Whatever happened to Jon Gosselin?

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Jon Gosselin appeared in several TV-Shows after his Jon&Kate era stopped. He also participated in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" with Hailey Glassman. Than Jon Gosselin spent several month unemployed until he started working as aconstruction worker for a solar penal installation company.
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Where is Jon Gosselin from?

See Related Questions One Opinion He was born in Hawaii, but his mother is Korean and his dad was Welsh and French, so Jon Gosselin is a half Korean, a quarter Welsh, and

Whatever happened to Jon DuPre the ABC channel 15 news?

He is the early morning news anchor on ABC affiliate, KTVX Channel 4 in Salt Lake City His kids and wife moved to Salt Lake City two years earlier, and he felt he needed to

What happened with Jon Gosselin and the volleyball team?

Jon Gosselin was visiting his mother for a few days to help her while she was recovering from foot surgery. To take a break, and blow off steam... he went out to a local resta

What happened to Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Jon and Kate Gosselin are still talking about the pressures of planning the show, and their various indiscretions. They are probably trying to work it out.

What are opinions about what happened to Jon and Kate Gosselin?

One Opinion Kate's greed and Jon's apathy. She has always been somewhat of a shrew but in the last couple of years she is just nasty to him. However, he never stands up for

What has happen between Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Several things have happened between them. It is a case of a stronger dominant partner downplaying the other partner and demanding that their needs are constantly met. In this

What did Jon gosselin do?

Until last year when Jon left his job to devote full time to the children and the show; he had been an IT analyst. After a period of unemployment, Gosselin found a job worki

Where is Jon Gosselin?

Lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. Visits his kids in Pennsylvania when he has custody.

Will Kate Gosselin divorce Jon Gosselin?

Yes. Kate Gosselin filed for divorce June 22, 2009 and the divorce was finalized in December of the same year. In the final days of her family reality show 'Kate Plus 8" - Ka

Does Jon Gosselin love Mady Gosselin?

Yes He Does . Mady And Jon Are Moring people . Mady Keeps her Feelings to Her self . Jon is very proud of Madys Skating Swimming And Hockey skills Jon Loves Her Some

What did Jon Gosselin do to Kate Gosselin?

This depends on what you mean by the meaning I think your talking about is cheating - that is a subject of great speculation.. Jon has maintained that he never cheated on kat