What university did Katy Perry go to?

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>Katy Perry went to the music academy of the west in Santa Barbra for a short time.

This is a false statement. She was never a student at the Music Academy. To clarify, the Music Academy is an 8-week summer school and festival, and is not by any means a university. The students in the Voice Program are classically-trained opera singers who study and perform at this summer festival, many of whom are enrolled in respected conservatories and universities across the country.
From my understanding, Katy simply took lessons from a teacher who rents a studio at the Music Academy in the off-season (mid-August to June). It was Katy's choice to take and pay for these lessons. She never auditioned for the Music Academy's summer festival, and therefore was never accepted as a student.
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Where did Katy Perry go to college?

she didn't attend collage because she wanted to kick out her music coreer first of all u spelled career wrong haha fail. Next she didnt go to college but she studied online

Did Katy Perry go to school?

Yes Katy Perry did go to school in Santa Barbara, California. But she never graduated High School, she dropped out when she was 17 to persue her music career.

Is Katy Perry going to be in a movie?

I had heard that she is going to be doing the voice of Smurfette in the upcoming animated smurf movie. Not sure about non animated films though.

What church does Katy Perry go to?

of course the answer to this question is easy she goes to the church where her religion is for example i am Italian a go to a Italian church get it got it good