What word contains all vowels in alphabetical order?

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The most common words with the 5 classic vowels are the adjectives abstemious and facetious.
To include the semi-vowel Y in order, the adverb forms are abstemiously and facetiously.

A comprehensive list would be:
Aerious, Absteinous, Abstemious, Abstenious, Abstentious, Abstentiously, Aceriflorum, Aceriflorus, Acheilous, Acheirous, Acleistous, Adecticous, Adventious, Affectious, Aleikoum, Alpestrious, Anemious, Annelidous, Arsenious, Arteriosum, Arteriosus, Arterious, Avenious, Bacterious, Caesious, Camelious, Carnelious, Facetious, Fracedinous, Gareisoun, Gravedinous, Haeriously, Majestious, Materious, Parecious, Phragelliorynchus, Placentious, Tragedious

For reverse alphabetical order for vowels, there is duoliteral, juloidea, leeuwenhoekiella, muroidea, muscoidea, pulmonifera, punctoschmidtella, quodlibetal, quodlibetary, rudoiera, subcontinental, subhyoidean, subpopliteal, subvoiceband, suoidea, tutoiera, uncomplimentary, unconsiderably, uncontinental, unconvinceably, unnoticeably, unobliterably, unoccidental, unoriental, unpolicemanly, unproprietary

*Sorry, but Raeticodactylus has an A before the U so doesn't count and if we're just listing English words (as seems to be the case) then Marveillous and variations thereupon are also excluded.

Removed: Marveillous, Marveillously, Raeticodactylus,
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What is the shortest word in the English language that contains all five main vowels in alphabetical order?

Facetious, at nine letters long, might be the shortest word that contains all five vowels in alphabetical order. Suoidea, seven letters long, is the shortest word in the