sushi Bar Crowd Sylvia Barraillier as Sushi Bar Crowd Stacy Bernstein as Sushi Bar Crowd Kent Chang as Sushi Waiter Ging Gin Patti as Sushi Bar Crowd Jody Herbst as Sushi Bar Crowd Shirley Jeanne Thomas as Sushi Bar Crowd Dennis Langschultz as Sushi Bar Crowd Jenni Lau as Paparazzi Anna Ling as Restaurant Owner Anthony Michael Hall as Voice of Mason Reese Stanley Nguyen as Sushi Bar Crowd Marsha Ratner as Sushi Bar Crowd Mason Reese as Mason Reese Nick Renzo as Sushi Bar Crowd Joy Satthasuk as Sushi Bar Crowd Bill Skollar as Sushi Bar Crowd Elizabeth Skollar as Sushi Bar Crowd Fred Susi as Man at Sushi Bar Alix Thelemaque as Sushi Bar Crowd Craig Tonelson as Bodyguard Fabrice Tronbert as Paparazzi Gerry Wallace as Sushi Bar Crowd Linda Wang as Restaurant Hostess in Black

Whatever happened to Margaret O'Brien?

Child star Margaret O'Brien (born Angela O'Brien in 1937) wasfeatured in several popular films between 1943 and 1949, and won aJuvenile Oscar in 1944. But her career faded as she got older. Her last major billing was in 1960 (age 23). She had few roles as aadult, appearing in two low-budget films and a TV miniseries in the1970s. O'Brien appeared as herself in some later projects, as didexcerpts from her early films. In 2006, Brandeis University's SunDeis Film Festival presented herwith a Lifetime Achievement Award. She has two different stars onthe Hollywood Walk of Fame.